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How Busy Is Universal Studios Orlando in February

How Busy Is Universal Studios Orlando In February

February is possibly one of the best months to visit Universal Studios if you’re not a fan of crowds.

It’s when most kids return to school following the New Year’s holiday and have rather pleasant weather.

So, if you’re wondering how busy Universal Studios Orlando is in February, the answer is not much.

Let’s review the details and tell you what to expect if you visit the park this month.


According to records and crowd calendars, February is one of the year’s slowest months at Universal Studios Orlando. This means fewer crowds than average, and ticket prices are sometimes lower.

If you don’t like hanging around with massive crowds during your vacation, visiting the place in February is highly recommended.

Crowds can fluctuate on any given day, but February is one of the least crowded months at Universal Studios Orlando. This makes it perfect for those who want to enjoy their vacation without overwhelming crowds.

Crowd Levels at Universal Studios Orlando in February

Crowd Levels At Universal Studios Orlando In February

As far as we know, only one special event occurs at Universal Studios Orlando in February.

Besides, this event isn’t exclusive to February alone, as it will go all the way until the middle of April. This is none other than the Mardi Gras celebration.

The fact that February doesn’t offer any other special event means that most people won’t be flocking to the resort since there’s not much going on anyway.

Moreover, kids during this time are already back at school following their lengthy holiday breaks. So, how crowded is the resort in February?

Well, not at all. Crowd calendars even indicate that the resort doesn’t get a lot of visitors during February compared to the other months. It normally receives below-average numbers regularly.

The crowd can go a bit higher during the weekends, but the rest of the weekdays, especially Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, are generally lower.

These are the best times to visit as you can enjoy more rides, visit more attractions, and take amazing photos without too many passers-by.

Wait Times at the Major Attractions

Wait Times At The Major Attractions

With less crowd on your way, it also means that you can enjoy shorter waiting times at the resort’s major attractions.

In particular, wait times tend to be 30 minutes or less during the weekdays. And if there are above-average crowd levels during weekends, wait times can go up to 40 minutes or less.

It’s not as bad as the other months, though. So, if you’re thinking of getting Express Passes, you might as well not get them since most rides and attractions will have shorter wait times most of the time.

If you want the best time to visit Universal Studios Orlando in February, our recommendation would be on the first two weeks of the month. These times are generally less crowded than the latter half of February.

Also, if you don’t want to celebrate Mardi Gras, it’s best to avoid visiting during weekends as the resort will experience a surge of people coming over to participate.


If you’re looking for the best time to visit Universal Studios Orlando, that would be in February, specifically the first two weeks.

Do your best to avoid the weekends if you’re not a fan of huge crowds.

Also, don’t bother spending on Express Passes during this time. You don’t need them, and they’re only an added expense.

You’re better off spending that extra money on food or other expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Universal Studios Orlando Cheap in February?

As an off-season, February is one of those months when Universal Studios Orlando is at its cheapest.

This means you can almost always enjoy cheaper tickets compared to other months.

The other months are August, September, and January.

Are There Any Special Events at Universal Studios Orlando During February?

Unfortunately, suppose special events are what you’re after. In that case, you’d be disappointed that the resort only has a special event during February, the Mardi Gras celebration.

It spans from February to April, so you won’t see many people until the latter part of the celebration.

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