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6 Mickey and Minnie Ears That Are Available at Disneyland

The Mad Hatter In Fantasyland

Ears are probably one of the first items you’d think of when talking about souvenirs to buy at Disneyland. But even if it’s not, we can’t deny that Mickey and Minnie’s ears are among the most iconic items in the park. Besides, there are tons of exciting options to choose from!

Disney releases several new pairs with new designs every single year. So if you plan to buy one in Disneyland, you’ll be surprised at the options available.

If you can’t decide which ears to buy simply because you don’t know which ears are even available in the first place, then we got you. Let’s look at all the Mickey and Minnie ears you can buy in the park.


As far as we know, there are six different Mickey and Minnie ears available in Disneyland. They’re as follows:

  • Minnie Mouse Beaded Ear Hat
  • Minnie Mouse Pink Corduroy and Denim Ear Headband
  • Floral Gingham Minnie Ears
  • Captain Marvel Ears
  • Purple Floral Minnie Ears
  • Haunted Mansion Ears

The designs for the ears come and go every year. So, any designs released in the previous years might no longer be available this year, and so on. But, in some cases, they will become available on Disney’s online shop.

6 Mickey and Minnie Ears That Are Available at Disneyland

Before anything else, you should know where to buy Mickey and Minnie ears in Disneyland. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to find ears for sale as they’re virtually everywhere.

However, if you want a dedicated shop that sells them and then some, your best option is the Mad Hatter shop. There are two of them within Disneyland. The first shop is on Main Street USA, next to the theater, while the second is on Fantasyland.

You can also find some ears inside the Emporium on Main Street, while the rest are in almost every merchandise shop throughout the park, albeit at a smaller selection.

If there’s one place that doesn’t sell Mickey and Minner ears in Disneyland, that would be Star Wars: Galaxy Edge. The reason is simple: Mickey and Minnie Mouse don’t exist in the Star Wars galaxy. This makes sense if you think about it.

Now that you know where you can find ears, let’s talk about the available ears in Disneyland.

1. Minnie Mouse Beaded Ear Hat

The Emporium At Disney

If you’re looking for simple yet chic-looking Minnie ears, this Beaded Ear hat is a perfect option. It has a light blue/purple appearance with a beaded bow made of slightly darker purple beads. Meanwhile, the ears are adorned with blue, purple, and yellow beads in the shape of Minnie Mouse.

Unlike most ears with a headband design, this is a hat instead, allowing you to wear it on top of your head and offer a little protection from the sun.

You can buy it from the Emporium at Main Street USA for only $27.99.

2. Minnie Mouse Pink Corduroy and Denim Ear Headband

The Briar Patch

Next is the Pink Corduroy Minnie Mouse ear with a denim ear headband that was just released this year.

This is yet another simple-looking ear headband that looks quite adorable. The headband and ears are made of pink corduroy, while the bow is made of dark blue denim. For an ear headband that costs $34.99, it looks a bit understated and plain.

You can buy it from The Briar Patch, a gift shop next to Splash Mountain.

3. Floral Gingham Minnie Ears

Inside The Emporium

The Floral Gingham Minnie ear headband was released in Disneyland in the summer of 2022. This makes it perfect for a summer vacation or a picnic at the park.

The ear headband features red, blue, and white flowers adorning the ears with a blue and white gingham pattern. Meanwhile, the white bow in the middle features a lacy design.

This is available for $29.99 and can be purchased from the Emporium. If you’re looking for a Minnie ear headband this upcoming summer, this one is a solid option.

4. Captain Marvel Ears

Marvel Superhero Headquarters

As you might have guessed, this ear headband features Captain Marvel’s iconic symbol, complete with a mohawk in the middle. Captain Marvel’s symbol is on both ears, while a long blonde mohawk rests in the middle. It even has the motto, “Higher, Further, Faster,” behind one of the ears.

Meanwhile, it comes in a combination of blue, red, and gold, similar to Captain Marvel’s uniform. This ear headband is available for $29.99 and can be purchased from most shops in Disneyland.

5. Purple Floral Minnie Ears

Inside The Briar Patch

Next, we have this chic-looking Purple Floral Minnie ear headband which is also a perfect choice for summertime. It features a pattern of lavenders on both ears with a huge lavender bow in the middle. Meanwhile, the light and dark purple hues complement the tiny white flowers on both ears.

That said, this one looks premium at first glance, despite costing only $29.99. Its lavender pattern extends to the back, although it has a bit different design compared to the one at the front.

You can mix and match this headband with lavender Minnie apparel that you can also purchase within Disneyland.

6. Haunted Mansion Ears

Haunted Mansion Holiday In Disney

Finally, we have the Haunted Mansion ears. Unlike the previous designs, this one comes in two different versions. One is the Bride ear headband featuring Constance Hatchaway of the Muppets Haunted Mansion alongside her faceless husband on both ears.

Meanwhile, you will see white bridal flowers in the middle. At the back, you’ll notice that the ears are made of brown sequin while a long veil hangs down from the center.

The other version is the Glow-in-the-Dark ear headband which took inspiration from the outfit of the Ghost Host. However, it has a more vibrant look with a combination of blue, black, and green.

Both ears have a striped design with tiny bats that will glow in the dark. In the middle, you’ll find the hat of the infamous Ghost Host and a bow right behind it.

The headbands cost $29.99 each and can even be bought online.


In case you haven’t noticed, most of the available ears in Disneyland come in headband forms. Unfortunately, the only ear hat we could find was the Minnie Mouse beaded ear hat.

However, since it’s still January, Disneyland will likely introduce new designs soon. Hopefully, they will include several ear hat options as well.

Just keep in mind that the selection will vary from time to time, and if you can’t find the design you’re looking for in the park, you can try browsing Disney’s online shop instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize My Mickey/Minnie Ears?

Yes, you can. It’s one of the best parts about them. You can add your name or the date of your visit at the back. As of now, you can choose between Basic, Fun, and Script for the embroidery font. Meanwhile, the colors available are black, green, and dark pink.

To customize your ears, you must visit the Mad Hatter shop if you purchased them from a different shop.

How Much Do Mickey/Minnie Ears Cost in Disneyland?

On average, they will cost approximately $34.99 due to a price increase. They used to cost around $29.99 back then, but you can still find a few ears for that price these days. Unfortunately, any new release could likely adopt the new standard pricing.

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