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How Tall Is the Mummy Ride at Universal Studios?

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The Revenge of the Mummy, or simply the Mummy Ride, is one of the most thrilling attractions at Universal Studios. But how tall is this adrenaline-pumping ride? While the actual height of the roller coaster is not publicly listed, there is a height restriction for riders: guests must be at least 48 inches (122 cm) tall to experience the ride.


The exact height of the Mummy Ride at Universal Studios is not publicly listed. However, there is a height restriction for riders. Guests must be at least 48 inches (122 cm) tall to ride the Mummy Ride at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando.

History and Opening Dates

The Mummy Ride was originally built and opened to the public at Universal Studios Florida on May 21, 2004. It was then opened at Universal Studios Hollywood a month later on June 25, 2004. The ride is based on the popular Mummy movie franchise and features a dark ride roller coaster hybrid experience.

Height Restrictions

The height restriction for riders on the Mummy Ride is 48 inches (122 cm). This restriction is in place at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando. It’s worth noting that there are differences in the height requirements for the Mummy Ride at different Universal Studios locations worldwide. For instance, at Universal Studios Singapore, the height requirement is also 122 cm.

Comparisons with Other Roller Coasters

When compared to other popular roller coasters at Universal Studios, the Mummy Ride has a slightly lower height requirement. For example, the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and Jurassic World VelociCoaster both have height requirements of 51 inches (130 cm), while Doctor Doom’s Fearfall requires riders to be 52 inches (133 cm) tall.

Design and Engineering Features

The Mummy Ride may not have any specific design or engineering feats directly related to its height, but it does boast several notable features and technologies. The ride uses Linear Induction Motor (LIM) technology and an electro-magnetic propulsion system. There are three separate LIM launches throughout the ride, propelling riders up to a maximum speed of 40 mph (64 km/h).

Thrill Factor and Rider Experience

While the height of the Mummy Ride might not significantly contribute to its overall thrill factor, the indoor setting, darkness, and special effects certainly do. The ride is known for its psychological thrill, featuring animatronics and a storyline inspired by the Mummy movies. Riders can expect sudden stops, backwards motion, a train launch, and high-speed twists and turns in the dark.

Safety Concerns and Incidents

There have been a few incidents related to the Mummy Ride, but none were directly related to its height. On two separate occasions, riders were injured, leading to temporary shutdowns and investigations. However, with the height restriction in place, the ride continues to prioritize the safety of its riders.


In conclusion, while the exact height of the Mummy Ride at Universal Studios is not publicly listed, the ride’s height restriction, unique design, thrilling elements, and safety measures all contribute to it being one of the most exciting attractions at the park. Whether you’re a fan of the Mummy franchise or simply a thrill-seeker, the Mummy Ride is a must-experience attraction when visiting Universal Studios.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Mummy Ride at Universal Studios last?

The Mummy Ride lasts approximately 3 minutes.

Is there a weight limit for the Mummy Ride?

There’s no specific weight limit mentioned for the Mummy Ride, but all riders must be able to safely fit within the ride’s safety restraints.

Is the Mummy Ride suitable for people with heart conditions?

The Mummy Ride is a high-speed, thrilling roller coaster with sudden and dramatic acceleration, tilting and drops. It is not recommended for people with heart conditions, high blood pressure, or other health conditions that could be aggravated by these types of rides.

Are there any age restrictions for the Mummy Ride?

There is no specific age restriction for the Mummy Ride, but it is generally recommended for older children, teens, and adults due to its intense thrill level. The key restriction is the height requirement of 48 inches (122 cm).

Does the Mummy Ride operate during rain or bad weather?

Since the Mummy Ride is an indoor attraction, it generally operates regardless of weather conditions. However, in cases of extreme weather or technical issues, the park may temporarily close the ride for the safety of guests.

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