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What Is the Longest Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood?

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Universal Studios Hollywood is known for its exhilarating rides, immersive experiences, and behind-the-scenes look into the world of movie-making. But among all the attractions, one stands out due to its duration: the World-Famous Studio Tour, the longest ride at Universal Studios Hollywood.


The longest ride at Universal Studios Hollywood is the World-Famous Studio Tour. This ride, which is a multi-car tram ride through a working film studio, lasts approximately 45-60 minutes. It offers guests a behind-the-scenes look into movie-making, passing sets from iconic films and featuring immersive experiences like King Kong 360 3D and Fast & Furious – Supercharged.

The Longest Ride: An Overview

The Studio Tour, which lasts approximately 45-60 minutes, is a signature attraction offering guests a multi-car tram ride through a working film studio. The tour, led by a pre-recorded video guide by Jimmy Fallon, covers the Front Lot, Backlot, and various attractions, passing sets and properties from movies along the way.

Unique Features of the Studio Tour

This legendary ride takes visitors past sets from iconic films like War of the Worlds, Psycho, and Jaws. One of the most thrilling parts of the Studio Tour is King Kong 360 3D, created by filmmaker Peter Jackson. This immersive experience is the world’s largest 3D experience, bringing guests face-to-face with the legendary King Kong. Another exciting segment of the tour is Fast & Furious – Supercharged, featuring high-speed car chases and adrenaline-pumping action.

The History and Development of the Studio Tour

The Studio Tour has a rich history dating back to 1915 when Carl Laemmle, the founder of Universal Studios, invited the public to watch films being made in exchange for a 25-cent admission fee. Over the years, the tour evolved and expanded, with the addition of various attractions and experiences. Today, it remains a major attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood, showcasing the development of the park as a theme park.

Visitor Experience and Reviews

Many visitors rave about the Studio Tour, praising its unique behind-the-scenes insights into movie-making, thrilling attractions, and immersive experiences. However, the tour’s length also means that it has one of the longest waiting times in the park, with an average wait time of 30-55 minutes depending on the day and time of year.

Planning Your Visit

If you’re planning to experience the Studio Tour, here are some tips:

  • Arrive early to avoid long queues.
  • Check the show schedule to plan your day around it.
  • Bring minimal belongings as large bags may not be allowed on some rides.
  • Dress comfortably as you will be walking and standing for extended periods.
  • Consider purchasing Express Tickets to skip the lines.

Remember, there are no specific age or height restrictions for the Studio Tour. However, other rides at Universal Studios Hollywood have height requirements ranging from 34 inches (86 cm) to 48 inches (122 cm).

In conclusion, the World-Famous Studio Tour is not just the longest ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, but also one of the most unique and immersive experiences the park offers. Whether you’re a movie buff or thrill-seeker, it’s a must-visit attraction when you’re at the park.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other attractions are there on the Studio Tour?

Aside from the King Kong 360 3D and Fast & Furious – Supercharged, the Studio Tour also includes a visit to the original Bates Motel from Psycho, a simulated flash flood, and a close encounter with a prehistoric predator from Jurassic Park.

Can I take the Studio Tour if I have motion sickness?

While the Studio Tour is generally comfortable, there are some segments with 3D effects and simulated movements that might cause discomfort for those prone to motion sickness. It’s advisable to consider your tolerance levels before deciding to take the tour.

Is the Studio Tour accessible for guests with disabilities?

Yes, the Studio Tour is accessible for guests with disabilities. However, those using wheelchairs will need to transfer to a seat on the tram.

Is there any way to shorten the waiting time for the Studio Tour?

Yes, Universal Studios Hollywood offers an Express Ticket option that allows you to skip the regular lines for all rides and attractions, including the Studio Tour.

Can I take photos or videos during the Studio Tour?

Yes, you are allowed to take photos and videos during the Studio Tour. However, flash photography is not permitted.

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