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What To Wear to Disneyland in July

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At the height of summer in July, when temperatures are at their highest, you can enjoy your favorite styles without the added layers you need during the colder months.

You’ll find that nearly everyone at Disney World is decked out in full fashionable attire, so it’s important to up your own fashion game accordingly.

Therefore, this blog will assist you in deciding what to wear to Disney Land in July if you plan to visit there.


During July, dress in the trendiest, most stylish way possible without forgoing your comfort. Disney Park visitors dress stylishly, making Disneyland ideal for showcasing one’s style.

  • Wear a full-sleeved shirt made of a light fabric if you don’t want to burn, as this will prevent your arms while keeping you cool.
  • Shorts like bermuda, khakis, and denim work well for both men and women and instantly make any outfit look more comfortable and good-looking.
  • You can also wear tanks to keep cool in hot months like July and Disney fandom shirts, which are a huge hit with visitors.

Choosing an outfit for a theme park is always hard because people usually come prepared with their outfits, so you can’t give up on your style, no matter the weather. Don’t worry because I’ve got you covered here on the blog, as I’ll be advising you on what to wear for your July Disney World vacation.

Outfit Ideas To Wear in Disneyland in July for Women

When packing for a summer vacation, a woman’s mind immediately turns to the most pressing question: what to wear?

So, here are a few clothing ideas you can consider and use to make your look:

  • Tank tops
  • Shorts
  • Light fabric long sleeves shirts
  • Half sleeves shirts
  • Crop shirts
  • Leggings
  • Skirts

1. Tank Tops

White Tank Top On A Young Woman In Jeans

Women often opt for cooler and more comfortable tank tops in hot months like June and July. It goes well with a wide variety of bottoms, but especially skinny jeans and shorts.

You should wear tank tops to keep cool in the sweltering July heat. Also, the tank tops come in various hues; some even have phrases like “Good day” or “Summer Vibes” printed on them.


Ensure that the tank slogans are appropriate for a theme park, as the management will not stand for inappropriate language or graphic art on the shirts.

2. Shorts

Men's Ankle Sneakers White Street Style Apparel Shoot

Summertime calls for shorts, which are both stylish and comfortable. It is suggested to wear cut-off shorts, cargo shorts, Bermuda shorts, or any other kind of shorts.

Since shorts are so stylish, and summer is the time to show as much skin as possible (if you aren’t afraid of getting a tan), there is a wide variety of options.

3. Light Fabric Long Sleeves Shirts

A Cropped Photo Of A Bearded Hipster Guy Wearing Blank Gray Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Summertime calls for light clothing, so check that your material isn’t too bulky and is comfortable in a hot month like July.

A long-sleeved shirt made of a lightweight material will look great and protect your arms from the sun without sacrificing your style.

4. Half Sleeves Shirts

Girl In Blank White Tshirt Mockup Design For Print

Some people love getting a summer tan, while others try to avoid it. A sleeveless or half-sleeved top is ideal if you like to stay bronzed.

Wearing a half-sleeved shirt with cropped or linen pants is a great way to look stylish.

5. Leggings

A Woman In Leggings Lying In Bed Resting With A Cushion On Her Feet

In July, leggings that aren’t too thick are the ideal choice to wear at Disney World.

You can pair them with a t-shirt, a thin layer of clothing on top of that, and ankle-high sneakers, but make sure they’re comfortable so you can move around easily.

6. Skirts

Girl Wearing Nude Colored Skirt And High Heel Shoes

Lastly, a skirt is a great option to wear in a hot month like July.

Everyone knows Disney ladies love a good skirt because what could be more feminine? You can pair the sneakers with a simple tank top in a neutral hue (black or white, preferably) or a t-shirt.

Outfit Ideas To Wear in Disneyland in July for Mens

Most men would rather be comfortable than fashionable, but I’ve tried to balance the two when selecting these pieces of clothing for men (comfort and fashion).

  • Disney fandom shirts
  • Tanks
  • Khaki shorts

1. Disney Fandom Shirts

Closeup Of White Printed Tee-Shirt With Mickey Mouse Symbols

Women and men can wear a fan base Disney shirt and show the world how much they love their favorite character.

Do you want to know why you can feel comfortable wearing cartoon print t-shirts to Disney World? Because everybody will be dressed like a fanboy or a fangirl.

The magic of Disney lies in the fact that longtime fans can rediscover their excitement for its characters and experience those childhood feelings all over again.

So, guys, if you want to look dapper, pair a shirt with a Disney fandom print with jeans and sneakers.

2. Graphic Tank Tops

Aesthetic And Colorful Printed Tank Tops For Teenage Apparel Studio Shoot

Tank tops made of breathable fabric and tank tops with graphics (as long as the graphics aren’t inappropriate or offensive) are very popular among men.

You can pair the tanks with shorts, joggers, or jeans and add a cap to your outfit to finish it off and give it a vibe of charm.

3. Khaki Shorts

Portrait Of Man In Casual Short Pants With Lightweight Slippers

Popular amongst tourists at both amusement parks and beaches, khaki shorts are always a good choice.

Men, in particular, love it because its neutral hue complements a wide variety of shirt colors and has a calming effect in the warmer months.

Summing It Up

Both men and women need to stay on top of their fashion game during a Disney World trip, especially during the warmer months when tourists need to balance comfort and style.

I’ve included suggestions for tan fans and naysayers, so I hope my blog can help you decide what to wear.

Put together some amazing outfits using the above pieces of clothing, and don’t let the heat stop you from looking good.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Clothes To Wear to Disneyland?

In the heat of the summer, visitors to Disneyland should dress in clothes made of breathable, light, soft fabric and comfortable clothing to stay cool and relaxed the whole day.

Can You Wear Leggings at Disneyland?

You can wear leggings to Disney World. Since it is lightweight and cool to the touch, many women prefer to wear it for their bottoms.

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