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What To Wear to Universal Studios

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Planning a visit to Universal Studios and not sure what to wear? Fret not because we have got you covered.

Universal Studios is a fantastic place to visit. Whether it is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or fighting with aliens with the Men In Black, thrilling rides, or fun entertainment, people from all over the world travel to Universal Studios and never go back disappointed.

So, you are up to having lots of fun, and make sure your outfit doesn’t hinder it. Other than style and comfort, what you will be wearing greatly depends on the time of the year you will be visiting.


With the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, The Simpsons Springfield, thrilling rides, fun activities, and much more, Universal Studios is a fantastic place to visit. In this article, we have discussed everything you should pack/wear to Universal Studios.

  1. Apparel
    • Shorts
    • Leggings
    • T-shirts
    • Cardigans
    • Rain Ponchos
    • Dresses
  2. Footwear
    • Comfortable Sneakers or Trainers
  3. Accessories
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Hat
    • Umbrella
    • Backpack

In this article, we will discuss all clothing and footwear options you can consider wearing while visiting Universal Studios. Also will get over essential accessories that you should have with you.

What To Wear to Universal Studios

Here are a few suggestions about what you can wear to Universal Studios.


Orlando, Florida, is very hot during the summer, and there is a lot of humidity, but unexpected afternoon showers are a thing too. This can make your choice of outfits tricky. Wear something light and comfortable, which can also be easily layered. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Shorts

Smiling Energetic Asian Couple Tourists In Summer Casual Clothes Jumping Isolated On Light Blue Studio Background

A pair of shorts with pockets to keep some necessary stuff, and you are good to go. When it is sweltering, and you have to be in the parks, nothing would work well more than a pair of shorts or skirts. Make sure that the fabric is breathable and dries quickly. (In case you get wet in a water ride or catch afternoon rain.)

2. Leggings

Woman Wearing Leggings

A perfect alternative to shorts for winter is leggings. You can wear them in summer too as long as they are not too thick.

3. T-Shirts

Photo Portrait Of Young Man Smiling Wearing Stylish Sunglass Striped T-Shirt Shots Isolated On Vivid Blue Color Background

Shorts, skirts or leggings, a T-shirt will go perfectly with any of them. Whether you want to dress according to a theme or stay neutral, a T-shirt would be your friend. There are loads of Universal Studios-themed T-shirts available in local stores and online, which will look trendy and keep you at ease too. For summer, try to wear a loose shirt with short sleeves. For colder days, you can wear a full-sleeved one.

4. Cardigans

Girl Wearing Blank T Shirt With Denim And Cardigan.

It is cold in Florida during winter. Sometimes it gets cold in summer because of the afternoon downpour, so a cardigan to layer on a sweatshirt is a must. Try to have something lightweight and easy to store because most days, you won’t be wearing them all day long. During winter, early mornings and evenings are comparatively cold, but the temperature may rise during the day.

5. Rain Ponchos

Woman In The Rain In A Raincoat

As we all know, Florida summers and afternoon showers always go hand in hand. Therefore it is a must for you to pack a few rain ponchos with you. You can buy them from the gift shops too, but bringing a few will save you a few bucks and keep you hassle-free.

6. Dresses

Portrait Of Excited Young Woman In Yellow Dress, Summer Hat, Sunglasses Posing Isolated On Pastel Violet Background.

After discussing the clothing options, you might be thinking about whether you can dress up at Universal Studios. The answer is yes.

As long as you follow the dress code, you can wear anything. But whatever you choose, make sure you will be comfortable while roaming in the parks, having fun activities, or taking water rides.


The official dress code for Universal Studios is reasonably lenient. You are allowed to wear anything as long as:

  • Too much of your skin is not exposed as it is a family-friendly destination.
  • Your dress is not representing any emergency personnel.
  • Your face is not covered. (Unless it is for medical purposes.)
  • Your dress doesn’t have any offensive images or language.


Woman In Stylish Sport Shoes On Light Blue Background

A fun vacation at Universal Studios means that you will be exploring different places and on your feet all day. This is why a comfortable pair of shoes is most important because no one would want to walk all day in uncomfortable shoes and return to the resort with blisters.

A pair of sneakers or trainers would be a perfect choice to wear. Also, if you have space, pack an extra pair of shoes too.

Don’t forget to pack a few pairs of socks with you. As in summers, your feet may get sweaty and stinky socks are, of course, a big no for anyone. Also, your socks may get wet due to rain or water rides. Who knows? So it is better to be safe and pack a few extra pairs.


Here is a list of must-have accessories while visiting Universal Studios:

1. Sunglasses

A Beautiful Young Tanned Girl With A Headscarf On Her Head And Wearing Sunglasses Stands Near A Yellow Wall.

Sunglasses are necessary for you to have, whether you are visiting in summer or winter. Because the sun is out on most days and being outdoors all day long would require you to wear sunglasses to keep your eyes comfortable and safe. For added protection and comfort, consider wearing polarized sunglasses.

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen On Orange Background. Plastic Bottle Of Sun Protection And White Sun-Shaped Cream.

Planning to wear shorts or a skirt? Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on the exposed areas of your skin generously. Then, as you will be out all day, take the sunscreen with you and reapply to save yourself from tanning or sunburns. Even if your clothes are fully covered, and it is winter season, sunscreen is still necessary to protect your skin from harsh UV rays.

3. Hat

Beautiful Attractive Stylish Woman In Yellow Dress And Straw Hat Holding Daisy Flower Romantic Mood Posing On Yellow Background Isolated In Love Summer Fashion Trend Style, Natural Look

Along with sunscreen, it is good to wear a hat too. It will protect your scalp and head from the heat and make you look good. Win-win situation! Right?

4. Umbrella

Portrait Of Asian Woman Wearing Sunglasses, Holding White Umbrella, With Pink Flower On Background.

If you have space, have a small umbrella for those unexpected afternoon downpours.

5. Backpack

Street Young Man Jumping With A Backpack On The Background Of An Orange Wall

So many things to carry while going to the parks, so a backpack is a must. Just dump all your stuff in your backpack, wear and you are all set to go!


So that’s all!

We hope our clothing suggestions will help you look good and have all the fun on your next trip to Universal Studios.

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