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How Big is the Drop on Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom?

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom is known for its immersive attractions that transport guests to different worlds, and one of its most thrilling rides is DINOSAUR. This time-traveling adventure sends you back to the late Cretaceous period on a daring mission to bring back a living dinosaur. However, one question that often arises is, “How big is the drop on DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom?”


The drop on DINOSAUR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is not significant. The thrill of the ride comes more from its dark, rough, and jerky movements, along with the sudden appearance of life-like dinosaur audio-animatronics. The drop is relatively small but feels faster due to the way the car moves.

The Drop on DINOSAUR

Interestingly, DINOSAUR does not feature any significant drops. The thrill factor of the ride lies in its dark, rough, and jerky movements, coupled with the sudden appearance of life-like dinosaur audio-animatronics. The ride’s drop is relatively small but feels faster due to the way the car moves.

Comparisons with Other Rides

In comparison to other rides at Animal Kingdom, the drop on DINOSAUR is not as significant. For instance, Expedition Everest, another popular attraction at the park, has a height requirement of 44 inches due to its more intense drop.

When compared to similar dinosaur-themed rides in other amusement parks, DINOSAUR also stands out. Jurassic Park River Adventure at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, for instance, is a flume ride with a big drop at the end. In contrast, DINOSAUR focuses more on creating an immersive prehistoric atmosphere and sudden movements rather than drops or roller-coaster elements.

The DINOSAUR Experience

The drop on DINOSAUR, while not large, contributes to the overall thrilling and intense experience of the ride. The sudden movements, coupled with the dark setting and the loud, terrifying dinosaur encounters, can be quite intimidating, especially for younger riders.

Rider reactions and reviews regarding the drop on DINOSAUR vary. Some riders describe the ride as thrilling, intense, and scary due to its sudden movements and dark environments. Despite the lack of a significant drop, the ride’s dark and intense atmosphere, coupled with the presence of life-like audio-animatronics, can make it quite scary for some riders, especially young children.

Safety Measures and Restrictions

Despite the absence of a significant drop, DINOSAUR still has safety measures and restrictions in place. Guests must be at least 40 inches tall to ride and must be in good health without high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by the ride’s intense features. Pregnant women are advised not to ride.

In conclusion, while the drop on DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom may not be as big as on other rides, it still offers a thrilling and intense experience due to its dark and rough ride environment. So, if you’re a fan of dinosaurs and love a good thrill, DINOSAUR is a must-ride attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the DINOSAUR ride at Animal Kingdom?

The DINOSAUR ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom lasts approximately 3 minutes and 5 seconds.

What type of ride vehicle is used in DINOSAUR?

DINOSAUR uses a ride vehicle known as the “Time Rover,” a 12-seater, motion-simulated vehicle that travels through the dark and rough terrains of the Cretaceous period.

Is there any age restriction for DINOSAUR ride?

There is no specific age restriction for the DINOSAUR ride. However, guests must be at least 40 inches tall to ride.

Are there any special effects used in the DINOSAUR ride?

Yes, the DINOSAUR ride uses a variety of special effects, including dark environments, strobe lights, smoke, loud sounds, and life-like dinosaur audio-animatronics to create an immersive and thrilling experience.

What is the storyline of the DINOSAUR ride?

The storyline of the DINOSAUR ride involves a prehistoric time travel adventure. Riders are sent back to the late Cretaceous period on a mission to rescue a dinosaur before the impending meteor strike.

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