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Why Is Disney Contemporary Resort So Expensive?

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Disney’s Contemporary Resort is a staple of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Known for its unique A-frame design and prime location, it’s a favorite among many Disney visitors. However, the resort is also known for its hefty price tag. So, why is Disney’s Contemporary Resort so expensive? Let’s delve into the details to find out.


Disney’s Contemporary Resort is so expensive because of its prime location within walking distance to the Magic Kingdom and on the monorail loop. The resort’s unique A-frame design, deluxe amenities, and room views of the Magic Kingdom add to its value and cost. Additionally, the resort falls under the deluxe resort category and its high demand also contributes to its higher prices. Despite the high cost, many guests find the convenience, luxury, and proximity to the Magic Kingdom worth the price.

Prime Location

One of the main factors contributing to the cost of Disney’s Contemporary Resort is its prime location. The resort is within walking distance to the Magic Kingdom, making it highly convenient for guests who want easy access to the park. It is also located on the monorail loop, providing quick transportation to EPCOT. This prime location is a significant factor in the resort’s pricing.

Unique Design and Amenities

The resort’s iconic A-frame design allows the monorail to pass through the structure’s atrium. This unique feature makes it stand out among other Disney resorts. Additionally, the resort offers a variety of amenities, such as two pools, a waterslide, a water playground for kids, and multiple dining options, including the award-winning California Grill. These amenities add value to the guest experience and contribute to the resort’s high cost.

Deluxe Resort Category

Disney’s Contemporary Resort is considered a deluxe resort, which means it offers more luxurious accommodations and amenities compared to other resort categories. Deluxe resorts typically have higher prices than moderate or value resorts, reflecting the level of service, amenities, and overall guest experience.

Room Views

The resort offers rooms with spectacular views of the Magic Kingdom, which can be more expensive due to the unique perspective of the castle, fireworks, and Space Mountain. For many guests, the opportunity to wake up to such a view is worth the extra cost.

High Demand

The resort’s prime location, unique design, and deluxe amenities make it a popular choice for guests, leading to higher demand and, consequently, higher prices. As with any product or service, high demand can drive up prices.

Comparison with Other Luxury Hotels

When compared to other luxury hotels or resorts in the area, the cost of staying at Disney’s Contemporary Resort can seem quite high. For example, the Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort has a value season nightly room rate of around $275, and a regular season rate of around $350. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, another luxury resort, has prices that can be higher than the Contemporary Resort. However, it’s important to consider the unique benefits offered by the Contemporary Resort, such as its proximity to the Magic Kingdom and the monorail transportation.

The Bottom Line

While the cost of staying at Disney’s Contemporary Resort can be high, many guests find the convenience, luxury, and proximity to the Magic Kingdom worth the price. The resort offers a unique Disney experience that many guests are willing to pay a premium for. It’s also worth noting that Disney often offers packages and deals that can make a stay at the Contemporary Resort more affordable. So, while the sticker price might be high, the value provided can make it a worthwhile investment for many Disney visitors.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to plan and budget for your trip to Disney World carefully. Consider all your accommodation options and choose the one that best fits your budget and preferences. Whether you decide to splurge on a stay at Disney’s Contemporary Resort or opt for a more budget-friendly option, you’re sure to have a magical time at the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other resorts are on the monorail loop?

Besides Disney’s Contemporary Resort, the other resorts on the monorail loop are Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

How can I find out about packages and deals for Disney’s Contemporary Resort?

Information about packages and deals can be found on the official Walt Disney World Resort website. Also, subscribing to Disney’s newsletter or following their social media accounts can keep you updated on any special offers.

What other dining options are available at Disney’s Contemporary Resort besides the California Grill?

Disney’s Contemporary Resort offers several dining options, including Chef Mickey’s (a buffet-style restaurant), The Wave… of American Flavors, and Contempo Cafe. There are also several lounges and bars available, such as the Outer Rim and Top of the World Lounge.

Are there any extra fees I should be aware of when booking a room at Disney’s Contemporary Resort?

Standard rates at Disney’s Contemporary Resort do not include the $25 daily self-parking fee. Other potential extra costs include tips for housekeeping and dining, as well as any resort-specific activities or services not included in the standard room rate.

What is the difference between a “value season” and a “regular season” rate?

“Value season” refers to times of the year when demand is typically lower, such as during the school year. These times often have lower rates. “Regular season” rates apply during more popular travel times, such as during holidays and summer vacation.

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