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What Popcorn Buckets Are at Disney World Right Now?

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Disney World is known for its enchanting experiences, thrilling rides, and, of course, its unique and creative popcorn buckets. From classic Mickey Mouse designs to intricate representations of beloved characters and attractions, these popcorn buckets have become a must-have souvenir for many park visitors.


Currently, Disney World offers several popcorn bucket designs including the Festival of the Arts Figment Popcorn Bucket, Disney100 Popcorn Bucket, Guardians of the Galaxy Skyliner Popcorn Bucket, Pumbaa Popcorn Bucket, Mickey Mouse Picnic Basket Popcorn Bucket, Cinderella Carriage Popcorn Bucket, and the Collapsible Donald Duck Popcorn Bucket. Availability and designs may change, especially during special events and holiday seasons, so it’s always a good idea to check Disney-related news sources for updates.

Current Popcorn Buckets at Disney World

As of now, several popcorn bucket designs are available at Disney World. These include:

  1. Festival of the Arts Figment Popcorn Bucket: This bucket was initially released in 2022 and brought back in 2023 with a new strap for EPCOT’s 40th Anniversary.
  2. Disney100 Popcorn Bucket: A simple purple bucket featuring classic Disney characters, released to celebrate Disney’s 100th Year Celebration.
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy Skyliner Popcorn Bucket: A fan-favorite design that was re-released in 2023.
  4. Pumbaa Popcorn Bucket: A new design featuring Pumbaa from The Lion King.
  5. Mickey Mouse Picnic Basket Popcorn Bucket: Inspired by Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, this bucket looks like Mickey’s glove holding a picnic basket.
  6. Cinderella Carriage Popcorn Bucket: Released in honor of the 100th Anniversary Celebration, this bucket is designed like Cinderella’s carriage.
  7. Collapsible Donald Duck Popcorn Bucket: A unique design featuring Donald Duck.

These popcorn buckets can be found at various locations throughout Disney World, including popcorn carts and souvenir shops.

Popcorn Bucket Pricing at Disney World

The prices for refillable popcorn buckets at Disney World vary depending on the design. Most Disney World refillable popcorn buckets cost between $10.00 to $30.00. The initial price of a standard refillable popcorn bucket is $13.00, and it comes filled with popcorn. Refills for these buckets are available at participating popcorn carts for $2.25 per refill. Specialty premium buckets, such as the Silver Cinderella Coach popcorn bucket, can cost up to $30. The Disney100 popcorn bucket is available for $13, and refills for this bucket also cost $2.25.

Limited Edition and Seasonal Popcorn Buckets at Disney World

Disney World also offers limited edition and seasonal popcorn buckets, including the Festival of the Arts Figment Popcorn Bucket, Mickey Mouse Picnic Basket Popcorn Bucket, and Cinderella Carriage Popcorn Bucket. Availability of these buckets may change, and new designs might be introduced, especially during the Halloween and Holiday seasons.

Refills at Disney World

Visitors can refill their popcorn buckets at Disney parks. The initial price of a standard Refillable Popcorn Bucket ranges from $13 to $25, depending on the design. Once you have purchased a bucket, you can refill it with fresh popcorn at any participating Popcorn Cart for $2.25 per refill. These refills are valid throughout the length of your stay, making it a cost-effective option if your group enjoys popcorn, as a regular box of popcorn typically costs around $5.50.

Exclusive Popcorn Buckets at Disney World

Some popcorn buckets are exclusive to certain parks within Disney World. For example, the Festival of the Arts Figment Popcorn Bucket is exclusive to EPCOT, while the Mickey Mouse Picnic Basket Popcorn Bucket is available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Disney100 Cinderella Premium Bucket, designed like Cinderella’s carriage, is exclusive to Magic Kingdom.

Upcoming Popcorn Bucket Releases

While there are no specific future popcorn bucket releases announced by Disney World as of now, Disney often releases new popcorn buckets during special events and holiday seasons, such as Halloween and Christmas. Keep an eye on Disney-related news sources and websites for updates on any upcoming popcorn bucket releases.


Whether you’re a popcorn lover or a Disney enthusiast looking for unique souvenirs, Disney World’s popcorn buckets are a delightful treat. They not only offer a tasty snack but also serve as a keepsake to remember your magical visit. So, next time you’re at Disney World, don’t forget to grab one of these popcorn buckets and enjoy the world of Disney in every kernel!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my popcorn bucket back on my next visit to Disney World for refills?

No, the refills for popcorn buckets at Disney World are only valid for the length of your current stay. You cannot bring back your popcorn bucket on a future visit for refills.

Are the popcorn buckets dishwasher safe?

While specific cleaning instructions may vary by design, most of Disney’s popcorn buckets are not recommended for dishwasher use. It’s best to clean them by hand with mild soap and warm water.

Can I purchase Disney World popcorn buckets online?

Generally, Disney World popcorn buckets are exclusive to the parks and are not sold online. However, you may find some resellers on platforms like eBay, but these are not officially affiliated with Disney.

Are the popcorn buckets available all year round?

While some popcorn buckets are available all year round, others are seasonal or limited edition. These special buckets are typically only available for a short period or while supplies last.

Can I choose any flavor for my popcorn refill?

The refillable popcorn buckets typically come with regular buttered popcorn. However, some popcorn carts at Disney World offer flavored popcorn for an additional cost. The availability of flavored popcorn may vary by location and season.

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