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Does Universal Studios Close When It Rains?

Does Universal Studios Close When It Rains?

Rain is probably the last thing you’d wish for when visiting a theme park.

Since you can’t control the weather, you may wonder, ‘does Universal Studios close when it rains?’ Not usually, but some rides may close till the weather improves.


Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando stay open if it’s raining. However, there are a couple of exceptions:

  • First, outdoor attractions may close for people’s safety.
  • The entire park may close down if the weather is very bad (like a hurricane).

If it’s raining, you can head to indoor attractions until the rain stops. Also, bringing an umbrella or poncho during the rainy season is a good idea.

This article is your guide to doing Universal Studios on rainy days.

Does Universal Studios Close When It Rains?

Does Universal Studios Close When It Rains?

Both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando remain open when it’s raining. However, it depends on the rainy weather.

Most attractions, including outdoor rides, remain open with light rain. On the other hand, if it’s raining heavily, outdoor rides would typically shut down until the rain stops for safety reasons.

Rain is more of a problem at Universal Orlando, as it rains more frequently there than in Hollywood. Florida can get quite wet from spring through summer, so showers are frequent. It doesn’t take long for central Florida to go from warm sunny to rainy with lightning.

Speaking of lightning, water rides at the park shut down if there are reports of lightning nearby, again, for the safety of the people. Even if there’s no lightning occurrence at the park, the authorities shut the rides as a precautionary measure.

What About Thunderstorms or Hurricanes?

What About Thunderstorms Or Hurricanes?

Rain normally doesn’t shut down the Universal Studios parks, but thunderstorms with heavy rain and lightning can.

Similarly, Universal Studios has closed in the past when there have been hurricanes in Florida. That’s because hurricanes bring rain and strong winds that are a hazard and can damage infrastructure and hurt people.

So if a hurricane is predicted around the time you visit Universal Studios, you may want to change your plans.

If the park closes because of a weather emergency, you may be eligible for a refund for park admission tickets. However, under normal circumstances, Universal Hollywood and Universal Orlando tickets are non-refundable.

Things To Pack To Prepare for Rain at Universal Studios

Things To Pack To Prepare For Rain At Universal Studios

It’s better to be safe than sorry and bring the right gear to protect yourself from rain and continue to enjoy your time at Universal Studios.

Here’s what you should pack to prepare for rain at Universal Studios (Orlando, in particular):

  1. Rain poncho or umbrella.
  2. A change of t-shirt or shorts/pants.
  3. Waterproof/water-resistant fanny pack or backpack.

Aside from keeping protection from rain, also use your phone’s weather app to keep a check on the rain.

More importantly, do your homework and know where the indoor attractions are. Then, while it’s raining, you can head to these attractions and enjoy them while the weather clears up.

You can also use the Universal app to plan your visit and make real-time changes in the park. You can also see the wait times for indoor rides and choose ones with less wait time.

How Often Does It Rain at Universal Studios?

How Often Does It Rain At Universal Studios?

In Central Florida, where Universal Orlando is located, it’s the wet season from May through October. During this period, rain and thunderstorms are common. It may occasionally rain at other times.

At Universal Studios Hollywood, rains are rare and less heavy than in Florida. However, there are light showers occasionally during winter and a few thunderstorms.

Most of the summer is dry. However, on average, Los Angeles has 35 days of rain.


Universal Studios’ policy for rain is pretty straightforward. The parks remain open so long as it’s safe for the guests.

However, outdoor attractions may close down, especially if it’s raining heavily. Similarly, the park may close during weather emergencies like hurricanes.

Rain is normally not an issue at Universal Studios Hollywood, as it rarely rains in Los Angeles. However, showers are frequent in Orlando from late spring till fall.

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