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How To Do Universal Studios Hollywood With Babies and Toddlers

How To Do Universal Studios Hollywood With Babies And Toddlers

What could be better than a trip to Universal Studios for a family with babies and toddlers?

Everyone knows that a trip to a theme park is the best way to ensure that your little ones will behave themselves, as children of all ages tend to have a good time at these attractions and will leave you alone to do the same.

But if you’re unsure how to do Universal Studios Hollywood with babies and toddlers, this blog post will help you plan a memorable trip.


With many attractions geared toward younger guests, Universal Hollywood Studios is ideal for families with toddlers and babies.

  • You can take the kids to various walk-through attractions at Universal Studios, such as live shows, a fun land, a playground, or character meet and greets.
  • You can take your toddlers on rides appropriate for them without worrying about them being scared.
  • You can take your children to a kid-friendly restaurant where they can order macaroni and cheese, donuts, etc.

Universal Hollywood Studios has many fun things to do, from rides and attractions to live shows for the whole family.

However, to get a good plan in your head, keep reading this blog to learn how to do Universal Studios with babies and toddlers.

Things To Do at Universal Hollywood Studios With Babies and Toddlers

We’ll list each activity you can do with your children at Universal Hollywood Studios one by one, along with the attractions you absolutely must see there.

1. Meet & Greet With Characters

Meet &Amp; Greet With Characters

The biggest draw for babies and toddlers is seeing their favorite characters in real life, so the park employs a large cast of characters who roam the park’s streets and are happy to meet and greet visitors, pose for photos, and engage in conversation.

Never hesitate to take your kids to meet the characters and allow them to have this experience since the people dressed as the different characters are super friendly with everyone, which will make your kids feel at ease around them and give them a nice memory to remember.

2. Take Your Kids to the Playground

Take Your Kids To The Playground

There’s no need to worry if your kids are too young for the rides or are afraid of them because there’s a playground where they can burn off some energy.

The playgrounds outside of Jurassic Park are called Dino Play Areas. The other two areas are Despicable Me Minion Mayhem and The Adventures of Curious George.

These playgrounds feature dry and wet play, with various indoor water-based activities available to kids.

3. Studio Tour

Studio Tour

When traveling with toddlers, it’s highly recommended that you take a studio tour; the behind-the-scenes glimpses into the filmmaking process are fascinating, and even the littlest visitors won’t get bored.


If you’re taking your kids on the Studio Tour, don’t let them sit on the side; instead, ask them to sit in the middle seats so they aren’t startled by the sharks when they appear out of nowhere.

4. Triwizard Spirit Rally and the Frog Choir

Triwizard Spirit Rally And The Frog Choir

This outdoor show lasts only 10 minutes but keeps your toddlers entertained.

Frankly, it’s not the greatest of shows, but it’s still joyful. Beauxbatons and Durmstang students perform at the Spirit Rally, while the Frog Choir is just the music of frogs.

The Harry Potter segments, where you and your children can learn more about the book, are the most interesting and enjoyable.

5. Super Silly Fun Land

Super Silly Fun Land

While your children will undoubtedly enjoy themselves at The Super Silly Fun Land because of the variety of water activities available, you, too, will have a lot of fun here as there is no minimum age requirement.

Children will have a blast in the Super Silly Fun Land, a Despicable Me-themed playground that bursts with bright colors and cartoonish characters.

Although it’s not the best place for adults, it’s nothing short of heaven for babies and toddlers, so parents must take their children there.

6. Explore the Wonders of the Wizarding World

Explore The Wonders Of The Wizarding World

I mean, who isn’t a fan of Harry Potter? From babies to adults, everyone has wished to be in that magical world, and “The Wonders Of The Wizarding World” gives you a chance to live out your Harry Potter fantasies.

Therefore, Universal offers this magical attraction so guests can delve deeper into the mysterious world of magic.

7. Ollivander


Do you recall Harry Potter’s Ollivanders Wand Shop? Your turn has come to visit the wand shop and select your magical wand.

Your kids will be the happiest here as they can get their hands on magic wands at Ollivanders, the best place to go if they want to feel like they are in a Harry Potter movie and have their wand to do tricks with.

8. The Three Broomsticks Restaurant

The Three Broomsticks Restaurant

Since Harry Potter is one of our all-time favorite films, it’s no surprise that we will get swept up in the film’s spirit whenever we visit Universal Studios, thanks to the numerous Harry Potter-themed attractions.

In keeping with the warm and welcoming atmosphere, Harry’s Butterbear is served here for all to enjoy.

While it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to give your kids a butter bear at this quick-service restaurant, rest assured that they have plenty of other options when it comes to soft drinks.

9. Gru’s Cafe

Gru Cafe

You can get some delicious American cuisine at Gru’s Cafe, a well-known cafe in Hollywood Studios.

The setting is charming, and you and your children will surely have a good time. You and your kids should check out this cafe.

10. Lard Lad’s Donuts

Lard Lad’s Donuts

Kids love donuts, and they are a great choice for a snack, and who doesn’t have a sweet tooth?

Donut lovers of all ages will appreciate the variety at Lard Lad’s Donuts; kids can choose the one that looks the most delicious, and adults can do the same.


Parents worry the most about taking their children on vacation, but we think they can relax if they plan a trip to Universal Hollywood Studios. Little ones will love every minute of their visit because there is much to do and see.

To ensure that your toddler has a good time, we recommend taking them to the attractions mentioned above, as they are among the most popular with toddlers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hollywood Studios Worth It for Toddlers?

If you’re looking for a place to take your toddlers, Hollywood Studios is a fun option; however, we wouldn’t recommend it over the other Disney theme parks, which have far more things to see and do.

What Age Is Best for Universal Studios Hollywood?

A child should go to Hollywood Studios when they are five years old so that they can enjoy the play areas.

However, the park does not have many rides suitable for children of this age; rather, it is more of an adult park.

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