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How Busy Is Universal Studios in December?

How Busy Is Universal Studios In December

Universal Studios is an amazing place. People belonging to different age groups would like to visit it at different seasons of the year.

But Christmas is the only time when anyone would love to visit this wonderland because of the festive season and additional activities offered.

Although the opening hours are extended to accommodate large crowds, it still gets extremely rushy, making December the busiest time of the year to visit Universal Studios.


The most festive time of the year is arriving as December has started. Hallelujah!

So, get your stuff ready and pick up those wands, as this is the season when Universal Studios treats its visitors with mesmerizing decor and additional events.

Also, the weather in Orlando is very pleasant in December, making your trip even better.

However, this place in December is very busy as people worldwide travel to Universal Studios to celebrate Christmas. But with a little technique and planning, that can be handled well.

In this article, we have discussed several tips and tricks to make your visit fun and memorable.

This article will discuss the crowd levels, weather conditions, and additional events offered at Universal Studios during December.

Moreover, you will also have some tips to make your December trip to Universal Studios fun and easy.

Universal Studios in December

Universal Studios In December

Universal Studios stay open all year, but more people travel worldwide to celebrate Christmas in this amazing place, making it very busy.

The crowds gather up a week before Christmas, around 17th December. Most people who come to Orlando from a distance will likely return after New Year, so a high level of crowds is expected till the 2nd or 3rd of January.

Try to go earlier in the morning, as once the capacity limit is reached, they won’t let any more people enter. Once inside the park, you can stay there all day until the park closes.

On busier days, wait times for popular rides, and attractions can be double compared to normal days. The same is the case with food areas. Unless you have made a reservation before visiting, you must wait in long lines.

Busy Decembers are justified in Universal Studios as so much more is offered to attract visitors.

Here are a few additional events and decor exclusive to Christmas in Universal Studios:


Universal's Holiday Parade
  • Universal’s Holiday Parade: A fun parade having all your favorite characters, including Macy, celebrating Christmas in their unique style, where huge balloons represent them.
  • The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle: You can enjoy a beautiful Christmas projection show.
  • Universal Citywalk’s Eve: This ticketed event arranged at Citywalk is the year’s biggest party at Universal. Start your new year with cheers, champagne, live music, and spectacular fireworks.
  • Grinchmas: Arranged at Seuss Landing, this show has exclusive meet and greets live shows and beautiful decor.

The schedule/execution of the events may change every year. So, get the latest information from Universal Studios’ official website before planning your trip.


Decor (Universal Christmas Tree)
  • Universal Christmas Tree: Harry Potter fans, hold tight! You will be awed by a 65 feet tall Christmas tree at Universal Studios.
  • Shrek’s Holiday Float: This is a giant float you will see in Macy’s parade. It weighs approximately 30,000 pounds.
  • Christmas at Hogsmeade: Get ready to be immersed in the beauty of Hogsmeade with snow-covered rooftops and Christmas decor in the streets.
  • Christmas at Diagon Alley: Diagon Alley is also fully packed with Christmas decor and beautiful garlands, all set to give you the true essence of the festive season.

Universal Studios Weather in December

Universal Studios Weather In December

While visiting any theme park, you should always remember the weather conditions at the time of your visit, as it will be relatively easy to stand in the crowds when the weather is cool compared to a hot day.

Fortunately, the weather in Florida in December is very comfortable. The hurricanes and hotter days are no longer an issue.

So, December is a very good time to visit Universal Studios. Moreover, despite being the shortest days of the year, you can have approximately 10 hours of daylight.

But still, you should expect a little rain after every few days.

Also, mornings and evenings are relatively cold when there is no sun. So, be sure to pack appropriate clothing items.

Remember, layering is the key. Wear a light dress during the day and then layer it with a thick cardigan during the night.

Tips To Visit Universal Studios in December

Tips To Visit Universal Studios In December

Here are some tips to make your trip more fun and easy at Universal Studios in December:

  • Try to reach the parks early morning. By early morning we don’t mean the park opening time, but we do mean 30 to 45 minutes before that. This way, you can park and easily wait in lines without any hassle.
  • Christmas festivities usually start as November ends, but more and more people will come, and crowds will build as December progresses. So, try to plan your trip in starting weeks of December.
  • If you plan to visit and stay during the busy weeks, try to stay on the property. This will cost you more, but you can avail yourself of early park entry and overpass the crowds. You will also be allowed to go inside the parks even if the maximum capacity is reached; paying a little more by staying on the property is worth it.
  • If possible, try to buy the Express Pass. This will give you early access to all the rides and attractions by making you skip lines.
  • You can also get the VIP experience for all the rides and a guided park tour. Know more about it here.
  • If you stay in premier-level hotels like Hard Rock, Royal Pacific, and Portofino Bay, your express pass program will be included in the room rates.
  • Try to show up earlier if you have to avail hotel’s shuttle service because, during the busy season, the wait lines are extremely long.
  • Try to book the hotels and make meal reservations as early as possible. This will save you from the last-minute workaround, and you will be able to get good rates too.
  • Pack all the necessary stuff. Consider layering your outfits, as early mornings and nighttime in Orlando in December are very cold.
  • Before booking, be sure to check Universal Studios’ special offers and deals to save some money. Know more about it here.


So, this is it!
December is indeed a very busy season. But with a good strategy and planning, your Christmas trip to Universal Studios can be made fun and memorable.

Happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an Entry Ticket Cost More During Christmas Time?

No. The theme park’s entry ticket price remains the same. However, the price of the Express Pass increases during the busy season.

When Does Christmas Start at Universal Studios?

The Christmas season at Universal Studios starts around mid-November and lasts till the new year.

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