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How To Get into Disneyland for Free

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Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth, is a dream destination for many. However, the cost of admission can sometimes make this dream seem out of reach. You might be wondering, “Is there a way to get into Disneyland for free?” While it’s not a straightforward process and there are no official ways to do so, there are some methods that people have used to obtain free or discounted tickets. This comprehensive guide will delve into these strategies and provide you with all the information you need.


While there are no official ways to get into Disneyland for free, there are methods to potentially obtain discounted or free tickets. You can earn points through online rewards programs like Swagbucks, look for special offers and discounts on the Disneyland website, or participate in online contests and giveaways. However, these methods require a significant amount of time, effort, or luck. Beware of scams offering free tickets and always check with Disneyland for the most current information.

Earn Points with Swagbucks

One method is by joining Swagbucks, an online rewards program where you can earn points by shopping online, taking surveys, and changing your browser to Swagbucks. These points can then be redeemed for Disneyland tickets. However, keep in mind that this method requires a significant amount of time and effort to accumulate enough points for a ticket.

Look for Special Offers and Discounts

Another option is to check the Disneyland website for special offers and discounts. While these offers may not provide free entry, they can help reduce the cost of tickets. Disneyland offers discounts to eligible members of the U.S. military, for example.

Volunteering with Disney

The Disney VoluntEARS program allows employees and cast members to turn their volunteer service hours into financial contributions from Disney. However, this program is primarily for Disney employees and cast members, and it does not guarantee free entry to the parks.

Legitimate Ways to Enter Disneyland for Free

There are a few legitimate ways to enter Disneyland for free or at a significantly reduced cost. However, these methods may not guarantee free entry for everyone, but they can help you save money or potentially get free tickets under specific circumstances.

Online Contests and Giveaways

Participate in online contests and giveaways to try and win free Disneyland tickets. You can find these on social media platforms or on websites of companies partnering with Disneyland for promotions.

Public Relations Courtesy Ticket Policy

If you are a member of the media, you may be eligible for complimentary tickets under certain conditions. This includes having a blog related to travel, entertainment, or lifestyle. You can request two single-day Park Hopper tickets once every 12 months.

Disney Employee Silver Pass

If you know a Disney employee with a Silver Pass, they can bring you into the park for free.

Avoid Common Scams

It’s important to be aware of scams that offer free Disneyland tickets. These can include fake Facebook events, fraudulent tickets sold on eBay or Craigslist, fake contests and promotions, and illegitimate third-party sellers. Always purchase tickets from Disneyland Resort or authorized retailers.

Restrictions and Limitations

Gaining free entry to Disneyland is not common as the park requires guests to purchase tickets for admission. However, there are certain restrictions and limitations to be aware of when visiting Disneyland. Always check the official Disneyland website for the most up-to-date information before planning your visit.


In conclusion, while there are no official ways to get into Disneyland for free, you can try the methods mentioned above to potentially obtain discounted tickets or earn points towards free tickets. Stay vigilant for scams, and always check with Disneyland for the most current information. With some effort and a bit of luck, you may find a way to make your dream trip to Disneyland a reality without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a discount at Disneyland if I am a student?

No, Disneyland does not offer student discounts on tickets. However, some universities and colleges may have partnerships with Disneyland and offer discounted tickets to their students.

Can I get a discount if I am a senior citizen?

While Disneyland does not offer senior citizen discounts on tickets, they do have special offers for other groups such as military personnel. Always check the Disneyland website for the most up-to-date information on discounts and special offers.

Can I use my Disney Employee Silver Pass to bring in multiple guests for free?

The Disney Employee Silver Pass allows employees to bring in a limited number of guests for free. The number of guests allowed can vary depending on the employee’s role and length of service. It’s best to check with the employee for specific details.

How often does Disneyland have special offers or discounts?

Disneyland occasionally offers special discounts and promotions throughout the year, particularly during off-peak seasons. Be sure to check the official Disneyland website regularly for any new offers.

Are there any age restrictions for entering Disneyland for free?

Children under the age of 3 can enter Disneyland for free. However, children aged 3 and above will need a ticket for admission.

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