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What Hotels Are in Disneyland?

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Disneyland, known as the “Happiest Place on Earth,” is a dream destination for many. This magical world is not just about thrilling rides and enchanting characters, but also offers a range of accommodations within and around the park. This comprehensive guide will introduce you to the hotels within Disneyland, their unique features, dining options, booking procedures, and more.


Disneyland Park is home to three official hotels: Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, the Disneyland Hotel, and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. Each offers unique themes, dining options, and special perks. The Grand Californian Hotel & Spa is the most luxurious, with prices ranging from $475 to $980 per night. The Disneyland Hotel, the original Disneyland hotel, ranges from $300 to $410 per night. The Paradise Pier Hotel, with its beach boardwalk theme, ranges from $210 to $350 per night.

Hotels Within Disneyland

Disneyland Park is home to three official hotels, each offering a unique theme and special perks.

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

This luxurious hotel features a California Craftsman theme and offers various amenities, including a spa, dining options, and exclusive access to Disney California Adventure Park. Its prices range from $475 to $980 per night for standard rooms, making it the most expensive of the three.

Disneyland Hotel

The original Disneyland hotel, this enchanting accommodation pays tribute to the park’s history with magical headboards and Monorail waterslides. The prices for this hotel range from $300 to $410 per night for standard rooms.

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

This seaside-themed retreat embodies the essence of Southern California with a beach boardwalk theme and a scenic rooftop pool. Prices range from $210 to $350 per night for standard rooms.

Dining Options

Each Disneyland hotel offers an array of dining options. For example, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa features Napa Rose, known for its wine expertise, and Storytellers CafĂ©, which serves hearty home-style favorites. Meanwhile, the Disneyland Hotel is home to Goofy’s Kitchen, where you can dine with Disney characters, and the elegant Steakhouse 55.

Booking Procedures and Policies

To book a stay at one of these hotels, visit the Disneyland Resort homepage and select the “Places to Stay” tab. Disneyland Resort Hotel Vacation Packages require a $200 deposit at booking, with the full remainder due 30 days before arrival. Cancellation policies vary depending on whether you’ve booked a room-only reservation or a vacation package.

Proximity to Main Attractions

The location of these hotels provides convenient access to the main attractions of Disneyland. The Grand Californian Hotel & Spa even boasts a private entrance to Disney California Adventure Park.

Special Packages and Deals

Disneyland Resort hotels and Good Neighbor hotels offer special packages and deals for park visitors. These can include Disneyland Resort Hotel Vacation Packages, Good Neighbor Hotel Vacation Packages, and special discounts for eligible US Military Members, Disney Visa Cardholders, AAA members, and more.


Staying at a Disneyland hotel not only provides convenient access to the park but also immerses you in the magic of Disney throughout your visit. Whether you prefer the luxury of the Grand Californian, the nostalgia of the Disneyland Hotel, or the beachy vibes of Paradise Pier, Disneyland offers accommodations to suit every visitor’s needs.

Remember, the magic of Disneyland doesn’t end when the park closes. Staying at a Disneyland hotel lets you carry the enchantment into your dreams. So, why wait? Start planning your magical Disneyland vacation today!

Please note that prices and policies may vary, and it is recommended to check the specific hotel’s website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the check-in and check-out times for Disneyland Hotels?

The standard check-in time for Disneyland Hotels is 3:00 PM and check-out is at 11:00 AM.

Do Disneyland hotels offer free Wi-Fi?

Yes, all Disneyland hotels offer complimentary Wi-Fi to guests.

Are pets allowed in Disneyland hotels?

Pets are not allowed in Disneyland hotels, with the exception of service animals.

Do Disneyland hotels offer shuttle services to the park?

Disneyland hotels are within walking distance to the parks. However, shuttle service is available from the hotels to the parks for guests who need it.

Can you see the Disneyland fireworks from the hotels?

Yes, all three Disneyland hotels offer viewing areas for the nightly Disneyland fireworks display.

Are there fitness centers in Disneyland hotels?

Yes, each Disneyland hotel features a fitness center that is available to guests.

Can I purchase park tickets at Disneyland hotels?

Yes, Disneyland Resort theme park tickets can be purchased at the front desk of each Disneyland hotel.

Are there laundry services in Disneyland hotels?

Yes, all Disneyland hotels offer laundry services. Some also offer self-service laundry facilities.

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