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How Much Does a Trip to Universal Studios Cost?

How Much Does A Trip To Universal Studios Cost

Universal Studios is one of the most popular theme parks worldwide, so it’s unsurprising that many people dream of visiting it.

However, a trip to Universal Studios is a bit expensive, and without proper planning, you’ll spend more than you can afford.

But how much exactly does a trip to Universal Studios cost?

What are the expenses you can expect?

Let’s find out about that and more here.


It would be best to consider several factors regarding the average cost of a trip to Universal Studios. These include the tickets, hotel accommodation, and dining expenses.

A family of four can spend around $180 per person per day. This already includes dining, tickets, and hotel stays. If you compute it, it would be around $720 per day and will only go up from there, depending on how many days you plan on staying.

Of course, this can vary depending on how much you’re willing to spend and how much you can afford. Fortunately, there’s always a Universal Studios package for every budget. This can save you lots of money, provided you do some research.

Remember that the longer you stay in Universal Studios, the bigger the budget you need to prepare. In this case, you might as well look for packages if you plan on staying more than two days.

The Cost of Visiting Universal Studios

The Cost Of Visiting Universal Studios

As mentioned, the average cost of a trip to Universal Studios is affected by three major factors: the tickets, your hotel accommodation, and dining expenses.

While you can spend around $180 per day per person on average, it can quickly increase depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

To get a more specific computation, we will look at the three factors and figure out how much each costs on average.

1. Tickets


For the most part, your ticket will take up a huge portion of your total budget. On average, a one-day ticket will cost you around $109 up to $159, not including taxes. It’s $5 cheaper for kids but only applies to those 3-9 years old. Meanwhile, younger kids are entitled to free admission.

Ticket prices can also vary depending on which day you decide to visit. They will increase a bit during special events, holidays, and Saturdays. For example, if you visit the park during the Christmas holiday, you’ll have to pay around $150 for a ticket, and that’s just for a single day.

During peak season, however, it can get even more expensive, reaching up to $214. If you don’t want to spend that much on a ticket, we recommend postponing your trip until the peak season is over.

2. Hotel Accommodation

Hotel Accommodation

Aside from your tickets, your hotel accommodation will also take up a huge portion of your budget. There are two options to choose from: either you stay on the property, or you stay in a hotel outside of the park.

While it might be a bit more expensive, we highly recommend staying on the property for several reasons, which are as follows:

  • You can get early admission to the attractions.
  • Various privileges come with your stay.
  • You can enjoy complimentary transportation from park to park.
  • They’ll even deliver your purchased merchandise straight to your room.
  • You can get access to Universal City Walk’s clubs.

As you can see, many exciting perks are included in your hotel accommodation. Even the most affordable ones, like Universal Cabana Bay, can give you access to such perks.

Lastly, Universal Studios tend to offer some sweet vacation package deals from time to time. If you’re lucky enough to find a deal during your planned visit, you could enjoy massive savings on your vacation.

But how much exactly does hotel accommodation in Universal Studios cost?

Well, that would depend on which hotel you plan on staying at. It’s worth noting that Universal Studios has four types of hotels based on their price. These are the Value, Prime Value, Preferred, and Premier hotels. Let’s look at each of them!

Value Hotels

Value Hotels

If you’re looking for the cheapest accommodation within the property, then Value hotels are your best option.

There’s the Endless Summer Resort which starts at $91 per night. You even have the option to stay in the Surfside or the Dockside Inn.

As the most affordable accommodations in Universal Studios, they also offer the least perks and amenities.

Prime Value Hotels

Then there are the Prime Value hotels which start at $132 per night. Hotels that belong to this tier are the Aventura Hotel and the Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

Both hotels are right on the main campus, providing quick access to almost everything Universal Studios offers. The best part is that you can get to them on foot!

Preferred Hotels

Meanwhile, if you can afford to spend a bit more for your accommodation, you can go for the Preferred hotels with a rate starting from $181 per night. Only one hotel falls under this category: the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort.

Unlike the previous two, Preferred hotels are moderately priced and feature more upscale accommodations, strategic locations, and amenities.

In particular, you can easily access theme parks by walking from the hotel.

Premier Hotels

Premier Hotels

As the most expensive category, Universal Studios’ Premier hotels offer the highest comfort level during your stay.

They start at $262 per night, with the most expensive at $312 per night.

Three hotels belong to this category: the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Loews Royal Pacific Hotel, and Hard Rock Hotel.

3. Dining Expenses

Dining Expenses

Regarding the cost of dining in Universal Studios, you have to remember that there are three different categories of dining: snacks, quick-service, and full-service.

Most families spend money on two snacks, one quick service, and one full-service meal daily. However, since there are over a hundred dining options throughout Universal Studios, it can be tough to pinpoint an average cost of dining during your stay.

For quick-service meals, you can expect to spend around $25 per day for adults and $18 per day for children. Meanwhile, full-service dining costs around $34 for adults and $27 for children.

How To Save Money on Your Trip to Universal Studios

Now that we’ve talked about the average costs of a trip to Universal Studios let’s cover some useful tips that will help you save money during your vacation.

Our best recommendation is to devise a solid plan before your scheduled visit. Research, compare ticket prices, look for discounts, check waiting times, decide where to eat, and more.

You can even make reservations ahead of time if you want. As much as possible, set a budget during the planning phase and estimate how much you can spend during your trip.

Lastly, be mindful of your expenses so you won’t spend more than you should.


Ideally, you’d want to set aside at least $2,000 as your budget for your planned Universal Studios vacation.

But to be safe, add more to account for any unexpected expenses depending on how many you are in your family.

The cost of a trip to Universal Studios will depend on where you plan on staying, what food you want, and whether or not you can get hold of ticket discounts in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Save More if I Purchase Universal Studios Tickets Online?

Yes, you can. You can save a lot of money if you purchase your tickets beforehand. You can save up to 20% on multi-day or single-day admissions.

Are Meals at Universal Studios Expensive?

That would depend on which restaurant you choose to dine in. Quick-service meals cost around $15 to $20 per person per meal. Meanwhile, full-service meals are expensive at around $25 to $50 per person per meal.

Alternatively, you can bring food and beverages if you want to save some money. This way, you can spend the extra money on other expenses or more expensive dining options.

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