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What Is the Incredicoaster at Disneyland?

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The Incredicoaster at Disneyland is more than just a roller coaster. It’s a thrilling, immersive experience that transports you into the world of one of Pixar’s most beloved families: The Incredibles. But what exactly is the Incredicoaster, and what makes it such a must-ride attraction at Disneyland?


The Incredicoaster at Disneyland is a high-speed steel roller coaster located at Disney California Adventure. It’s themed after the Pixar film, The Incredibles, and features characters and scenes from the movie throughout the ride. With a top speed of 55 mph (89 km/h) and an inversion, it’s the fastest and only looping roller coaster at Disneyland. The ride is part of the Incredibles Park neighborhood within Pixar Pier, a section dedicated to bringing Pixar stories and characters to life.

History and Development of the Incredicoaster

The Incredicoaster is a steel launched roller coaster located at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California. Originally known as California Screamin’, the coaster was rethemed and unveiled as the Incredicoaster in 2018, coinciding with the release of the much-anticipated sequel, Incredibles 2.

The new theme brought with it a new storyline, a redesigned queue line, enclosed scream tunnels, and a new musical score by Michael Giacchino, the composer of the Incredibles 2 film.

Design and Layout

The Incredicoaster stands out with its bold, abstract, and hyper-colored design elements. It’s the fastest ride at Disneyland, reaching a top speed of 55 mph (89 km/h), and it’s the only roller coaster at Disneyland with an inversion.

The ride starts with a 0-to-55-mph launch up the first hill, followed by tight turns and a second launch that sends riders over a 110-foot hill with a 107-foot drop on the far side. Riders then experience a banked turn and an elliptical loop before a series of camelbacks bring the coaster back to the station.

Unique Features

The Incredicoaster isn’t just about the thrill of the ride. It’s about stepping into the world of the Incredibles. As riders zip around the track, they’ll encounter scenes featuring characters from the movie, including Elastigirl stretching 53 feet from head to toe and Jack-Jack appearing 19 times throughout the attraction.

The Incredicoaster’s uniqueness also lies in its location. It’s part of the Incredibles Park neighborhood within Pixar Pier, a section of Disney California Adventure dedicated to bringing Pixar stories and characters to life.

Safety Measures

Safety is a top priority at Disneyland, and the Incredicoaster is no exception. Riders must be at least 48 inches (122 cm) tall, and over-the-shoulder restraints ensure everyone stays secure. Additionally, the ride undergoes regular maintenance and safety checks.

The Ride Experience

Riding the Incredicoaster is an exhilarating experience. From the moment you’re launched from the station to the final turn, you’re immersed in the world of the Incredibles. The enclosed tunnels, special effects, and scenes from the movie, combined with the thrilling drops and turns of the coaster, make for a ride that’s unforgettable.

Visitor Reviews

The Incredicoaster has received mostly positive reviews from visitors. Many praise the thrilling elements of the ride, while others appreciate the Incredibles theming. Some riders recommend experiencing the Incredicoaster during the day for the best experience.


The Incredicoaster at Disneyland is more than just a roller coaster—it’s a journey into the world of the Incredibles. With its thrilling drops, high speed, and immersive theming, it’s a must-ride for any Disneyland visitor. So next time you’re at Disney California Adventure, make sure to check out the Incredicoaster. You won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the ride on the Incredicoaster?

The Incredicoaster ride lasts approximately 2 minutes and 36 seconds from start to finish.

What is the height of the Incredicoaster?

The Incredicoaster is approximately 120 feet at its highest point.

Is the Incredicoaster suitable for people with motion sickness or heart conditions?

The Incredicoaster is a high-speed, thrilling ride with sudden drops and turns. Therefore, it may not be suitable for guests with motion sickness, heart conditions, or other health-related issues. It’s always best to consult with a healthcare provider before going on such rides.

Is there a FastPass option for the Incredicoaster?

Yes, the Incredicoaster does offer the FastPass option, allowing guests to skip the regular line and reduce their wait time.

Are there any restrictions for pregnant women?

Yes, for safety reasons, pregnant women are advised not to ride the Incredicoaster.

Is the Incredicoaster accessible for guests with disabilities?

Yes, Disneyland provides accessibility options for guests with disabilities. However, due to the nature of the experience, some guests with mobility issues may need assistance. It’s best to check with a Disneyland Cast Member for specific details.

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