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Why Are Selfie Sticks Banned at Disney World?

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Disney World, the “happiest place on Earth”, is known for its magical experiences and memorable moments. So, it’s only natural that visitors would want to capture these memories. But did you know that selfie sticks, a popular tool for taking photos, are banned at Disney World?


Disney World has banned selfie sticks due to safety concerns. The ban was implemented in 2015 after instances of guests using selfie sticks on rides, posing a risk to themselves and others by potentially damaging ride mechanisms or causing accidents. Disney offers alternatives for capturing memories, such as the Memory Maker and Disney PhotoPass services.

The Ban on Selfie Sticks

In 2015, Disney World implemented a ban on selfie sticks in all their theme parks, water parks, and Star Wars: Galactic properties. The decision was made out of concern for the safety of visitors and to ensure that everyone’s experience at the park remains enjoyable.

Why the Ban?

Selfie sticks, while useful for capturing wide-angle shots or photos with large groups, pose a significant safety risk in a crowded environment like Disney World. Visitors were using selfie sticks even during rides, ignoring signs and warnings from staff. This created hazards, as the selfie stick could fall and hit someone, or the guest might lift the selfie stick so high that the camera or stick could hit the ceiling or other objects. The long arm of a selfie stick can also extend far outside the carriages of rides, potentially damaging the ride’s mechanism or even other passengers.

Public Reaction to the Ban

While some visitors were initially disappointed by the ban, understanding the reasoning behind it has led to wider acceptance. The ban has been successful in preventing potential accidents and disruptions caused by the uncontrolled use of selfie sticks.

Alternatives to Selfie Sticks at Disney World

Disney World offers several alternative methods for visitors to capture their memories:

  1. Memory Maker: For $199 ($169 if purchased at least 3 days in advance), visitors can enjoy unlimited pictures taken at PhotoPass locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. The photos can be downloaded at no additional charge.
  2. Disney PhotoPass: This complimentary service captures vacation photos and videos of your whole family throughout Walt Disney World Resort. You can view the photos online for free and choose to purchase and share them.
  3. Memory Maker One Day: This $69 product allows you to access all your photos from a single day. It is suitable for visitors attending special events or those who only want photos from one day of their trip.
  4. Capture Your Moment: This is a personalized photo session with a Disney PhotoPass photographer at select locations in the theme parks. While photos are not included in the price of the session, guests who have Memory Maker or Memory Maker One Day can access the photos taken during the session.

Advice for Future Visitors

If you were planning to use a selfie stick during your visit to Disney World, don’t worry! There are plenty of other ways to capture your magical moments. Whether it’s handing your camera to a friend, trying out a Disney selfie, or using the Disney PhotoPass service, you’re sure to leave with plenty of beautiful memories. Remember, the main goal is to enjoy your time at Disney World, and safety is a big part of that enjoyment.


Disney World’s ban on selfie sticks is a safety measure aimed at ensuring every guest’s enjoyment. While it may initially seem inconvenient, understanding the reasoning behind it and considering the alternative options available for capturing memories can help visitors adapt to this rule. After all, the magic of Disney World lies in the experiences and memories you make, not just the photos you take.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I bring my selfie stick to Disney World?

If you bring a selfie stick to Disney World, it will be confiscated at the bag check before you enter the park. You can retrieve it when you leave.

Are there other items that are banned from Disney World?

Yes, Disney World has a list of prohibited items that includes, but is not limited to, drones, large tripods, folding chairs, glass containers, and weapons of any kind. It’s always a good idea to check the official Disney World website for the most up-to-date list of prohibited items before your visit.

Can I use my phone to take photos and videos on the rides?

Yes, you can use your phone to take photos and videos on the rides, as long as you hold onto it securely and it doesn’t extend beyond the safety boundaries of the ride. However, for safety reasons, flash photography is not allowed on most rides.

What if I can’t afford the Memory Maker or the Disney PhotoPass services?

If the Memory Maker or Disney PhotoPass services are beyond your budget, you can still capture your memories at Disney World. You can take pictures with your own camera or smartphone, ask a fellow visitor to take a photo of you and your group, or even ask Disney employees, who are often happy to assist.

Are selfie sticks banned at all Disney properties worldwide?

Yes, the ban on selfie sticks extends to all Disney theme parks worldwide, including Disneyland in California, Disneyland Paris, and the Disney parks in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

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