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What Is a Ruby Pass at Universal Studios?

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Have you heard about the Ruby Pass at Universal Studios Orlando? Maybe you saw it on Instagram, or a friend told you about it. So what is a Ruby Pass at Universal Studios?

It’s an exclusive, rare pass that only a few lucky (or perhaps unlucky) visitors get.


A Ruby Pass is a one-of-a-kind express pass at Universal Orlando, but it’s not like the Express Pass.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The staff only gives it as compensation
  • One person can only use it for one ride
  • It must be used on or before the expiry date
  • You can’t buy them like Express Passes

These passes can be used on one popular ride that doesn’t accept Express Passes!

This article explains what a Ruby Pass is, how to get one, where to use it, and how it differs from the Express Passes you buy online.

So What Is Ruby Pass at Universal Orlando, Exactly?

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A Ruby Pass is a small physical pass handed out at Universal Studios as compensation for when something goes wrong like a ride stops mid-operation.

It’s a small card pass in ruby red color with Universal’s logo on the front and a barcode, expiry date, and conditions printed on the back.

It grants express entry into participating rides as a one-time express pass, including the most sought-after Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

It’s a rare pass that’s only given out at the park. You cannot buy it online. There’s no mention of it on the official Universal Orlando Resort website.

You may get them if you experience a problem on a ride or while waiting.

Also, these passes have an expiry date, often on the same day, so they can only be used by that date.

Those who get it can skip the long wait lines for a single participating ride (not all rides accept it). With this pass, you may avoid hours of wait time.

How Can You Get a Ruby Pass?

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You cannot buy Ruby Passes online or at the park. The only way you can get them is if a ride you’re on or waiting for experiences technical or mechanical issues, resulting in significant delay and wasted time.

The park offers these special passes as compensation for the inconvenience caused to the guests.

The internet has many accounts of visitors getting Ruby Passes because they experienced a malfunctioning ride. However, that’s not as common as you’d think, making these passes rare.

In such cases, the staff members may give you the pass, or you may be recommended to consult the Guest Services office to claim them.

That office keeps these tickets and only gives them to visitors who experienced inconvenience because a ride broke down.

So if you experienced such a situation but were not given Ruby Passes by the staff, you can contact the Guest Services office at the park.

Which Rides Accept Ruby Pass?

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Ruby Passes give you express entry into several rides at Universal Studios Orlando. However, you can only use them for one person on a single ride and within the expiry date.

You can use this pass for virtually any ride except a few. The Jurrasic World VelociCoaster, Pteranodon Fliers, and Bourne Stuntacular don’t accept Ruby Pass.

VelociCoaster has its version of a Ruby Pass, which is a light blue color.

However, the good news is that Ruby Pass is accepted for Hagrid’s Magical Creatures ride, which isn’t available for Express Pass entry.

So should you get lucky and get this pass, using it for the Hagrid ride would make sense as it often has over 90 minutes of wait time.

Remember that you may still have to wait a bit to get on the ride once you’re on the platform. Still, the Ruby Pass will cut your overall wait time significantly short.

Ruby Pass vs. Universal Express Pass

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Ruby Passes are different from Express Passes. The latter can be purchased with your admission ticket, giving you express entry through faster-moving lanes at a time at select rides.

There are different tiers of Express Passes, including Express Unlimited.

Ruby Passes are complimentary passes handed out only by the staff. And these are physical passes, unlike Express Passes, which you show on your phone.

Another difference is that Express Pass isn’t useable for Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. You can use the Ruby Pass, though.


Ruby Pass is a rare express single-entry pass that Universal Studio hands out as compensation for experiencing inconvenience because of ride-related technical issues.

It can be used for all rides but a few. Also, it expires, so you must use it by then or give it to someone to make their day!

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