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What Is the Epcot Ball?

Epcot's Iconic Golf Ball

If you’ve ever been to the EPCOT theme park, you must not have left without wondering what the giant golf ball was doing in the middle of the park. That giant ball is known as the EPCOT ball, symbolizing Walt Disney’s vision and innovation.

  • EPCOT’s iconic golf ball represents Walt Disney’s vision of the future.
  • Walt wanted his Disney Imagineers to create the city of his dreams in EPCOT, which was initially supposed to be an entire magical city.
  • The EPCOT ball takes you on a leisurely journey through time to explore the evolution of communication through the ages.

Here is a comprehensive guide on the EPCOT ball and its history.

History of the Epcot Ball

Epcot's Iconic Golf Ball

The EPCOT ball is an iconic Disney World structure designed with the help of science fiction author Ray Bradbury. Imagineers made the ball and the ride inside it over two years. This remarkable engineering achievement is made up of two spheres. The sphere’s interior includes the ride, and the other sphere makes a stunning exterior.

Witness the revolutionary breakthroughs that led to the fantastic communications technology of today. Embark on a journey back in time to the era when prehistoric man painted on cave walls. Then, with the development of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg, new ideas began to spread like wildfire. And as we move into the modern media era, history is passing by at an ever-increasing rate, from newspapers reporting the Civil War to televised coverage of the moon landing—and beyond.

During this motivational 16-minute spectacle in the style of the Omnimover, Lavish sets and cutting-edge Audio-Animatronics characters powerfully depict all of these memorable moments.

Oscar winner Judi Dench is the narrator for the all-star cast, and Emmy winner Bruce Broughton composed the music while leading a 63-piece orchestra and 24-voice chorus. It’s no easy task, but if you pay close attention, you’ll hear that the soundtrack for each scene uses genres and instruments suited to the time.

Overview of the Epcot Ball

The Epcot Ball

The EPCOT ball belongs to the structure category called “Geodesic spheres.” It is 518.1 feet in diameter and 165 feet tall. The whole building weighs more than 15,000,000 pounds! Although the ball appears to be hanging in the air, it has four supports fastened 160 feet into the earth.

You’ll be delighted to know that even in the rain, you can stand right below the EPCOT ball and remain completely dry. This is because all rainwater seeps down Epcot’s World Showcase Lagoon through 1-inch gutters that run the whole building length because of the sphere’s unique shape.

The EPCOT ball has gone through many updates over time. A giant Mickey Mouse arm with a wand was installed on the outside of Spaceship Earth in the year 2000, but it was taken down in 2007 to regain its original structure.

Can You Go Inside the Epco Ball?

The Epcot Ball

If you have always wanted to see the inside of the EPCOT ball, you’re in luck! You can buy an Epcot ticket to enjoy a track ride through the entire building.

An Epcot employee will take you to board a track-bound ride with space for four visitors as soon as you enter the building. The journey of humankind through time and the advancements made along the way is the central theme of Spaceship Earth. The depiction of this adventure makes use of elaborate sets and animatronic characters.

What’s Inside the Spaceship Earth?

Spaceship Earth

The ride inside the EPCOT ball depicts Greek and Roman life, including a major scene showing Roman and Greek mathematicians talking. In one Renaissance scene, Michelangelo is shown painting the Sistine Chapel. Another shows Johannes Gutenberg using his printing press.

The Spaceship Earth ride reflects many periods of American history. You’ll explore the interior of a newspaper factory near the end of the Civil War in one section. Next, you’ll enter a room where the largest computers are shown.

The most contemporary figure in the attraction, Steve Jobs, is represented by an American man slouching over one of the earliest home computers.

Your ride will turn to face a planetarium projected onto Spaceship Earth’s ceiling as you hit the very top of the track. You can see several constellations on the ceiling. Your seat will turn 180 degrees when you pass through the planetarium. After that, you’ll be riding in reverse. You will travel through a shower of stars in the shape of hanging lights during the descent.

You will then follow a trail that will take you to a huge globe. Pay close attention to the location you selected as your house on the map. The map will show your face. Many visitors ignore this attraction feature, but you can send the futuristic image as a postcard to yourself or a friend. This section of Spaceship Earth is referred to as “Project Tomorrow.”

You’ll find several interactive activities here, including a driving simulator and a shuffleboard game.


If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, don’t forget to visit the iconic EPCOT ball. The ride is a great way to relax and beat the afternoon heat in an AC room. Additionally, you can learn a lot about human history in a fun and interactive way. You can also enjoy the complete view of EPCOT’s theme park from here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Epcot Ball Mean?

The EPCOT ball is the focal point of Walt Disney World’s EPCOT theme park. It houses Spaceship Earth, one of the most well-liked attractions in Disney Parks. Additionally, it represents Walt Disney’s original ambitions for EPCOT and improvements in communication.

How Does Disney Clean the Epcot Ball?

The EPCOT ball is a massive structure with an unusual layout. Disney World employs pressure-washing techniques to clean this structure. However, Disney claims that the EPCOT ball is a self-cleaning structure, given its spherical shape.

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