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What To Wear to Disney World in November

What To Wear To Disney World In November

November is a dry month in Orlando. This means that you can enjoy great weather during your stay at Disney World.

However, you should also remember that November weather can be temperamental.

As such, you must pack various clothing for weather changes.

This guide will discuss what you must wear if you visit Disney World in November.


As mentioned, the weather at Disney World during November is temperamental. The first half is normally warm, while the latter half is sometimes chilly.

Some days, the temperature can go as high as 80 degrees Fahrenheit to as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit. However, most days during the month are colder, especially early in the morning.

You’ll normally see most guests wearing layers in the morning only to take them off as noontime approaches. This means that you have to pack clothes that are designed for both warm and cool weather, such as:

  • Mixed Clothes
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Outerwear
  • Sun Protection
  • Swimwear
  • Long Pants

You should wear these basic things to visit Disney World in November. You can also add additional items if you want. Just make sure to bring only the right amount that you can comfortably carry.

Dressing Tips for Disney World in November

Dressing Tips For Disney World In November

If you want to enjoy amazing weather when you visit Disney World, visiting during November would be an excellent choice.

It’s not hot enough that you’ll sweat profusely, nor is it cold enough that you’ll end up shivering in the cold.

Going for moisture-wicking shirts and shorts will be ideal, though you must also account for the chilly morning and evening.

This is especially true if you plan to rope drop or stay late at night.

Without further ado, here are the things you have to wear when you visit Disney World in November:

Mixed Clothes

Mixed Clothes

Since November has mild weather, you don’t want to focus on wearing clothes that are meant only for either warm or cold weather. Instead, you want to mix and match your clothing and pack clothes you can layer.

This lets you stay comfortably warm during the early mornings and late evenings. You can take them off when noontime approaches and the weather gets hotter.

Some of the important items you want to include are as follows:

  • Shorts – At least a couple of pairs of shorts will do. Since you’ll walk through the parks often, shorts will help make you comfortable throughout the adventure.
  • Light Sweaters – At least one light sweater or a cardigan is ideal. Any extra piece of clothing you can layer for that extra warmth will do, especially since the mornings and late evenings are chilly in Orlando during November.
  • Jeans – Aside from your shorts, you’d also want to bring a few pairs of pants and jeans for the cold weather. You could bring either leggings, athletic pants, or joggers, for that matter.

Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable Shoes

As mentioned earlier, your visit to Disney World will involve a lot of walking. So, wearing a pair of comfortable walking shoes only makes sense.

Tennis shoes or a comfortable pair of sneakers will do as long as they provide a lot of support to your feet.

You can also opt for sandals, but make sure they’re designed for hiking and walking. Don’t go for new footwear, either. They must be broken so you won’t feel uncomfortable walking around the parks.

And to make yourself even more comfortable, wear comfortable socks to prevent blisters and foot injuries during your vacation.



Outerwear could be anything from light jackets and rain ponchos to hats and mittens.

Since the weather in November at Disney World is pretty mild, you don’t need to bring winter gear and jackets. Instead, a light jacket will work just fine. You can also opt for a hooded sweatshirt to keep warm when the park is chilly.

A rain poncho, or even a small umbrella, is also recommended if the weather forecast states that it will rain during your visit to Disney World. Though rain is uncommon during November, it can still happen, so extra protection is always ideal.

Lastly, if you plan to stay late at night to witness live shows and fireworks displays or want to experience extra magic hours, bring some hats and mittens.

November can be pretty chilly during the evening, so putting on mittens and hats will help keep you comfortable as you enjoy Disney’s entertainment at night.

If you have kids, bringing these items is all the more important.

Sun Protection

Sun Protection

Regardless of the month, it would not be best to forget to bring sun protection when you visit Disney World. Much of your time will be spent walking around the parks under the heat of the scorching sun.

Even if the weather is not that hot at Disney World during November, the heat can still damage your skin and kids if you don’t use sun protection. The most important thing you should never forget is sunscreen.

Aside from sunscreen, you should also bring a pair of sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat. These two will protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and cover enough parts of your head to keep you comfortable and protected from sunburns.



Just because November has chilly weather doesn’t mean you can’t take yourself and your kids to the pool for fun swimming sessions.

After all, the pools throughout Disney Resorts are heated, so you should be able to swim comfortably without being too cold.

Bring several swimwear and other swimming essentials if you plan to go for a dip during your visit.

Long Pants

Long Pants

Even if the weather forecast says the weather will be warm and sunny during your visit, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will stay that way once you arrive. As such, you want to prepare for some cold weather by bringing some pants with you.

That said, whether you want to wear jeans or leggings will be up to your personal preference. What matters is that you can keep yourself warm and comfortable whenever the weather gets too cold.

Leggings are often the preferred choice of most visitors since they can keep them comfortable throughout the day. Not only that, but leggings are also breathable enough, so you won’t have to deal with sweat during the day.

Meanwhile, jeans would be a better option if it gets too cold at night or cloudy when you arrive at Disney World.

Regardless, bringing at least a pair of jeans is a good idea.


The good news about visiting Disney World in November is that the weather isn’t usually chilly.

If anything, it’s a lot milder than summer, with temperatures ranging from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit on average.

With this in mind, you can expect daytime to be warm and nighttime to be chilly, so it only makes sense to account for both temperature differences by packing separate clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Rain in Orlando During November?

Yes, it does rain in Orlando during November. However, you can expect much less rain during the month compared to any other month of the year.

It’s still a good idea to bring a rain poncho or a small umbrella to keep yourself dry if it rains during your visit.

Is November a Good Time To Visit Disney World?

Definitely! Most Floridians would agree that November is one of the best times to visit Disney World due to comfortable temperatures, low humidity, and low chances of rain and thunderstorms.

If you want to make the most of your vacation without dealing with bad or poor weather, then November is one of your best options!

Can I Still Swim at the Pools in Disney World During November?

Early November will be the best time to visit Disney World if you and your kids plan to swim in their pools during your trip. During this time, the weather will still be warm enough for people to swim comfortably.

That said, the pools at the parks are heated anyway, so you shouldn’t feel any major temperature differences should you decide to visit during the later days of the month.

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