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What To Wear to Disney World in September?

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September is a very good time to visit Disney World. The crowds of the summer times would be already thinned out, and the Christmas/winter break visitors haven’t reached yet.

Moreover, weather conditions in the fall season are also not very tough so you can execute all your plans without any hurdles.

The days may still be hot, but appropriate clothing and keeping a few essentials handy will help you do good.


September is a good time to visit Disney World as the crowds would be less and the weather is reasonable too. The days may still be hot, but appropriate clothing can help you get through it.

This article discussed a few clothing options you could consider wearing on your Disney trip in September.

This article will discuss a few clothing items you should consider wearing on your following Disney trip. Also, we will go through the weather and crowd conditions of Disney World in September.

Weather and Crowd Conditions

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The average temperature in September is still high, with highs above the 80s (Fahrenheit) and lows around the mid-70s. There is a strong possibility of rain as well.

But not that rain which will continue for days and ruin your trip, but only a downpour of about an hour, in Florida, heavy rainstorms usually form quickly but then pass away quickly.

Moreover, for most parts of the US, September is the start of hurricane season.

While these are not much common in Orlando since it is not a coastal area, hurricanes in the surroundings can cause heavy rain, so be sure to keep this in mind too.

As for the crowds, they are lowest in September as compared to other months of the year. Weekends are busier than weekdays, but the number is still reasonable.

What To Wear to Disney World in September

Disney World in September offers a variety of weather patterns, so clothing choices can be tricky. But don’t worry; we are here to cover all the necessary clothing information.

Here are a few clothing items you should consider while visiting Disney World in September:

1. T-Shirts

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A light t-shirt is always a perfect thing to wear on a Disney trip. No matter what time you visit, it will always be your friend in need when you must beat the Florida heat.

And to add to the goodness, pack a Disney-themed t-shirt. Many people wear it to their Disney trips. You can easily buy it from local shops.

So wear those shirts and get ready to snap some perfect pictures you will cherish for a long time. T-shirts are also very easy to style.

Grab a themed one and pair it with mickey ears. And you are all set for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in September.


MIckey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was celebrated in 2022. For the latest information for 2023, please check the official website before planning your trip.

2. Tank Tops

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For those who are not a fan of t-shirts, tank tops are a good alternative to beat the heat and look classy at the same time.

3. Shorts

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For those hot, humid days, shorts are a perfect thing to wear. Whether you wear t-shirts or tank tops, shorts would go well with both.

Ladies can also consider wearing skirts, but whatever you choose, make sure it does well while strolling in the parks and on speedy rides.

4. Long Sleeved Shirts

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It is hot in the parks, but the air-conditioned places such as restaurants and indoor attractions would be very cold. So pack the long-sleeved shirt in your backpack, which you can glide on if you feel cold.

5. Swimsuits

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It isn’t possible that you are on a Disney vacation and won’t want to dip in the pool. So don’t forget to bring your swimsuits along.

6. Rain Ponchos

Family Wearing Yellow Ponchos

We all know that sudden downpours are a thing in Florida, and in the hurricane season of September, heavy showers are possible, so rain ponchos are a must-have.

You can buy them from gift shops, but bringing a few will save you a few bucks and keep you hassle-free.

7. Cardigans/Sweatshirts

Portrait Of A Young Woman In Woolen Sweater Posing Against A White Wall

As weather patterns in September in Orlando vary. Packaging a thick cardigan or sweatshirt for those unexpectedly colder days. Remember that layering is the key.

Try to have something lightweight and easy to store because most days, you won’t be wearing them all day long.

Even if you won’t need them, it is better to overpack a little and stay safe than to under-pack and catch a cold. Right?

8. Comfortable Footwear

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A fun Disney world trip means you will be strolling in the parks and on your feet all day. This is the reason that a comfortable pair of shoes is most important.

Because no one would want to walk all day in uncomfortable shoes and return to the resort with blisters on their feet.

Most people would consider wearing sandals and flip-flops when considering hot weather conditions.

They might be good options in your resort, but wearing them in the parks can be extremely uncomfortable.

A pair of sneakers or trainers would be the perfect choice to wear. Also, if you have space, pack extra pair of shoes too.

One good option would be to wear shoes and pack a pair of flip-flops with you while going to parks so that you can give your feet that much-needed rest every once in a while.

Don’t forget to pack a few pairs of socks with you. On hot days, your feet may get sweaty and stinky socks are a big no for anyone.

Also, your socks may get wet due to rain or water rides. Who knows? So it is better to be safe and pack a few extra pairs.

9. Accessories

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Here are a few accessories which you should bring along:

  • Stroller Cover: A stroller cover is a must-have for those rainy days if you are bringing up a stroller.
  • Umbrella: Rain ponchos are good for rainy weather, but if you have space, make sure to have a small umbrella too.
  • Hat and sunglasses: Good to have to protect your scalp and eyes from excessive heat on hot sunny days.


That’s all, folks!

We hope our suggestions will help you have a memorable trip to Disney World in September.

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