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What’s Included/Not Included on Your Disney Cruise?

Disney Cruise Line

At Disneyland, a diverse selection of exciting activities and attractions are available for guests of all ages.

People have a great time on the Disney Wishes cruise, just one of the many rides and shows that can be experienced.

You can choose between all-inclusive and à la carte packages for thDisney’sifferent services, shows, and restaurants.

Let’s dive into what’s included/ not included on your Disney cruise.


A Disney cruise is an excellent choice for families who want their kids to have a good time while on vacation with their parents. Keeping these things in mind will allow you to enjoy more of your vacation on the cruise ship.

  • The staterooms onboard a Disney cruise offers a unique blend of the on-the-water journey and homey comfort.
  • The ticket price to a Disney cruise includes several perks: access to various entertainment, dining options, and fun activities for children and adults.
  • Keep extra cash if you get specialty items for dinner or drinks or take in some salon and spa service. You can also brighten the day of the room service staff by giving them gratuities.

The Disney cruise offers passengers a variety of exciting options, both in terms of entertainment and dining. Reading this blog post will teach you about the amazing perks included or not included on a Disney cruise.

A Rundown Of Everything That Is Included On A Disney Cruise

1. Character Meet And Greets

Disney Characters

You and your children will have a great time meeting many different Disney characters as you sail through the different areas of the Disney cruise.

There are also opportunities to meet other Disney characters at the Disney Junior character breakfast and the Disney VIP character breakfast. You must make a reservation a few days in advance to meet them.

2. Staterooms


A Disney cruise is a wonderful way to unwind and see the Disney world.

The cost of your ticket for a Disney cruise includes the staterooms, which range from cozy cabins to spacious executive suites where you and your family can unwind in opulent comfort.

You will have your private bathroom with a shower and spa toiletries, a hair dryer, a mini-fridge, curtains to create separate sleeping and living areas, a television for some downtime, and a place to store your luggage.

3. Rotational Dining

Food At Disneyland

Rotational dining is a perk that comes with the price of a Disney cruise and offers guests the opportunity to experience three to four restaurants.

Even though the wait staff would be the same, the venues would be different.

Every night, you and your kids will dine at one of three unique restaurants with a unique theme.

You will be served food catered to your preferences at each restaurant.

4. Sports And Recreational Activities

Recreation At Disneyland

When traveling through Disney Wish, there are many things you can do and places you can discover.

It offers various sports and recreational activities, such as water slides, swimming pools, and a movie theatre with a pre-release screening program for movies.

You can also have a thrilling experience on the Aquaduck water slide ride, intended for adults, while your children can have fun on Mickey’s and Mr. Ray’s slides.

You can learn to draw Disney characters at the Disney Animation Academy, which also features many fun activities.

5. Stage Shows

Stage Show Disneyland

Fans of live performances will be pleased to learn that Disney cruises feature stage shows you and your adorable children can enjoy.

The stage shows keep the passengers entertained throughout the voyage, from Beauty and the Beast to Frozen.

6. Kids Club

Kids Club

The Disney cruise line has a kids club where the kids can have a wonderful and playful time. Some clubs for kids of varying ages include the Oceaneers club, Edge, and Vibe.

Children of any age can participate in the intellectual games and activities offered by the Oceaneer Club and the Oceaneer Lab.

These sorts of games and activities are ones that children enjoy; consequently, they become so involved in them that their parents can always find them at the club.

7. Fitness Centers

Fitness Centre

You’ve probably gained some weight from all those cheesy sandwiches and caramel desserts you’ve been eating.

Visit the Disney Wish Cruise’s fitness center. You can use the fitness center’s bench presses, dumbbells, treadmills, and other equipment, and the gym facilities included in the ticket.

8. Ice Cream On A Self-Serve Basis

Ice Cream

There is a self-service ice cream machine on the pool deck where you can eat as much ice cream as you want whenever you want.

This will provide a refreshingly cool and sugary hit to your taste buds. However, remember to keep a firm hold on your toddlers so they don’t get too chilled before you let them go so they can get more of it.

They will get excited about it and keep running to get more of it.

9. Room Service Items

Room Service

If you are hungry at any time of the day and have a craving for some fish, or if your toddler has a craving for some fries or nuggets, then all it takes is one phone call to get some delicious room service food delivered to you.

You can also request that other necessities be delivered to your rooms.

10. Castaway Cay Island’s Meals And Snacks

Castaway Cay Island

Another thing that stands out as a highlight of the trip is visiting the breathtaking Castaway Cay island.

It is a beautiful tropical island with secluded play areas where adults and kids of all ages can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery while pampered with delicious food and drinks.

The perfect spot to take in some of that laid-back beach vibe

11. Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Who wouldn’t want to sit back and take in the breathtaking if while sipping their favorite beverage and taking in the sights?

Your ticket price includes all the pop, sodas, cocktails, tea, coffee, and other kinds of non-alcoholic beverages that you can drink as much as you want during your Disney Cruise vacation.

A Disney Cruise Does Not Come With The Following Amenities


1. Airfare

Disney does not reimburse or cover the cost of transportation to and from the airport or cruise port.

For this reason, you must always carry sufficient funds and a suitable payment method for making payments on the spot.

2. Alcohol

You have to pay cash at the bar to drink an alcoholic drink, a mocktail, or another specialty drink. Tickets do not cover the cost of any alcoholic beverages.

3. Photographs Print

You can expect to run into many photographers while you are onboard a Disney cruise.

These photographers will take pictures of your family while you are having fun or meeting and greeting characters.

You can take a look at those photographs in their camera roll. However, you must pay to get a print of any of those photographs. You can also take your camera and ask them to snap a shot of you.

4. Gratuities

The price of a Disney ticket does not include the cost of tips. On the other hand, you can save some money if you tip the housekeeping or other service staff at the end of your trip.

5. Movie Snacks

If you’re going to the theatre to watch a film, bring extra cash if you get hungry during the show and want to munch on some popcorn or other snacks.


Food and drink are not included in the price of the movie.

6. Spa And Salon

After taking in some sights while enjoying the fresh air aboard the Disney cruise, you should treat yourself to a hair treatment, body massage, facial, or nail or hand spa during your time onboard.

So, you can use the services at the salon and spa if you pay an extra service charge.

7. Port Adventures

On your Disney cruise vacation, you can stop by on a shore excursion called a port adventure.

You can experience local life, go shopping on the main drag, and see the sights on a dolphin excursion or at Atlantis. Yet, all port-based shenanigans would entail a hefty price tag.

8. Specialty Restaurant

In addition to rotating dining and the castaway island, you can eat at Palo or Remy, two fine dining restaurants.

Remy’s fine dining restaurant is adult-only, where you can have gourmet French cuisine in an elegant setting.

Palo is an adult-only Italian restaurant with a sophisticated atmosphere and a menu focused on dishes from the region’s north. A wide variety of dishes, influenced by various modern cuisines, are available.

However, you’ll need to budget separately for meals, as they are separate from the price of your Disney entry.

9. Specialty Coffee

At the Disney Cruise Pop Station, you are invited to treat yourself to an unlimited supply of coffee.

Meanwhile, you must pay additional money for specialty coffee, such as lattes or cappuccinos.

Not Included

The price of your Disney ticket does not include the cost of the specialty coffee.

10. Specialty Ice Cream

Soft-serve ice cream from the self-serve machine is free and unlimited, but you have to pay for scoops from places like the Mickey Premium Bar, Vanellope’s Ice Cream and Gelato, and Palo’s Chocolate Souffle.

The specialty ice cream is not included in the Disney cruise ticket price.

11. Souvenirs

You can shop at the souvenir shops inside the Disney Cruise to purchase souvenirs for your loved ones, neighbors, or friends while on the cruise.

You must pay for anything you buy as a souvenir, not included in your ticket price.

12. WiFi

Your Disney cruise ticket does not cover WiFi or internet service fees.

Therefore, you can either shell out some additional cash to maintain your connection to the outside world or disconnect entirely to experience the full value of your vacation.

13. Laundry

You can clean your dirty clothes at the self-service laundry on the Disney cruise ship.

The laundry service is available to guests for a loading time of 45 minutes, and guests are welcome to use the iron for their clothing as well.

Nevertheless, you cannot bring the travel iron into the stateroom. This is because your ticket price for the Disney cruise does not include the cost of using the ship’s laundry service.

Wrap Up

Spending one’s vacation on a Disney cruise promises a treasure trove of entertaining activities on the sailing shores and a relaxed atmosphere.

You and your children will never have a dull moment while sailing on a Disney cruise, so prepare for the time of your lives and start packing for your upcoming trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is a “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique” On a Disney cruise?

It is a store that caters specifically to children aged three to twelve.

Your children can be transformed into Disney princesses or pirates thanks to the extensive selection of character costumes, full makeovers, hairstyling, nail art, and other accessories that they have available.

The guests can make reservations for the Biibbidi Bobbidi Boutique package deal, including makeovers and costumes, for $15.95.

Are There Opportunities To Meet Disney Characters on the Cruise?

Yes. If you go on a Disney cruise, you can meet some of your favorite Disney characters.

These characters roam the ship at all hours of the day, so you must watch for them and be ready to greet them when they pass by.

But you must make a reservation to meet special Disney characters like Anna and Elsa from the movie “Frozen.”

How Much Luggage Is Allowed on a Disney Cruise?

There is a limit of two suitcases that can be brought on board by each passenger.

After security personnel has inspected the contents of your luggage to determine whether or not they contain prohibited substances, your bags will be tagged in preparation for boarding a ship.

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