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Where Is the International Gateway at Epcot

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Disneyland is like a treasure chest; the more you look around, the more perks you will find hidden throughout the park. If you have ever been to Disneyland, you have probably heard of the international gateway, but you might not know the various routes that it takes you. This entrance is the most convenient for people staying anywhere in the Disneyland Resort or EPCOT Center.

It is referred to as the secret entrance, and using it will save you from standing in long queues and give you a shorter wait time.

  • The EPCOT International Gateway is a back entrance known as a “secret gateway” that allows visitors to enter EPCOT.
  • It offers friendship Friendship Boat and Skyliner modes of transport to take the passengers from and to the resorts and Hollywood studios.
  • If you have a kiddo, an older person, or a disabled person along with you, then you can rent strollers and wheelchairs from the guest relations desk at the international gateway.
  • To embark on your Disneyland vacation, you can get souvenir gift items for yourself and your loved ones from The World Traveller gift shop.

Now that you know the highlights, we’ll have to get into a broader context about entering EPCOT through the international gateway and other ways to get around once you’re inside.

Epcot: An Overview of the International Gateway

The EPCOT international gateway is similar to any other Disneyworld entrance. In addition, you can find this hidden back entrance between the United Kingdom and France Pavilions. It gives guests direct access to the Hollywood Studios and EPCOT resorts. However, what differentiates the EPCOT international gateway is that visitors can access the Skyline and the Friendship Boat. 


You can also go on foot, but it is a tiresome option due to the extensive walking, so taking the Skyliner or friendship boat is a fantastic alternative.

Timings for the Epcot International Gateway

Epcot Lake Buena Vista

The hours for entering the EPCOT international gateway are the same as those for entering the rest of the park.  If you stay at one of the resorts located within EPCOT, you will have access to Disneyland’s early entrance and extra early hours.

You can get your ticket to the EPCOT International Gateway at the ticket counter outside the entrance. If you have questions about your ticket or anything associated with it, you can ask the guest relations staff for assistance. In addition, the Guest Relations area is where you can rent wheelchairs and strollers if you need them.

There are also rental lockers available for $10–$15 per day from the guest relations desk if you need somewhere to store your belongings.

EPCOT’s International Gateway, With a Skyliner

Disney Skyliner

There’s no need to shuffle the miles to get to Disneyland when you can arrive in style by taking the Skyliner and taking in the sights along the way. 

The Skyliner is a cable car service that will take you from one end of Walt Disney World to the other, stopping only to drop you off at the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort or the Riviera Resort at Disney World.

Friendship Boats at Epcot International Gateway

Friendship Dock At International Gateway

You can also get in by going through the Friendship Boat and entering one of the many entrances there. You will go through both Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, as well as the resorts near both theme parks.

You can also save time and energy by taking the Friendship Boat instead of walking to Hollywood Studios or EPCOT. This makes it easier for you to get to where you need to be in Disneyland.

Hotels and Resorts at the International Gateway at Epcot

Night Show At Epcot

If you are going to a Disney theme park, staying there for at least three days will give you the best opportunity to explore the park. There are a few resorts right next to the international gateway to EPCOT, making it much easier for guests to enter EPCOT whenever they wish.

The following is a list of some of the resorts that are located close to EPCOT:

  • Disney’s Beach Club Resort
  • Disney’s Boardwalk Inn
  • Disney’s Yacht club resort
  • Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Hotel

From the EPCOT International Gateway, you can also take a Skyliner to get to some of the other resorts, including the following: 

  • Disney’s Riviera resort
  • Disney’s Caribbean beach resort
  • Disney’s pop century resort
  • Disney’s Art of Animation resort

Perks of Using the International Gateway at Epcot

There are many benefits to using the international gateway at EPCOT as your point of entry. In this section, we’ll look at some of those benefits.

Escape From Long Queues

Crowd At Epcot

It is much easier and less of a hassle to get inside EPCOT if you choose to go by the EPCOT international gateway because there are no long lines at the entrance. In addition, you do not have to wait in line for tickets or security checks. Nevertheless, the main entrance to EPCOT can get extremely crowded at times.

We recommend you make your way through the back gate to gain entrance to EPCOT as quickly as possible.

Resort and Hollywood Studios Are Easy To Reach on Foot

Walt Disney World Swan Lake Buena Vista

Guests staying at EPCOT resorts can walk quickly to the International Gateway at EPCOT.

The Swan and Dolphin can be reached on foot in a few minutes, while the Hollywood Studios are about 15 minutes away on foot. Since they are close to each other, it is much easier to reach them.

Take a Boat Ride

Friendship Boat At Epcot

The Disney theme park requires a lot of walking because it is expanded over miles. Therefore, if you want to give your feet a break, you can take a speedy ride on a friendship boat to get to the resort.

The friendship boat can transport passengers to and from various resorts and locations.

Take the Skyliner

Disney Skyliner

Another convenient mode of transportation at EPCOT International Gateway is the skyline. You can take a Skyline flight that will take you to the resort and the Hollywood studios. 

Skyliner does not have long lines or waiting times, so you can easily opt for it. In addition, Skyliner travel allows you to have views of Disneyland Park and scenic views.

You Will Have a Chance To Encounter With a Disney Character

A Woman Embracing Sleeping Beauty

A Disney character is always waiting to meet you at the EPCOT international gateway. A photographer will also be available to take photos of you with a character.

People who choose to enter the park through Epcot often stop by to meet a Disney character, take a few pictures with them, and introduce their kids to Mickey and Minnie.

Stop To Shop

World Traveler Gift Shop At Epcot

Are you looking for some souvenirs to mark the occasion of your trip to Disneyland? Don’t let go! Moreover, the World Traveler gift shop at the entrance should be your first and only stop. It stocks a wide variety of unique keepsakes that will bring back happy memories of your vacation to Disney World whenever you look at them.

These souvenirs are perfect for taking home as a memento from your trip. As a gesture of friendship toward your cherished friends and neighbors, you could also bring along some adorable little gifts with a Disney theme for them.

Get Inside the World Showcase

American Pavilion As Seen Through The Harmonious Circle Barge

You’ll enjoy the World Showcase, which features a variety of restaurants, shops, and cultures from around the world. It could become your favorite spot in the park due to its diverse cultural vibe.


Many of you may have not heard about the international gateway at EPCOT. So I’m guessing that many of you didn’t know about this secret entrance called “EPCOT Getaway” before. Now you do, and you also know what benefits you’ll get if you go through it.

After reading this blog, you now have a well-thought-out strategy for navigating through this entrance to save time and energy that you would otherwise spend walking for miles and waiting in long lines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have Early Entry Privileges for the Epcot International Gateway?

You can get to EPCOT International Gateway 30 minutes before a Disney theme park is set to open. After that, you can hop on a Skyliner to get an aerial view of the Disney properties or take a friendship boat to reach Disney resorts or Hollywood studios.

Can Anyone Use EPCOT’s International Gateway?

The entrance to EPCOT through the international gateway is also called the “secret passage to the world showcase.”

Yes! This entrance allows all guests to get inside hassle-free without waiting in long ticket lines.

Does the Epcot International Gateway Have Parking?

Unfortunately, there is no parking at the international gateway for day-trippers who are not staying at one of the nearby resorts. However, if you take an Uber or other car service to drop you off at one of the resorts, you can walk to the EPCOT International Gateway.

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