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Where Is the Rapunzel Tower in Magic Kingdom?

Rapunzel's Tower

Rapunzel and the Rapunzel Tower are amazing parts of the Magic Kingdom that will excite all fans of the character. The Rapunzel Tower is interesting to explore if you’re a fan of Tangled, but it can be challenging to locate it.

  • Rapunzel’s tower from the Tangled movie is housed in the Fantasyland of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.
  • Visitors to the Magic Kingdom can see the former residence of Rapunzel towering over the “Tangled” restroom area on the dividing line between Fantasyland and Liberty Square.
  • If you don’t know where to look, you might miss Rapunzel’s Tower and the Village of Corona because the area is so beautifully decorated!

If you’ve been to Disney World several times but find it challenging to locate Rapunzel’s Tower, this guide will help you spot it perfectly.

Where Is the Rapunzel Tower Located?

Rapunzel's Village And Tower

Rapunzel’s tower is located in the Magic Kingdom, between Liberty Square and Fantasyland, perched high over a waterfall and rock wall. Once you find Haunted Mansion on the Magic Kingdom map, you will have no trouble finding the Rapunzel Tower.

Take the pathway to your right before entering the Haunted Mansion, and you will see the Tower on your left.

The Magic Kingdom’s Rapunzel Tower mirrors the animated Disney film Tangled exactly. You will feel as though Rapunzel is getting ready to hang her hair out the window. Disney Imagineers put a lot of effort into creating the illusion that you are strolling through an animated movie sequence when you are inside the park’s tower.

What Is the Rapunzel Tower Like?

Rapunzel's Village And Tower

While not nearly as tall as the one in the movie, it illustrates how Disney uses forced perspective to make objects appear larger than they are. Even at its actual size, it still tops the building in that part of the park.

There’s always more going on than what appears at Disney World. For example, the restrooms, known as the Tangled Toilets, also have a very adorable and decorated seating area. The stumps are not only practical but also beneficial with USB ports on these seats. You can also find a PhotoPass photographer with a special magic shot near the Tangled toilets.  

A cast member might ask you to hold a real lantern from the festival of the missing princess at this picturesque spot.

A Pascal search can keep your kids occupied in this area, which is just off the main strip area walking into Fantasyland. That tiny chameleon can conceal itself anywhere! Try to locate every Pascal that has been hidden!

Even though Rapunzel’s Tower is merely a restroom landmark rather than a “Tangled” attraction, it remains a sight to behold for fans to witness this iconic site from the movie in Magic Kingdom.

Where Can You Find Rapunzel at Magic Kingdom?

Rapunzel In Fairytale Hall At The Magic Kingdom's Disney Princess Meet And Greet Spot.

After you have explored Rapunzel’s tower and completed all the exciting scavenger hunts, you should take the time to meet the beautiful girl who created the painting.

Rapunzel in Fairytale Hall at the Magic Kingdom’s Disney princess meet and greet spot. There are two lines in the hallway. While Rapunzel and Cinderella are introduced on one side, Tiana and Elena of Avalor are presented on the other. The meet and greet usually have these four princesses, but if you’re lucky, Mulan or another exceptional princess might be included!

If you plan to meet all four princesses while using Genie+, you will require a Lightning Lane for each side. We strongly advise using Lightning Lane to meet them since wait times might reach an hour.

Is There a Rapunzel Character Dining at Magic Kingdom?

Rapunzel In Trattoria Al Forno

Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder had their character dining establishments on the Boardwalk before closing in 2020. In addition to being an elegant Italian restaurant in the evening, Trattoria Al Forno featured the Bon Voyage brunch with these characters for breakfast.

The dining experience was exciting and enjoyable! The meal featured a prix fixe menu, and some famous dishes, like Rapunzel’s Tower of Pancakes, were linked to the tales of the character hosts. Not to mention, this was the only location at Disney World where you could meet Flynn Rider and see Prince Eric, let alone meet and greet him!

We regret to inform you that there’s no information regarding the reopening of Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria Al Forno, even though many other character diners have resumed operations. Although currently open, Trattoria Al Forno only serves as a high-end Italian eatery.


The Tangled rest area, perfectly tucked between Fantasyland and Liberty Square, offers a space for crowds to disperse and quickly make their way to the restroom. The crowds can become overwhelming, particularly with the nearby Peter Pan’s Flight, but this wonderfully distributed location offers space to wander about and unwind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Look for at Rapunzel Tower?

In addition to the iconic lanterns and purple and gold murals, there are several tributes to Tangled around this region. When you return to this magnificent place, keep an eye out for Pascals that have been buried across the area and Flynn’s frying pan. Pascal is an expert at hiding, so be sure to pay great attention.

What Is Inside Disney World’s Rapunzel Tower?

Rapunzel’s tower is loaded with tributes to the animated movie by Disney Imagineers. When you enter, you’ll see that the concept of the room is maintained even though you might initially think they are just regular bathrooms.

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