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Where To Find Beignets in Walt Disney World

Scat Cat's Club Cafe

Disney World is not just about the rides, attractions, and gorgeous fantasy structures that take you to a new world.

There is also a wide variety of snacks and food items you may not find anywhere else. One of these is the famous Mickey Beignets.

So if you’re planning a trip to Disney World, these are must-have treats! But where to find beignets in Walt Disney World?


Even though beignets can be found across numerous restaurants, the only Disney World Mickey Beignets are at Scat Cat’s Club Cafe in the French Quarter of Disney’s Port Orleans Resort.

So if you’re looking to devour some pillowy and soft pastry dough dusted with powdered sugar, Scat Cat’s Club Cafe is where you must visit!

So what sets Disney World Beignets apart, and why are they so popular? Let’s find out in detail!

Why Are Disney World Beignets So Famous?

Scat Cat's Club Cafe

You can get beignets at every other bakery that serves French pastries and doughs. However, something about the Disney World beignets makes them so special and famous.

Among the most popular delicacies at Disney World Resort, the beignet dough is a lot like a donut but a bit denser and with less sugar. You can add powdered sugar as per your taste buds to make them sweeter.

At Disney World, Scat Cat’s Club Cafe is the only place that serves beignets. They are most famous for baking beignets shaped like Mickey Mouse.

After all, Mickey Mouse is the face of Disney, so it’s only given that they make treats shaped like the most renowned mouse in the world.

Types of Beignets at Disney World

Scat Cat's Club Cafe

There are three types of beignets served at the Scat Cat’s Club Cafe, they are:

  1. Mickey-shaped beignets
  2. Specialty beignets
  3. Baton Rouge beignets

1. Mickey-Shaped Beignets


These Mickey Mouse beignets are what kids and adults alike crave when coming to Disney’s Port Orleans Resort.

The most popular beignets, these are so soft and squishy that they melt in your mouth.

Fun beignet fact

First created by the French Acadians in the 16th century, these soft and delicious treats have been a specialty of French baking ever since.

It was around the 1700s that beignets made their way to New Orleans, USA.

Get the deal of 3 beignets for $7.49, or go all out with the deal of 6 beignets for $10.99. You also choose dipping sauce from strawberry, chocolate, or caramel goodness!

Dip it in your favorite sauce and treat yourself to the sweet cloudy plush dough!

2. Specialty Beignets


These limited-time offer beignets come in different flavors and coatings, such as raspberry, chocolate glazed, and cinnamon sugar.

These specialty beignets are shaped just like the regular Mickey Mouse ones. However, instead of the regular sugar powder toppings, they are coated in 3 different varieties:

  • A mixture of cinnamon spice and sugar, but not as heavy on the sugar.
  • A drizzle of glazed raspberry sauce and a whole lot of Mickey-shaped sprinkles.
  • The chocolate beignet is topped with gooey and flavorful chocolate sauce.

Each specialty beignet costs $3.99 per piece.

3. Baton Rouge Beignets


For adults 21 and older, the Baton Rouge beignets are also an option if you want something boozy.

These beignets are filled with alcohol that tastes strong, so make sure you let them know if you want it to be lighter.

You can choose between:

  • RumChata Liqueur
  • Kahlua Liqueur
  • Baileys Irish Cream

You get two Baton Rouge beignets for $11.99, so you can mix and match and choose different flavors as you like.

Can Everyone Eat Disney World Beignets?


Believe it or not, the beignets served at Scat Cat’s Club Cafe in the French Quarter of Disney’s Port Orleans Resort can be eaten by almost everyone. That is because:

  1. The flour used is of the highest quality from Bob’s Red Mill.
  2. It’s gluten-free and vegan.
  3. They contain no eggs, soy, or dairy, making them allergy-friendly.
  4. A separate frier for the beignets.
  5. To avoid contamination, the beignets are cooked in a completely different section of the kitchen, away from the other treats.

So unless you’re allergic to tasty, sweet, and plushy doughs, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from devouring these delicious treats!


There’s so much to explore when visiting Disney World other than the rides and attractions. The food available at numerous restaurants across the resort is on a whole other level.

The same goes for the treats; you won’t get the same Disney World beignets anywhere else.

So if you’re wondering where to get the fluffiest and the most delicious Disney World Beignets, they can be found at Scat Cat’s Club Cafe in the French Quarter of Disney’s Port Orleans Resort.

So note down the place for your next visit, Scat Cat’s Club Cafe!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the Scat Cat’s Club Lounge Open and Close?

The cafe opens at 5 pm and closes its doors at midnight.

Can I Get a Disney World Beignet Even if I’m Not a Hotel Guest?

Yes, you can! Scat Cat’s Club Cafe is open to everyone, so you can go right in and get yourself the beignets once the cafe opens at 5 pm.

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