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Where To Get Alien Popcorn Bucket in Disney World

Where To Get Alien Popcorn Bucket In Disney World

If you’re a fan of the Toy Story movies, then you know the green aliens obsessed with the mighty ‘claw.’

It seems people have taken a liking to these little green friends of Woody and Buzz as everyone wants to get their hands on the Alien Popcorn Bucket.

Due to its massive popularity, you must wonder where to get the alien popcorn buckets in Disney World.


Numerous character popcorn buckets are available at Disney World, but the only Alien Popcorn Bucket can mostly be found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

However, it’s important to note that different popcorn buckets can pop up at different locations, so keep an eye out in Tomorrowland and Magic Kingdom.

So if you’re planning a visit to Disney World or have already arrived, get your hands on these as soon as possible. These green aliens sell fast.

What makes the alien popcorn bucket so popular? How much do they cost, and are they refillable? Let’s find out!

Why Is The Alien Popcorn Bucket So Popular?

Ever since the Toy Story franchise became a global hit, the characters appearing in those movies have become beloved by people all over.

Of these characters, the little green aliens have also become famous for their cuteness and obsession with ‘the claw.’ Every day they eagerly await to be chosen by the claw as kids use the toy machine to grab the toys.

Disney built up on the green alien’s popularity and introduced popcorn buckets in their shape back in 2018. Believe it or not, they sold out within hours.

Now they’re back and waiting for you to buy and refill them with delicious popcorn.

Alien Popcorn Bucket Fact

The Alien Popcorn Buckets are multi-eyed character buckets you can buy once and get refilled for the entire stay.

You can buy the alien bucket for $25 and get them refilled for $2 at any popcorn cart in Disney World.

Is the Alien Popcorn Bucket Worth It?

Is The Alien Popcorn Bucket Worth It?

If you’re getting the chance to snack on popcorn for the entirety of your stay by only paying a minimal amount of $2 per refill, then the alien popcorn bucket is worth it.

Instead of buying a bag of popcorn now and then, you can get a character bucket that you can refill throughout Disney World.

Also, these alien buckets count as collectibles, so you can take them back home and keep them as souvenirs.

You can display the bucket in your house or workspace or even fill it up with your popcorn on movie nights at home.

Is Disney Popcorn Different Than the Rest?

Is Disney Popcorn Different Than The Rest?

Walt Disney World and Disneyland have used Pop Secret as their popcorn since 2015.

There is also an added ingredient, a special popcorn seasoning that adds to the popcorn’s flavor, texture, and looks. The seasoning is Falvacol, a combination of salt and butter, which greatly enhances the taste of the popcorn.

Additionally, there are also other flavors of popcorn available at Disney World, such as:

  1. Karamell-Kuche, also known as caramel,
  2. Buffalo bleu cheese popcorn,
  3. Cheddar Cheese,
  4. Chive and sour cream popcorn,
  5. Maple-flavored popcorn.


If you love popcorn just as much as the green aliens worship the ‘claw,’ you must get your hands on one of these Little Green Men Popcorn Buckets. But where can you get an alien popcorn bucket in Disney World?

The Alien Popcorn Bucket can be found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

However, watch during your visit as various popcorn buckets can pop up at different locations. Chances are you can also find the green alien popcorn bucket in Tomorrowland and Magic Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Buy Disney Popcorn Buckets?

You can purchase Disney refillable character buckets at numerous popcorn stands throughout the Disney World theme parks.

Will Disney World Refill Old Popcorn Buckets?

Once you have bought a popcorn bucket based on a character, it counts as a souvenir and can be refilled throughout the Disney World resort theme park. However, this is only applicable for the length of your stay.

Also, you cannot bring a souvenir popcorn bucket from last year to reuse or get it refilled.

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