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Where To Trade Pins at Magic Kingdom?

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Trading Disney pins is a popular pastime for many guests at Walt Disney World. The Disney Pin Trading Program has been going strong for decades, and it’s a great opportunity to start a new collection or get elusive pins. The best part is all ages can enjoy themselves.

However, not everybody does this, and those that do tend to have certain “sweet spots” where they prefer to make their trades. So, considering the different spots, the question arises of where to trade pins at Magic Kingdom.


You can only get started with Pin Trading once you have a special lanyard for your magical pins. Some of the significant spots for this include:

  • Memento Mori
  • Sir Mickey’s
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean Gift Ship
  • And several other venues

The Magic Kingdom makes it easy to wander about, find other cast members or guests wearing lanyards, and arrange a transaction. Thus, this article will discuss the important pin trading spots and other details.

8 Best Spots To Trade Pins at Magic Kingdom

Eager to trade pins? Check out these eight magical spots at the Magic Kingdom!

1. Adventureland Treasure Chest

Lock Key Chest

Perhaps the most discreet bulletin board in all of Magic Kingdom. The covered stores closest to Aladdin’s Magic Carpets are the first ones you’ll see as you enter Adventureland.

Next to the cash registers, where you can meet Aladdin and Jasmine, is a black chest filled with wealth. If you can’t find it, a cast member should be able to help you out.

In most cases, they will bring it out for you. There’s a pin-adorned little magic carpet inside! This is one of the go-to spots when searching for hard-to-find Disney pins.

2. Frontierland Trading Post Board

Hore Norway

This one is the most well-known of the lot. A pin trading shop, the Frontierland Trading Post, may be found in this town. The business has two counters. However, the board is typically located at the longer one in the back.

This shop attracts many pin merchants, and many have found some great pins.

3. Memento Mori Pin Book

Deck Cards Spread On Table

The Main Street Confectionary is the place to go if you’re craving something sweet and want to pick up some more Disney trade pins. Once you’ve arrived, locate the oven mitt pin on the bulletin board.

There is an unbeatable pin trading board in one of the newest and scariest stores at Magic Kingdom. It’s a Memento Mori Pin book in a locked cabinet beside the cash register. If you ask, an actor will bring you what appears to be a book made of wood.

The cover may look solid outside, but you’ll notice it’s hollow as you open it. This book has roughly 15 pins, meaning it can be either fantastic or awful on any given day.

4. Epcot Pin-Trading Hub

Epcot Pin-Trading Hub

Find the booth where you may hire a stroller as soon as you enter EPCOT, even if you aren’t bringing a baby along on your trip. A pin-adorned stroller can be seen if one takes the time to look closely. This “board” might be the most out-of-the-ordinary attraction in all the parks.

Most visitors to EPCOT are too busy having fun to notice the pin stroller. Get this done first thing in the morning for the best choice in Disney pins. Then, visit EPCOT’s Norway pavilion. Finally, find the pinboard at the African Outpost.

On average, the African Outpost receives fewer visitors than other areas of this park. The Disney pins you find may not be particularly stunning because of this, but you’ll stumble onto a true rarity every once in a while.

5. Emporium Pin Boards

Cork Message Board Various Paper

Just recently, it has been discovered that the Emporium has a pinboard at every major counter! Thus, pinboards are not found at the shorter “register counters” in some storefronts but rather in, the longer or more central ones!

You might also find one of the cashiers wearing a pin cap while another is carrying a pin sword.

You may have to wait in line to view the bulletin boards on very popular days. This is quite acceptable, and they probably won’t even mind giving you a few minutes of their time.

6. Mickey’s Gift Station

Mickey's Gift Station

The Transportation and Ticket Center is directly outside Magic Kingdom, so it’s almost as good as being inside! Mickey’s Gift Station is a little store with a massive bulletin board full of souvenirs.

Although hardly many people are aware of this board, it has a chance of containing valuable pins.

Conversely, there may be a lack of variety in the pins available for several days. You should definitely stop by if you have some free time before entering or leaving the park.

7. Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Tony's Town Square Restuarant

Check-in at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, located at City Hall, immediately after entering the park. You will love the dog-bone-shaped bulletin board that hangs on the wall behind the desk. You should expect excellent pins on this board because it is somewhat unknown.

8. Stroller Rental

Strollers Rental

This is a great target because everyone who visits the parks will walk right by it. Ask to see the pinboard at the front desk of the stroller rental service located beneath the railway station. It’s a big board, and we found several nice pins in the morning.

How Can You Trade Pins?

The activity is fairly simple.

1. Trading Pin Selection

Trading Pin Selection

You can start your collection of Magic Kingdom Pins by visiting different Pin Trading sites throughout the park.

To get started, visit one of the places listed above, where you will find a pinboard prominently displayed. Then, you can peruse the pins attached to the pinboard. Further, pick and choose the ones that interest you.

You may always buy some there if you’re starting in the hobby and have not purchased the pins. However, if you already have trading pins, place them in a box next to the board.

Only two pins can be exchanged at once. Since you know how simple it is, you should visit each pin-exchanging place to collect your enchanted lanyard.

2. Hold Together and Accept

Disney Pins

As you explore each of the four Disney World theme parks, you’ll have the chance to collect spectacular new pins, making this game incredibly addictive. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your pins and make exchanges with other players.

It is your decision on what to collect, whether items are based on your favorite shows or whatever catches your eye.

The emphasis in this game should be on the items and customization options that appeal to you.


Finding other fans to swap Disney pins with is half the pleasure. You should approach a cast member for help if you get stuck. They will gladly show you the best spots that most visitors miss.

Also, you can never tell when a new Disney pin trading spot will open up. However, if you visit the park frequently, you will most certainly discover a new pin location each time.

Buying Disney pins you have no interest in, but that other guests will be interested in can maximize your enjoyment of trading with other visitors. The more amazing your collection of pins is, the more desirable they will be to other traders.

You are not limited to just the park for your pin trading. For example, if you go to Disney Springs, you might find some pins you haven’t seen before. You can get excellent pins at shops like Art of Disney, Marketplace Co-Op, and World of Disney.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is the Rarest Disney Pin?

The Dream Jeweled Mickey is a rare Disney pin and a collector’s dream. The pin’s worth is enhanced by its unique details: 130 genuine diamonds, black sapphires, and garnets spread between the three pins.

What Is Meant by Hidden Disney Pins?

Cast Members at Disney theme parks and resorts can engage with guests in a pin-exchanging program called Hidden Mickey Collection. Each Cast Member can accept up to two Hidden Mickey pins daily for trading.

The phrase “Hidden Mickey Pin” is placed in a little area on the reverse stamp of each pin.

What Are Scrappers?

The fake Disney Pins are considered ‘scrappers.’ This pin was not created or sanctioned by Disney. However, factories and manufacturers sometimes release pins that fail quality control checks.

After all, it’s no secret that other pins are being mass-produced in China and then offered online at knock-off pricing. After that, they are swapped among parkgoers.

There’s no way cast members can say no to a guest who hands over their cash for an incorrect pin since the customer may already know the item’s authenticity. Therefore, there is currently no way to remove these pins from the park.

How Can I Spot Fake Disney Pins?

The primary source of new scrappers in the parks is the purchase of pins on eCommerce sites. The pins are probably junk if they cost $1 to $2 each.

If the pin is made of soft enamel, it is likely to be a fake. These pins are phony 99.99% of the time. Nothing is legitimate unless it comes from an official Disney source. You may make your pins with soft enamel for less money.

Unfortunately, color errors and other flaws are common among counterfeit Disney pins.

The Mickey on the front. Clear boundaries between the ear and the head are required.

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