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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a unique resort that offers a blend of African culture and Disney magic. From wildlife viewing to African-inspired dining and a range of recreational activities, there is something for everyone at this resort. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to do at Animal Kingdom Lodge.


At Animal Kingdom Lodge, guests can experience African wildlife by observing over 30 species of animals, explore African art and architecture, dine at various African-inspired restaurants, engage in recreational activities like swimming and jogging, and choose from a variety of accommodation options. There are also special activities for kids and families such as a water playground and arts and crafts. For first-time visitors, consider upgrading to a savanna view room and make the most of the complimentary transportation and early theme park entry.

Experiencing the Wildlife

One of the key attractions of Animal Kingdom Lodge is the opportunity to view over 30 species of African wildlife, including zebras, giraffes, gazelles, kudu, and flamingos. These animals can be observed from various viewing areas throughout the resort, such as Arusha Rock, Uzima Overlook, and Kidani Rock Overlook.

For a more immersive experience, consider booking the Starlight Safari, a VIP nighttime tour through the savanna at Animal Kingdom Lodge. This hour-long tour provides guests with night vision goggles to spot the African wildlife.

Exploring the African Art and Architecture

Animal Kingdom Lodge is renowned for its African art and architecture. The six-story lobby is filled with African artwork and crafts, offering a unique cultural experience. Take time to explore and appreciate the stunning aesthetics of the resort.

Dining at Animal Kingdom Lodge

The resort offers a variety of dining options that cater to different tastes. From the all-you-care-to-enjoy buffet at Boma – Flavors of Africa to the African and Indian blend cuisine at Sanaa, there is something to satisfy every palate. Don’t forget to try the popular Zebra Domes at The Mara, a quick-service restaurant near the resort pool area.

Recreational Activities

There are a plethora of recreational activities to engage in at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Families can participate in campfire activities, join in on the fun at Pumbaa’s Fun and Games Arcade, or enjoy a refreshing swim at the Uzima Springs Pool or the Samawati Springs Pool. For fitness enthusiasts, jogging trails are available throughout the resort.

Accommodation Options

Animal Kingdom Lodge offers a variety of accommodation options, from standard rooms to club-level concierge rooms and villa-style rooms. Savanna View rooms offer a unique experience where guests can observe wildlife directly from their windows.

Special Activities for Kids and Families

The resort offers a range of activities specifically designed for kids and families. Enjoy a day at Uwanja Camp, a water playground, or participate in arts and crafts activities like making African bangles. In the evenings, gather around for storytelling and marshmallow roasting.

Insider Tips for First-Time Visitors

For first-time visitors, consider upgrading to a savanna view room for a unique experience. Make the most of the complimentary transportation and early theme park entry. Don’t forget to explore both the interior and exterior of the resort, and take time to relax and enjoy the resort’s amenities.

In conclusion, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge offers a unique blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural experiences. Whether you’re an animal lover, a foodie, or simply looking for a unique Disney experience, Animal Kingdom Lodge has something to offer. Enjoy your stay!

Frequently Asked Questions

What other dining options are available at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Apart from Boma, Sanaa and The Mara, there’s also Jiko – The Cooking Place that offers a blend of traditional African, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Are there any special events or festivals held at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Yes, the resort often hosts special events and activities that celebrate African culture, such as music and dance performances, storytelling sessions, and culinary events. The schedule for these events varies, so it’s recommended to check with the resort for the most up-to-date information.

Is there a gym or fitness center at the resort?

Yes, Animal Kingdom Lodge features a fully-equipped fitness center called Zahanati Massage & Fitness Center. It offers a variety of exercise equipment and also provides massage and facial treatments.

How can I get to the Disney parks from Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Complimentary bus transportation is available from Animal Kingdom Lodge to all Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks, and the Disney Springs area.

Is there Wi-Fi at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Yes, complimentary Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and most public areas at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

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