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Where Is Baymax in Disney World?

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Disney World is a magical place where dreams come true. Among the many characters that visitors look forward to meeting, Baymax, the lovable healthcare companion from the hit movie “Big Hero 6,” is high on the list. However, if you’re wondering, “Where is Baymax in Disney World?” you might be in for a surprise.


Baymax, the beloved character from “Big Hero 6,” used to be available for meet-and-greets at the Epcot Character Spot in Future World in Disney World until January 2020. Since the closure of this spot, Baymax has not made an appearance in the parks. However, fans can still meet Baymax at the newly opened San Fransokyo Square in Disney California Adventure Park.

Baymax’s Last Known Location in Disney World

Until January 2020, Baymax was available for meet-and-greets at the Epcot Character Spot in Future World. This was a popular spot where guests could interact with Baymax, take photos, and even share a hug. However, the Character Spot in the Innoventions West building closed on January 5, 2020, and Baymax has not returned to the parks since then.

Meeting Baymax: A Unique Experience

During his time at the Epcot Character Spot, Baymax provided an interactive experience for visitors. Despite his size, which prevented him from giving signatures, Baymax was available for photo ops and hugs, offering memorable moments for fans of all ages. It’s worth noting that while the character’s appearances may change, it was always a good idea to check the Disney World website or app for the most up-to-date information on character meet and greets.

Baymax Beyond Disney World

While Baymax is currently absent from Disney World, fans can still meet him at the newly opened San Fransokyo Square in Disney California Adventure Park. This new location offers a similar experience to the one at Epcot, with the added benefit of being in a dedicated area that perfectly captures the spirit of “Big Hero 6.”

Baymax Merchandise and Souvenirs

Even without a direct encounter with Baymax, visitors can take home a piece of the “Big Hero 6” magic through various merchandise and souvenirs, available both online and at Disney World’s physical stores. These include Baymax keychains, mugs, figurines, and even a Baymax sipper, providing a range of options to keep the memory of this lovable character alive.

Other Characters at Epcot

Although Baymax is currently unavailable, Epcot still offers a variety of character meet-and-greet experiences. Visitors can meet Mickey and friends at Communicore Hall, wave at Winnie the Pooh from a distance, or visit Mulan in the China Pavilion. Anna, Elsa, and Joy from “Inside Out” are also available for meet and greets.


While Baymax’s current absence from Disney World may be disappointing for fans, the magic of Disney ensures that there are plenty of other characters and experiences to enjoy. And who knows? With the ever-evolving magic of Disney, Baymax may just make a return in the future. Until then, fans can keep an eye on the Disney World website or app for updates, and continue to enjoy the magic that Disney has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other characters from “Big Hero 6” can be found at Disney World?

As of the latest updates, no other characters from “Big Hero 6” are currently available for meet-and-greets at Disney World.

Can I still see Baymax in other Disney parks outside of the US?

Yes, Baymax can be met at Tokyo Disneyland, where he appears in the “Big Hero 6” themed ride, “The Happy Ride with Baymax.”

Why was the Epcot Character Spot closed?

The Epcot Character Spot was closed as part of a larger renovation project at Epcot, which includes the creation of new areas and attractions.

When did Baymax first appear in Disney World?

Baymax first appeared in Disney World in late 2014, shortly after the release of “Big Hero 6.”

Is there a possibility of Baymax returning to Disney World?

While no official announcements have been made, Disney World is constantly updating its character lineup, so there’s always a possibility that Baymax could return in the future.

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