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Best Disney Water Parks for Toddlers

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

If you plan on visiting Disney World with your kids, you’re in for some good news. According to Walt Disney World’s guidelines, children under the age of 3 can enjoy free admission to any of the water parks throughout Disney.

However, this brings us to the question: what’s the best Disney water park for kids below 3? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to find out here.


There are just two options for a water park for toddlers. These are the Typhoon Lagoon and the Blizzard Beach. One takes on the ski resort theme, while the other has a more beach-like theme.

If we are to pick which is the best one among the two, that will boil down to personal preference. However, we believe Blizzard Beach is more suited toward toddlers and little kids, while Typhoon Lagoon is more suited toward adults. So if you want your little ones to have a good time at a water park, choose Blizzard Beach.

That’s not to say Typhoon Lagoon is terrible; it’s just that most of its attractions are ideal for the bigger ones.

Though both water parks share several similarities, they also have a handful of key differences. Let’s look at those to decide which is the better water park for your toddlers.

Best Disney Water Parks for Toddlers

As mentioned, you only have two options if you’re looking for a water park for your toddlers while visiting Disney World. Due to that, we’ll be comparing the two instead to find out which is the best option for your little kids.

We’ll also cover their significant differences so you can properly plan and decide which water park to visit during your trip. Let’s start by pointing out the main differences between the two.

Differences Between Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach

Lazy Jungle River Vibes At Typhoon Lagoon Water Park.

There are some notable differences between the two parks. These differences should impact your decision about which park to visit if you bring your toddlers. We’ll go with the theme first.

Typhoon Lagoon features a more traditional beach-like theme with a story that revolves around it being a tropical paradise resort that got destroyed by a massive storm, giving birth to the water park. You’ll also notice some lovely little details that aim to tell the story of the water park wherever you go.

On the other hand, Blizzard Beach follows the ski resort theme. The story is that it used to be a ski resort that was turned into a water park due to the melting snow. So it makes for a frozen water park aesthetic which is a bit gimmicky, but it’s one of the things people love about it.

Another thing that sets the two apart is their wave pool.

Typhoon Lagoon’s wave pool features “surf” waves that appear every 90 seconds. These waves are huge enough for swimmers to swim with and jump into. Meanwhile, Blizzard Beach’s wave pool features small “bobbing” waves that toddlers can enjoy. This makes it a much better option for little kids, though bigger kids can enjoy those waves.

Other than these, the two water parks are pretty much the same:

  • Both have huge pools and lazy rivers.
  • Both feature 7 water slides and 12 attractions.
  • Both have almost the same size (Blizzard Beach is a bit bigger but barely noticeable).
  • Both have the same ticket price.

Now that we’ve gone through the key differences between the two let’s now cover different areas for our comparison.

Which Is Better for Little Kids?

Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

Not surprisingly, Blizzard Beach would be the best water park for kids, especially toddlers. It features two main areas specifically designed for kids. The first one is Tike’s Peak which features elements of the popular Disney show, Frozen. Here, you can see statuettes of Olaf and Anna and Elsa’s igloo castle.

The other one is the Ski Patrol Training Camp which is geared toward slightly older kids. It features attractions like a floating iceberg course, inner tube slides, and a zip line that kids can use to zip down into a nearby pool.

On the other hand, Typhoon Lagoon features a section specifically designed for kids called Ketchakiddee Creek. It has fun fountains, small slides, craw tubes, waterfalls, and others. It also includes activity areas with tons of activities that little kids can enjoy.

That said, Blizzard Beach offers more activities and attractions ideal for toddlers. However, Typhoon Lagoon is more suited for older kids and even adults, and while it has a kiddie play area, it still won’t be able to surpass Blizzard Beach as far as toddler-friendly activities are concerned.


To wrap things up, you’re much better off going to Blizzard Beach if you visit Disney World with your little kids. It has plenty of activities for your toddlers to participate in, not to mention it has a section specifically designed for kids. Most of Typhoon Lagoon is intended for older kids and adults, which could only add to the crowd.

The next time you plan to visit Disney World with your toddlers, head over to Blizzard Beach for some delightful and memorable water park experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Has the Best Lazy River of the Two?

Regarding the best lazy river, the winner would be Typhoon Lagoon. Aside from that, it also has a fantastic wave pool and a fun family raft ride. Then there’s the fact that it features a more relaxed and tropical feel.

Is Typhoon Lagoon Ideal for Toddlers?

Even though Blizzard Beach is the best water park for toddlers, it doesn’t mean Typhoon Lagoon is not ideal for your little ones either. It offers activities for guests of all ages and has a kid-friendly section called Ketchakiddee Creek.

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