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7 Reasons Why Disney World Is So Magical

Walt Disney World® Resort

I visit Disney World time and again to experience the magical kingdom that it is. The magic begins as soon as I hear the Festival of Fantasy Parade’s music playing along Main Street or when I smell the aroma of cotton candy and popcorn drifting through the air in Fantasyland. There is something extraordinary about Disney World that draws you again and again.

  • Disney offers an escape from the real world into a fantasyland you’ve dreamed of going to since childhood.
  • The shows and fireworks are just phenomenal!
  • It’s magical to meet your favorite Disney character everywhere you go inside Disney World.

Disney World is a truly magical place for many reasons, which we will discuss in this post.

7 Reasons Why Disney World Is a Magical Place

If you’re wondering why people consider Disney World the most magical place on Earth, here are some of the main reasons.

1. Disney World Offers an Escape From Reality

Walt Disney World® Resort

When you step into a Disney theme park, you stop thinking about the world outside the surrounding walls. Whether it’s your first trip, your tenth, or your 600th time seeing Cinderella Castle or the majestic ball at EPCOT, you are taken to a different era and place.

You will forget that you just walked a thousand miles in the sweltering sun to be at the magical place.

We can escape our everyday realities when we play pirates in Adventureland or visit Japan, all in a single day!

While the Disney Polynesian Village Resort whisks you away to a tropical island in the South Pacific, the Wilderness Lodge gives you the impression that you’re exploring the Pacific Northwest. At Walt Disney World, you can see several different places on a single visit while being oblivious to the so-called “Real World.”

2. Wonderful Shows and Fireworks

Light Show At Walt Disney World® Resort

Disney World would not be complete and as magical as it is without the outstanding acts from various performances and stage plays.

One of the most well-liked stage productions in the area, The Festival of the Lion King is a 40-minute extravaganza that incorporates puppetry, music, and pageantry and is based on the Disney movie “The Lion King.” The fireworks spectacular at Disney World, which enhances the magic of the amusement parks, is also the best way to cap off your trip here.

3. There Are Disney Characters All Around You

Disney Characters Infront Of The Cinderella Castle At Magic Kingdom

Meeting your favorite Disney characters in person has a certain magical appeal. Although seeing them in performances and parades is excellent in its distinct way, we like seeing the characters in person.

My daughter was eager to meet Anna and Elsa in their new clothes at EPCOT’s Royal Sommerhus after seeing Frozen II, and the look on her face when she finally got her wish come true was priceless.

On the other hand, my son, who ignores Disney princesses, was busy engaging Captain Jack Sparrow in a conversation.

While meet-and-greets often occur at fixed places and times, occasionally, we witness characters who make runs to add a little extra fairy dust. For example, we once saw Belle returning from a reading break and heading to her meet-and-greet area while strolling with a baby tadpole.

The characters make beautiful moments happen, whether it’s Stitch attempting to devour our pen before signing an autograph or Ariel telling us to take a dinglehopper home.

4. Disney Never Fails To Amaze You

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Ride

There’s always something new and exciting to see at Disney World, whether it’s a brand-new restaurant, parade, or ride. In addition, Disney keeps changing its menus and food choices, so there is always something different to eat with your favorites.

Additionally, many new attractions are being developed, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride.

Disney also updates the existing rides to make them compliant with rules and up to Disney standards, making minor adjustments here and there. Of course, new trips and other interactive activities are also available. Just look at Disney Springs! It seems like new stores and restaurants are opening almost every day. We cannot keep up!

5. Disney’s Boardwalk

Disney's Boardwalk

Disney’s Boardwalk is a place with many activities close to the EPCOT Resort area. It boasts delicious food, exclusive shopping, and a vibrant nightlife with street performers. Although it is a haven for adults, kids can also visit this place.

Taking advantage of the free Disney Resort shuttle service is highly recommended because of the limited parking at the BoardWalk Inn.

6. Every Part of Disney World Has a Purpose

The Grand Ending Of Splash Mountain!

If you’ve spent time there, you know that everything in Disney World has a meaning. Each attraction was meticulously planned and created to paint a broader picture or tell a complete story.

You don’t merely move through the line to board a ride. Instead, you participate in the attraction’s narrative and experience it firsthand before finally setting out on the voyage the Disney Imagineers had prepared for you.

7. Immersive Themes

Star Wars At Hollywood Studio

Disney World is magical to me because of the theming, which gives the impression that you are immersed in a different world. In addition, unique rides in each park engulf you in the tales of several well-known Disney characters.

Avatar Flight of Passage lets you shrink to the size of Woody in Toy Story or soar into the air on a banshee in Pandora. But, of course, all of the Disney classics are housed at Magic Kingdom. And what better place than EPCOT to spend a day traveling the world?


Disney is known for its excellent quality in everything that it does. Every time you visit Disney World, you’ll be hit with the air of magic. Additionally, Disney does not fail to add something unique every year for frequent visitors. So if you’re going to Disney World for the first time, you’re in for a huge treat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Love Disney World So Much?

Disney is the ideal getaway, where you can leave all your worries about the outside world behind. The joyful music, mouthwatering treats, laughter, and Disney characters will instantly take you to the happiest place in the world!

What Is So Special About Disney World?

Disney World is the most magical place on earth, with a realm of fantasy and joy, with its four amusement parks, two water parks, and over twenty hotels. Imagineers carefully curate every part of Disney World to bring fantasyland to life.

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