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Planning a trip to Disney World can be exciting and overwhelming, all at the same time. One of the most crucial parts of the planning process is buying the tickets. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of how to buy Disney World tickets, the different types of tickets available, costs, where to buy them, and any restrictions or limitations you should be aware of.


To buy Disney World tickets, you can visit the official Disney World website, the Undercover Tourist website, the Disney Holidays website, or use the My Disney Experience mobile app. You can also buy them through AAA if you’re a member, or through discounted ticket sites like NerdWallet and Tripster. It’s recommended to buy tickets in advance and understand the different types of tickets available, such as 1 Park Per Day, Park Hopper, Park Hopper Plus, Annual Passes, Special Event Tickets, Water Park and Sports Option, and Genie+ and Lightning Lane Entries. Prices vary based on these options, the time of year, the specific park, and the age of the guest.

Different Types of Disney World Tickets

Disney World offers several ticket options, each offering varying levels of access and flexibility:

  1. 1 Park Per Day Ticket: This is the most basic ticket, allowing access to one of the four Disney World theme parks per day.
  2. Park Hopper Option: This ticket allows you to visit more than one theme park on the same day.
  3. Park Hopper Plus Option: This ticket includes all the benefits of the Park Hopper option, plus admission to additional attractions and parks inside Walt Disney World.
  4. Annual Passes: Ideal for those planning to spend a significant amount of time at the parks. There are four types of annual passes: Disney Incredi-Pass, Disney Sorcerer Pass, Disney Pirate Pass, and Disney Pixie Dust Pass.
  5. Special Event Tickets: Disney World occasionally hosts special events outside of regular theme park hours that require a separate ticket.
  6. Water Park and Sports Option: This is an add-on to the 1 Park per Day tickets, providing access to Disney’s water parks and sports facilities.
  7. Genie+ and Lightning Lane Entries: These are additional services that can be added to your ticket for an extra cost.

The prices for these tickets can vary based on the time of year, the specific park, and the age of the guest. For example, in 2024, a one-park, one-day ticket for an adult can range from $109 to $189, while the same ticket for a child can range from $104 to $184.

Where to Buy Disney World Tickets Online

Purchasing Disney World tickets online can be done through several methods:

  1. Disney’s Official Website: The most straightforward method is to purchase tickets directly from the official Disney World website.
  2. Undercover Tourist: This is a popular website that offers discounted tickets for Walt Disney World Resort.
  3. Disney Holidays: This site offers e-tickets for Disney World.
  4. My Disney Experience App: You can also purchase tickets through the My Disney Experience mobile app.
  5. AAA: If you’re a member of AAA, you can purchase Disney World tickets at a discounted rate.
  6. Discounted Ticket Sites: Websites like NerdWallet and Tripster offer discounted Disney World tickets.

Cost Differences Between Single-Day and Multi-Day Tickets

Multi-day tickets offer a cost-saving option if you plan to visit the park for more than one day. For instance, a 2-Day Disneyland Ticket (1 Park per day) costs $255, which saves $5 compared to buying two separate single-day tickets. Similarly, a 5-Day Disneyland Ticket (1 Park per day) costing $380, saves $20 compared to buying five separate single-day tickets.

Special Discounts and Packages

Disney World offers a variety of special discounts and packages. These include Disney Dining Promo Card, Seasonal Pass, Military Promotional Tickets, Early Booking, Disney Military Salute Ticket, and Off-Season Discounts.

Advance Purchase and Restrictions

It is highly recommended to purchase Disney World tickets in advance. This ensures availability, allows for better planning, potentially locks in lower prices, and offers the opportunity for additional savings through multi-day tickets and vacation packages. However, there are also restrictions and limitations on Disney World tickets that buyers should be aware of such as non-transferability, revocability, capacity limitations, reservation requirements, ticket expiration, age restrictions, park rules, and non-refundability.

Refunds and Exchanges

While Disney’s policy is generally strict, there are some exceptions and scenarios where you might be able to get a refund or exchange. These include unused tickets, Disney’s Hurricane Policy, unexpected park closure, vacation packages, and personal emergencies.

In conclusion, while buying Disney World tickets can seem a bit complicated, with the right information and planning, you can ensure you get the best deal and enjoy a stress-free, magical vacation. Always remember to buy from reputable sources, plan in advance, and understand the terms and conditions of your tickets. Happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane Entries?

The Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane Entries are additional services that can be added to your ticket for an extra cost. They offer faster access to select attractions and experiences.

Can I upgrade my Disney World ticket after purchase?

Yes, you can upgrade your Disney World ticket after purchase. This can be done at any Disney World Guest Relations location, but note that there may be an additional cost involved.

Are there discounts available for groups or families?

Yes, Disney World does offer discounts for larger groups or families. These discounts can be found under the ‘Special Offers’ section on the Disney World official website.

Can I use my Disney World ticket at Disneyland in California or Disneyland Paris?

No, Disney World tickets can only be used at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Tickets for Disneyland in California or Disneyland Paris must be purchased separately.

What are the age restrictions for Disney World tickets?

Children under the age of 3 do not require a ticket to enter Disney World. Children aged 3-9 require a child’s ticket, and anyone aged 10 or over requires an adult ticket.

Are there any restrictions for using the Park Hopper option?

Yes, the Park Hopper option has some restrictions. You can hop between parks on the same day, but you can’t visit more than one park in the morning. The hopping feature becomes available at 2 p.m. each day.

Can I buy Disney World tickets at the gate?

Yes, you can buy Disney World tickets at the gate. However, buying online in advance is usually cheaper and ensures availability, especially during peak times.

Are there any blackout dates for Annual Passes?

Yes, depending on the type of Annual Pass you purchase, there may be blackout dates during which you cannot use your pass. These are typically during peak times such as holidays and weekends. Check the specific terms and conditions of your pass for details.

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