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How To Use Genie Plus at Epcot

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The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is home to four theme parks, including Epcot, a park known for its blend of technology, innovation, and international culture. To enhance your experience at Epcot, Disney introduced Genie Plus, a paid service that allows guests to access Lightning Lanes for select attractions and reduce wait times. This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to use Genie Plus at Epcot effectively.


To use Genie Plus at Epcot, first purchase the service through the My Disney Experience mobile app on the day of your visit. Once purchased, starting at 7 am, you can make reservations for Lightning Lane access to select attractions. You can hold one reservation at a time, and after using it or after 120 minutes have passed, you can make another one. Prioritize popular attractions for your reservations as they tend to have longer wait times and sell out quickly.

What is Genie Plus?

Genie Plus is part of the Disney Genie service, replacing the previous FastPass, FastPass+, and MaxPass systems at Disney parks. Unlike FastPass+, which was a free service, Genie Plus comes with a daily fee. It allows guests to skip the regular standby lines and use Lightning Lanes at select attractions. This service is available at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, with each park offering a unique set of experiences and attractions.

How to Purchase Genie Plus at Epcot

To purchase Genie Plus for Epcot, you need to use the My Disney Experience mobile app. The service goes on sale at midnight on the day of your park visit, with prices starting at $15 per ticket per day and going up to $35 or even $40 per ticket per day on busier days. It is recommended to purchase Genie Plus before 7 am to be ready to make your first reservation.

Making Reservations with Genie Plus

Once you have purchased Genie Plus, you can start making reservations for Lightning Lane access to select attractions. Reservations can be made starting at 7 am on the day of your park visit. You can only hold one Lightning Lane reservation at a time. After you use your reservation or after 120 minutes have passed, you can make another one.

Must-See Attractions at Epcot with Genie Plus

Epcot offers a variety of attractions that can be accessed with Genie Plus, including:

  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure
  • Test Track
  • Frozen Ever After
  • Soarin’ Around the World
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Living with the Land

Remember that popular attractions like Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Frozen Ever After tend to have longer wait times and may sell out of Genie Plus reservations quickly, so prioritize them when making your selections.

Maximizing the Use of Genie Plus at Epcot

To make the most of Genie Plus at Epcot, consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Prioritize popular attractions: Secure Genie Plus reservations for popular attractions first as they tend to have longer wait times.
  • Use Early Magic Hours: If you’re a resort guest, use Early Magic Hours to access the park before the general public.
  • Park Hopping: If you plan to park hop, Genie Plus can be more valuable at Epcot, especially if you’re visiting later in the day.
  • Rope Drop: Arrive at the park before it opens to experience popular attractions with shorter wait times.

Feedback from Visitors on Genie Plus at Epcot

The feedback from visitors who have used Genie Plus at Epcot has been mixed. Some find it helpful in reducing wait times, while others feel it’s not worth the price. However, most agree that the service can be beneficial on busier days or if you have specific must-do attractions.

In conclusion, Genie Plus at Epcot can be a great tool to enhance your park experience, especially during peak times. It requires a bit of planning and might come with an additional cost, but the ability to bypass long lines at popular attractions can be well worth it. As with any tool, its effectiveness will largely depend on how well you understand and utilize it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the Epcot park open?

Epcot typically opens at 9:00 AM, but the opening hours can vary depending on the season and special events. Always check the official Disney World website for the most accurate information.

Can I purchase Genie Plus for multiple days at once?

Yes, you can purchase Genie Plus for multiple days at once. However, keep in mind that reservations can only be made starting at 7 am on the day of your park visit.

Are there any attractions at Epcot that are not included in Genie Plus?

Yes, some premium attractions at Epcot, like the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, are not included in Genie Plus and require an additional fee to access the Lightning Lane.

Can I cancel a Genie Plus reservation?

Yes, you can cancel a Genie Plus reservation and make a new one. However, if you cancel a reservation for an attraction that has already run out of Genie Plus availability, you won’t be able to rebook it.

Can I use Genie Plus if I’m not staying at a Disney Resort?

Yes, Genie Plus is available to all guests, regardless of whether or not they are staying at a Disney Resort.

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