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When Did Dinosaur Ride Open at Animal Kingdom?

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The Dinosaur ride, one of the most thrilling and immersive attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, opened its doors to the public on April 22, 1998. Known for its intense journey through the Cretaceous period, the ride offers a unique experience unlike any other in the park. But how did this attraction come to be, and what changes has it undergone since its inception? Let’s take a deeper look.


The Dinosaur ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened its doors to the public on April 22, 1998. Originally named “Countdown to Extinction,” it was one of the initial attractions when the park first opened. The ride’s name was changed to “Dinosaur” in 2000 to align with the Disney animated film of the same name.

History and Development

Originally named “Countdown to Extinction,” the Dinosaur ride was part of the initial attractions when Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened in 1998. The ride’s name was changed to “Dinosaur” in 2000 to align with the Disney animated film of the same name, although their narratives do not merge beyond the use of the asteroid impact in the storyline. The ride takes place in the Dino Institute, a state-of-the-art paleontological research facility. Visitors are taken on a turbulent journey through the Cretaceous period, featuring prehistoric scenes populated with audio-animatronic dinosaurs.

Unique Features

The Dinosaur ride offers a unique experience compared to other park attractions, thanks to its intense and thrilling nature. The ride offers a high level of realism and detail, with loud sounds, dark environments, and terrifying dinosaur encounters. The ride takes guests on a prehistoric trip through time, allowing them to witness the moments just before the dinosaurs were wiped out of existence. The ride’s intensity, coupled with its dark ride experience, sets it apart from other park attractions.

Evolution Over Time

The Dinosaur ride has undergone several changes since its opening. In 2000, the ride’s intensity was toned down to make it more suitable for younger audiences. In 2016, the ride underwent a refurbishment that improved lighting in various scenes and added more meteor shower effects. Speakers and motion sensor cameras were also added to the ride vehicles in 2022 to enhance the attraction’s on-ride audio and monitor guests who attempt to stand up while the ride is in motion.

Visitor Experience

Visitors to the Dinosaur ride can expect an exciting and thrilling experience. The ride is set in the Dino Institute, where guests pass informative fossil exhibits and life-size casts of real dinosaur skeletons. Once on the ride, guests board a rugged Time Rover vehicle and careen through a primeval forest filled with life-like audio-animatronic dinosaurs. The ride’s climax occurs as guests witness the moments just before the dinosaurs were wiped out of existence due to an asteroid impact.

Fun Facts and Trivia

The Dinosaur ride is filled with interesting trivia and fun facts. For example, the ride shares an identical layout with the Disneyland attraction Indiana Jones Adventure. Also, the queue area of the ride is themed as a traditional fossil museum, with factual information on various aspects of dinosaurs. Bill Nye the Science Guy is featured in the first pre-show in the queue line.


The Dinosaur ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers a unique and thrilling experience that transports guests back to the late Cretaceous period. Despite the changes it has undergone over the years, the core experience of the Dinosaur ride has remained consistent, making it an important part of the park’s overall theme and attractions. So, if you’re planning a visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, make sure to add the Dinosaur ride to your itinerary for a thrilling prehistoric adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom?

The Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom lasts approximately 3 minutes and 5 seconds.

Is the Dinosaur ride suitable for children of all ages?

The Dinosaur ride can be quite intense and may scare younger children. Disney recommends the ride for guests aged 7 and up.

Are there any height restrictions for the Dinosaur ride?

Yes, guests must be at least 40 inches (102 centimeters) tall to ride the Dinosaur ride.

Is the Dinosaur ride wheelchair accessible?

Guests in wheelchairs must transfer to a ride vehicle by themselves or with assistance by members of their party.

Is the Dinosaur ride open during Extra Magic Hours?

Yes, the Dinosaur ride is typically open during both morning and evening Extra Magic Hours.

Does the Dinosaur ride offer FastPass+ service?

Yes, the Dinosaur ride offers FastPass+ service, allowing guests to bypass the regular line.

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