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When Was Disney Caribbean Beach Resort Refurbished?

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Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, loved by many for its tropical charm and relaxing ambiance, has undergone several refurbishments over the years. The resort, originally opened on October 1, 1988, has been committed to maintaining and enhancing its facilities to provide an unparalleled guest experience.


Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort has undergone several refurbishments since its opening in 1988. The most recent refurbishment began on October 3, 2022, with the renovation of rooms in the Trinidad area of the resort. Prior to this, the resort had a significant renovation completed in 2019, which included a brand new lobby, check-in area, and gift shop.

Major Refurbishment Phases

The most recent refurbishment at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort commenced on October 3, 2022, with the renovation of rooms in the Trinidad area of the resort. These rooms were redesigned with a new look inspired by “fan-favorite characters from under the sea”. The refurbishment was executed building-by-building, thereby causing minimal disruption to the guests.

The refurbishment also marked the retirement of the Pirate Rooms, which were replaced by ‘Under the Sea’ Inspired Little Mermaid Rooms. After the completion of these rooms, the refurbishment crews moved on to other buildings around the Caribbean Beach Resort for soft goods refurbishments.

The resort had previously undergone significant renovations completed in 2019, which included a brand new lobby, check-in area, and gift shop. This refurbishment aimed to elevate the guest experience by providing an updated and modern look to the resort.

Unique Features Added

The refurbishment brought several unique features to the resort. The rooms now boast smart TVs and modern amenities, aligning with the digital needs of today’s guests. The resort also added a new lobby design, nearby coffee bar, delectable dining options, refreshed guest rooms, and more.

Impact on Guest Experience

The refurbishment has significantly impacted the overall guest experience. The primary goal of any renovation is to enhance the guest experience, which in turn increases the value of the hotel. Renovations can lead to an increase in the hotel’s average daily rate and occupancy rate. They can also improve the customer experience by creating a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for guests, addressing any outdated or worn-out furnishings.

Future Plans

In addition to the room refurbishments, the Fuentes del Morro Pool at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is scheduled for routine maintenance from January 2024 through April 2024.


Refurbishments are a regular part of maintaining and enhancing the guest experience at Disney resorts. While they may cause some temporary inconvenience, all efforts are made to minimize the impact on guests. The refurbishment of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is a testament to Disney’s commitment to providing a superior guest experience.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned Disney veteran, the refurbished Caribbean Beach Resort promises to offer a unique and unforgettable experience. Be sure to check it out on your next Disney vacation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What other amenities does Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort offer?

In addition to the refurbished rooms and new lobby, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort offers several pools, a beachfront, multiple dining options, and recreational activities like fishing, biking, and jogging trails.

How many rooms are there at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort?

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort has approximately 1500 rooms spread across several buildings and villages.

Are there any transportation options available within the resort?

Yes, the resort offers an internal shuttle service for its guests. Moreover, it also provides transportation to the various parks and facilities within the Walt Disney World Resort.

How can guests be informed about future refurbishments?

Disney usually announces any upcoming refurbishments on their official website and through their social media channels. It is advisable to check these platforms regularly for the latest updates.

Are the dining options at the resort affected during refurbishments?

During refurbishments, Disney makes every effort to ensure minimal disruption to the guest experience, including dining options. However, specific restaurants may be temporarily closed or relocated during refurbishments.

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