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When Will Disney Magic Band Plus Be Available?

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The Disney Magic Band Plus, an upgraded version of the popular Magic Band, has been the talk of the town for Disney enthusiasts. With improved features and exciting new interactive capabilities, it’s no surprise that everyone is asking: “When will the Disney Magic Band Plus be available?” Well, we’re here to share everything you need to know about this Disney innovation.


The Disney Magic Band Plus is already available. It was released at Walt Disney World on July 27, 2022, and at Disneyland Resort on October 26, 2022. You can purchase it at the Disney parks, resort hotel merchandise shops, Disney Springs, select shops at Disneyland Resort, and online at shopDisney. Prices start at $34.99 for solid colors and $44.99 for designs.

Release Date

The Disney Magic Band Plus was released at Walt Disney World on July 27, 2022, and later at Disneyland Resort on October 26, 2022. This means fans and visitors can already enjoy the enhanced features of the new Magic Band Plus.

What is the Disney Magic Band Plus?

The Disney Magic Band Plus is an advanced version of the original Magic Bands. It adds interactive features such as color-changing lights, haptic vibrations, and gesture recognition to the basic functionalities of entering theme parks, opening hotel rooms, and making purchases.

This new wearable technology interacts with golden sculptures found in all four parks, lights up in sync with fireworks and other nighttime entertainment, and can even be used in a virtual bounty hunting game in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios.

Pricing and Where to Buy

MagicBand+ costs start at $34.99 for solid colors and $44.99 for designs. Disney Resort hotel guests and renewing Disney World Annual Passholders can enjoy a discounted pre-arrival price, which is $10 off the regular price for both solid colors and designs.

You can purchase the MagicBand+ at Walt Disney World theme parks, resort hotel merchandise shops, Disney Springs, and select shops at Disneyland Resort. They are also available online at shopDisney.

New Interactive Features

The MagicBand+ offers several interactive features that add to the magical experience at Disney parks. These include:

  • Color-changing lights: Your MagicBand+ can light up in different colors, adding a magical touch to your Disney adventure.
  • Haptic vibrations: Feel the magic with light vibrations that bring experiences to life.
  • Gesture recognition: This allows for “magical surprises” in the parks.
  • Interaction with Fab 50 Character Statues at Disney World.
  • Interaction with Avengers Campus entertainment at Disney California Adventure.
  • Nighttime spectaculars synchronization: Watch your MagicBand+ pulse with colorful, dancing lights and vibrations during select nighttime spectaculars.
  • Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters minigame: An interactive experience for Star Wars fans.

Potential Drawbacks

While the MagicBand+ has many exciting features, there are potential drawbacks to consider. These include:

  • Battery life: The MagicBand+ needs to be charged and may not come fully charged when purchased.
  • Glitches: Some users have reported technical glitches and issues with the MagicBand+.
  • Price: The MagicBand+ is more expensive than the previous model, with prices ranging from $34.99 to $54.99.
  • Setup: Some users have reported difficulties with the setup process.
  • Limited interactivity: Some users feel that the interactivity is not substantial enough to justify the higher price.

Different Designs

Disney offers various MagicBand+ designs, including solid colors, character-themed, special edition, Disney100 collection, and 2023-themed MagicBand+. The availability of these designs may vary, and some may only be available online or in specific locations within the Disney parks.

In conclusion, the Disney Magic Band Plus offers a new level of interactivity and magic to your Disney experience. It’s already available for purchase, so you can start enjoying the magic today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Disney Magic Band Plus water-resistant?

Yes, the Disney Magic Band Plus is designed to be water-resistant, so you can wear it in the rain, while swimming or washing your hands.

Can I use my Disney Magic Band Plus at other Disney parks outside of Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort?

Currently, the Disney Magic Band Plus is only supported at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and the Disneyland Resort in California.

Yes, you can link multiple Magic Bands to your Disney account. This can be useful if you have different Magic Bands for different outfits or occasions.

Can I use my Disney Magic Band Plus to make purchases outside of Disney parks and resorts?

No, the Disney Magic Band Plus can only be used to make purchases within the Disney parks and resorts.

How long does the battery of the Disney Magic Band Plus last?

The battery life of the Magic Band Plus can vary depending on usage. However, it should last for roughly 2-3 days on a single charge with normal use.

Can I customize my Disney Magic Band Plus?

While you cannot customize the hardware of the Magic Band Plus, Disney does offer a variety of different designs to choose from when purchasing.

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