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How Busy Is Disney World in February

How Busy Is Disney World In February

Are you planning a trip to Disney World in February and wondering what to expect regarding crowds and wait times?

Do you want to know if February is a busy time to visit Disney World?

What are the main factors that can contribute to high attendance levels in February?

How can visitors best prepare for crowds and long wait times during their February visit to Disney World?


Disney World is a dream destination for many families, but the sheer size and popularity of the theme park can make planning a visit overwhelming. One of the visitors’ biggest concerns is navigating the crowds and avoiding long wait times for attractions.

February is considered a less busy time to visit Disney World, but factors can still impact attendance levels. Here are some of the reasons why Disney World is busy in February:

  • Special events
  • Good weather
  • Sport events

The busyness of Disney World in February can vary depending on the week and the day of the week.

Generally, the first two weeks of February tend to be less busy than the last two weeks of the month, which can be more crowded due to Presidents’ Day weekend and school vacations.

If you want to visit Disney World during a less crowded time, it is best to avoid holidays and weekends. The week after Presidents’ Day weekend tends to be less crowded than the week before, so that may be a good time to consider.

Weekdays are typically less busy than weekends, so visiting on a weekday may help avoid crowds.

Remember that there will still be lines for popular attractions and shows even during a less busy time.

It is always a good idea to plan and use Disney’s FastPass+ system to reserve ride times in advance and arrive early to the parks to make the most of your day.

This article will explore why Disney World can be busy in February and offer tips on preparing for a successful visit.

11 Reasons Why Disney World Is Busy in February

Visitors should be prepared for higher park attendance levels during February, especially during holidays, weekends, and special events.

They can try to avoid the busiest times by visiting on weekdays, arriving early, and utilizing FastPass+ or other services that allow them to skip lines.

Let us have a look at some of the reasons why Disney World can be busy in February:

1. Holidays and School Breaks

Holidays And School Breaks

Many schools have winter breaks in February, and Presidents’ Day weekend falls in February.

These holidays and school breaks can cause a spike in attendance at Disney World.

Many families take advantage of these breaks to plan a trip to Disney World, which can lead to larger crowds.

2. Special Events

Special Events

Disney World often hosts special events in February, such as the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, which can draw large crowds.

These events offer unique experiences that visitors can only get during that time of year, which can increase demand for park tickets and hotel rooms.

3. Good Weather

Good Weather

February in Florida often has pleasant weather, with mild temperatures and low humidity.

This can make it a popular time for people to visit Disney World, especially those who live in colder climates and want to escape the winter weather.

4. Reduced Crowds in Other Months

Reduced Crowds In Other Months

Some visitors may deliberately visit Disney World in February to avoid the larger crowds found during peak season in other months.

Even though February may not be the busiest month, it can still be busier than some visitors expect.

5. Ride and Attraction Closures

Ride And Attraction Closures

During February, some rides and attractions at Disney World may be closed for refurbishment or maintenance, which can lead to larger crowds at other attractions.

Visitors who may have wanted to experience a certain ride or attraction may be disappointed to find it closed and will head to other areas of the park, which can cause lines to be longer than usual.

6. Sports Events

2023 Nba All Star Game Logo

February is a popular month for sports events in Orlando, such as the NBA All-Star Weekend, which can attract large crowds to the area and Disney World.

Visitors attending these events may also plan a trip to Disney World while in town, which can add to the overall number of visitors in the park.

7. Annual Passholder Blockout Dates


Disney World offers different levels of annual passes that allow varying degrees of park access.

Some passes have block-out dates, meaning pass holders cannot visit the parks on certain days, usually during peak season or holidays.

Some pass holders may have block-out dates in February, leading to higher attendance on days when these pass holders are allowed to visit.

8. Group Tours

Disney World Tour Group

February is a popular month for school groups, sports teams, and other organizations to plan trips to Disney World.

These groups often consist of many people, contributing to higher park attendance levels.

These groups may also have scheduled activities or events that require them to be in certain areas of the park, leading to congestion and longer wait times for attractions.

9. Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day At Disney World

Many visitors may choose to spend Valentine’s Day at Disney World, which can contribute to higher attendance levels at restaurants and other romantic spots within the park.

This is especially true if Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend or a holiday.

10. Early Spring Breaks

Early Spring Breaks

Early spring breaks typically refer to school breaks in late February or early March, often coinciding with the spring season.

These breaks can vary in length and timing, depending on the school district and the region of the country.

Some schools schedule spring breaks in February, especially those in colder climates that want to avoid competing with other schools with later spring breaks.

This can lead to increased attendance levels in the parks during these early spring breaks.

11. International Visitors

International Visitors

Disney World is a popular destination for international visitors, and February is a popular month for tourists from countries with colder climates to visit Florida.

During their trip, these visitors may visit Disney World, contributing to higher park attendance levels.

These visitors may also have different cultural norms and expectations, impacting wait times and congestion in the parks.

What Are the Busiest Times To Visit Disney World in February?

What Are The Busiest Times To Visit Disney World In February?

February is generally considered a less busy time to visit Disney World than other peak season months like June, July, and December. However, attendance levels can vary depending on several factors, including holidays, weekends, and special events.

These factors can contribute to increased attendance, longer waiting times for attractions, and more crowded park areas.

Presidents’ Day weekend, which typically falls in mid-February, is a particularly busy time to visit Disney World. This holiday weekend often results in increased attendance as families take advantage of the long weekend to travel and visit the parks.

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th and can draw visitors to the parks, especially couples looking for a romantic getaway.

School breaks can also affect attendance levels, with many families choosing to take a winter vacation. However, school break schedules can vary by school district and region, so visitors should check with their local school district and consult the park’s calendar before planning their trip.

Finally, the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, which takes place in late February, can also attract many visitors. This popular event draws thousands of participants and spectators to the parks, increasing crowds and congestion.

It is important to note that attendance levels can vary from year to year, and visitors should check the park’s calendar and consult with a travel agent or Disney World specialist to plan their visit accordingly.

By being aware of the park’s busiest times, visitors can plan their schedule accordingly and take advantage of strategies like arriving early and using FastPass+ to minimize wait times for attractions.


Visiting Disney World can be a magical experience for people of all ages. However, navigating the crowds and long wait times can be challenging, especially during peak season.

While February is generally considered a less busy time to visit, visitors should still expect crowds and congestion.

By utilizing services like FastPass+, arriving early, and visiting on weekdays, visitors can help minimize wait times and make the most out of their time at the park.

FastPass+ allows visitors to reserve a spot in line for popular attractions ahead of time. This can help save time and reduce time spent waiting in lines.

Arriving early also helps visitors avoid crowds and enjoy shorter wait times for popular attractions. Visiting on weekdays can also be a good option, as many visitors visit on weekends or holidays.

Visitors should plan and be prepared for crowds and long wait times, especially during holidays, weekends, and special events.

By utilizing these strategies, visitors can enjoy a memorable and enjoyable experience at Disney World!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Less Crowded at Disney World in February Compared to Other Months?

February is generally considered a less busy time to visit Disney World than peak season months such as June, July, and December. However, this does not mean that the park is not crowded at all.

The attendance levels at Disney World can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as holidays, special events, and school breaks.

How Can I Avoid Long Wait Times for Attractions at Disney World in February?

There are several ways to avoid long wait times for attractions at Disney World in February:

One of the most effective strategies is to arrive early and take advantage of the shorter wait times during the first few hours of the park’s opening.

Visitors can also use FastPass+ to reserve a spot in line for popular attractions ahead of time.

Another option is to visit during weekdays when the attendance levels are lower.

What Are Some Other Tips for Navigating the Crowds at Disney World in February?

Other tips for navigating the crowds at Disney World in February include staying hydrated, wearing comfortable shoes, and planning.

Visitors should also know the park’s busiest times and plan their schedules accordingly.

Packaging snacks and drinks are also a good way to avoid waiting extra time for food and drinks.

Finally, visitors should be patient and flexible, as unexpected events or plan changes can occur.

Visitors can make the most of their time at Disney World in February by following these tips.

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