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Why Is There No Encanto Merchandise at Disney World?

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If you’ve been to Disney World recently, you may have noticed a surprising absence in the merchandise shops. Despite the popularity of Disney’s latest animated film, Encanto, merchandise related to the film seems to be notably sparse. This has left many visitors puzzled and wondering, why is there no Encanto merchandise at Disney World?


The limited availability of Encanto merchandise at Disney World could be due to a number of factors including supply chain issues and a possible underestimation of the movie’s popularity. However, Disney World has been gradually introducing more Encanto-themed items at various locations throughout the resort, indicating that more merchandise is on the way.

Current Availability of Encanto Merchandise

As of now, Encanto merchandise is available at various locations in Disney World. For instance, Disney Traders in EPCOT stocks Mirabel Madrigal plush dolls, Parce (Antonio’s Jaguar) plush, and Mirabel Madrigal Funko Pop! Figures. World of Disney in Disney Springs also offers a variety of Encanto-themed items.

Disney’s flagship stores at each park and Disney Springs carry toys, apparel, ears, Loungefly bags, and more. However, the availability of Encanto merchandise may vary due to supply chain issues. To stay updated, one can also check ShopDisney’s website for Disney Parks merchandise, including Encanto-themed items.

Past and Present Encanto Merchandise at Disney World

Disney World has indeed sold merchandise related to Encanto. Items inspired by the movie have been available at different locations within the resort. From shopDisney’s Encanto-inspired toys, clothing, and accessories to World of Disney at Disney Springs’ Encanto-themed dresses, Loungefly fanny packs, letterman jackets, and hooded Bruno Spirit Jerseys, the merchandise has been quite varied.

Moreover, Island Mercantile in Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has showcased a wall of Encanto merchandise, including dresses, jackets, cups, and stuffed figures of Mirabel and Antonio.

Possible Reasons for Limited Encanto Merchandise

There isn’t a specific reason mentioned by Disney as to why Disney World doesn’t carry more Encanto merchandise. However, speculations suggest that the demand might be far greater than the production, and Disney possibly underestimated the reach of the movie.

Visitor Reactions to Limited Encanto Merchandise

Disney World visitors have expressed surprise at the limited availability of Encanto-related items. However, Disney World has since introduced a variety of Encanto merchandise, including clothing, Minnie ears, Loungefly bags, and more, which have been made available at various locations throughout the resort.

Future Plans for Encanto Merchandise

Disney World plans to bring more Encanto merchandise to its parks. New Encanto merchandise has already arrived at Walt Disney World, including the Encanto Spirit Jersey, Bruno T-shirt, apron, bowl, and photo frame at the World of Disney store at Disney Springs. The matching Encanto bucket hat is available at Curtain Call Collectibles in Magic Kingdom, and other items can be found at Once Upon A Time in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Disney World’s Process for Introducing New Merchandise

The process for Disney World to introduce new merchandise related to its movies involves several steps. First, the specialized teams at Walt Disney Imagineering ideate and design the merchandise, collaborating with other partners across Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, and The Walt Disney Company. Once the merchandise is designed and produced, it is introduced in various Disney World shops.

Comparing Encanto’s Merchandise Availability to Other Disney Movies

The availability of Encanto merchandise at Disney World is relatively limited compared to other recent Disney movies. However, despite supply chain issues affecting the availability, Encanto fans can still find a variety of products to celebrate the movie at Disney World.

In conclusion, while the lack of Encanto merchandise at Disney World might initially seem puzzling, several factors, including supply chain issues and underestimation of the movie’s popularity, could be contributing to the situation. However, with new Encanto merchandise already arriving at the parks, fans of the movie can look forward to more themed items in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where else can I find Encanto merchandise outside of Disney World?

You can find Encanto merchandise online at the official Disney store (shopDisney), Amazon, and other retail stores like Target and Walmart.

Can I check the availability of Encanto merchandise at Disney World before my visit?

Yes, you can visit the official Disney World website or call their customer service to inquire about the availability of Encanto merchandise at different locations within the park.

Are there any other Disney movies that had a similar situation with merchandise availability?

Yes, Moana, another popular Disney movie, also initially had limited merchandise availability at Disney World. However, the supply increased over time as the movie gained popularity.

When can we expect more Encanto merchandise at Disney World?

Disney World has not provided a specific timeline but has stated that they are planning to introduce more Encanto merchandise in the near future. It’s best to keep checking their official website or stores for updates.

Is there a possibility of Encanto merchandise being sold out?

Yes, considering the high demand and the current supply chain issues, there is a possibility that certain Encanto merchandise may sell out. However, Disney is continuously working to restock and introduce new merchandise.

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