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How To Get a First Visit Pin at Disney World

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Disney World is a magical place that captures the hearts of millions of visitors each year. If you’re preparing for your first visit, you’re likely excited, and perhaps a little overwhelmed, by the prospect of experiencing everything the park has to offer. One way to commemorate this special occasion is by wearing a First Visit Pin. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through all the steps to getting your very own First Visit Pin at Disney World.


To get a First Visit Pin at Disney World, you can either ask for one at the front desk of your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, visit any of the Guest Relations locations within the parks and other Disney locations, or ask for one at any of the shops within the theme parks. These pins are free and available to all guests visiting the park for the first time.

What is a First Visit Pin?

A First Visit Pin at Disney World is a special button given to guests who are visiting the park for the first time. These pins are provided for free, and wearing one allows cast members and other guests to recognize that you are experiencing Disney World for the first time. While there are no guaranteed perks or special treatment associated with wearing a First Visit Pin, it serves as a fun and memorable keepsake from your first trip to Disney World.

How to Get Your First Visit Pin

Obtaining a First Visit Pin at Disney World is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Check-In at Your Disney Resort: If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, you can pick up a First Visit Pin at the Front Desk in your hotel lobby.
  2. Visit Guest Relations: You can also visit any of the Guest Relations locations at the four Walt Disney World theme parks, both water parks, Disney Springs, and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.
  3. Stop by Park Shops: Another option is to stop by any of the shops in the theme parks and ask if they have any First Visit buttons available.

Please note that if you weren’t able to get a pin while at the parks, there isn’t a way to receive one once you return home. However, you can find First Visit Pins for sale on websites like Amazon and Etsy, but these may not be the same as the complimentary pins provided by Disney World.

Eligibility for the First Visit Pin

Anyone can avail of the First Visit Pin at Disney parks, as there are no specific eligibility criteria. These complimentary buttons are a way to let cast members know that you are visiting for the first time, and they love to welcome first-time visitors.

Making Your First Visit Special

In addition to getting your First Visit Pin, there are many other ways to make your first visit to Disney World special:

  • Book a Disney Vacation Club Resort: Enjoy an immersive Disney experience with themed rooms, extra amenities, and convenient park entry.
  • Buy the Memory Maker Photo Package: Have unlimited digital downloads of all your Disney PhotoPass photos taken during your trip.
  • Partake in Character Dining: Enjoy a meal with your favorite Disney characters at select restaurants throughout the parks and resorts.
  • Get a Special Souvenir: Purchase a unique keepsake to remember your first visit, such as a personalized ornament or a custom-made Mickey ears hat.
  • Use the My Disney Experience App: This app helps you plan your trip, make reservations, and access wait times, maps, and other useful information.

Remember, every Disney trip is unique, so tailor these suggestions to your family’s preferences and interests to create a truly memorable first visit.


Your first visit to Disney World is bound to be an unforgettable experience. Make it even more special by getting a First Visit Pin. Not only does it serve as a wonderful keepsake, but it also allows you to celebrate and commemorate your first trip to the magical world of Disney. Enjoy your visit and have a magical time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get more than one First Visit Pin?

Yes, each member of your party is eligible to receive their own First Visit Pin. However, it’s important to note that these are meant to commemorate your first visit, so it’s not customary to collect multiple pins during the same trip.

Is the First Visit Pin available at Disneyland as well?

Yes, Disneyland also offers First Visit Pins. You can pick them up at the City Hall in Disneyland Park or at the Chamber of Commerce in Disney California Adventure Park.

Do I need to provide any proof that it’s my first visit to get the First Visit Pin?

No, you do not need to provide any proof that it’s your first visit. Disney operates on the honor system, and these pins are given out freely to enhance the magic of your visit.

Can I get the First Visit Pin if I’m not staying at a Disney Resort?

Absolutely, you can get a First Visit Pin even if you’re not staying at a Disney Resort. Simply visit any of the Guest Relations locations or park shops to request your pin.

Is the First Visit Pin transferable?

The First Visit Pin is a keepsake item and does not have any attached privileges, so there’s no official policy on transferring it. However, it’s intended to commemorate your personal first visit to Disney World, so it’s typically not transferred to others.

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