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Where Is Rapunzel’s Tower in Magic Kingdom?

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Rapunzel’s Tower is a recognizable feature in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, serving as an iconic symbol from the beloved animated film, “Tangled.” Located between Liberty Square and Fantasyland, the tower is a must-see for any Disney fan. But where exactly can you find it, and what can you expect when you visit? This article will take you on a comprehensive journey to uncover everything you need to know about Rapunzel’s Tower in Magic Kingdom.


Rapunzel’s Tower in Magic Kingdom is located between Liberty Square and Fantasyland. To find it, look for the Haunted Mansion on the park map. Before reaching the Haunted Mansion, take the walkway on the right and the tower will be on your left. It’s part of the “Tangled” themed restroom area, which also includes tables, benches, and charging stations for your devices.

Location of Rapunzel’s Tower

To find Rapunzel’s Tower, look for the Haunted Mansion on the map of Magic Kingdom. Take the walkway on the right before you reach the Haunted Mansion, and the tower will be on your left. The tower is part of the “Tangled” themed restroom area, which also features tables, benches, and charging stations for your devices.

History and Significance

Introduced in 2013, Rapunzel’s Tower replaced what was once known as the Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Skyway building. The tower sits atop a rocky cliff and is a visual delight. It adds an element of whimsy to the park and marks the location of guest amenities. While not an attraction in itself, the tower and surrounding area provide a visually stunning space for guests to enjoy and explore.

Unique Experiences and Photo Opportunities

Visitors can enjoy a variety of unique experiences near Rapunzel’s Tower. The area is beautifully decorated with lanterns and banners, making it a picturesque spot for photo ops. You can also find a lantern prop photo near the tower in the restroom courtyard, which is a popular spot for taking pictures.

Fun Facts and Trivia

Rapunzel’s Tower holds a few fun secrets for Disney fans. For instance, Rapunzel’s hair in the movie was 70 feet long, and she is the first Disney Princess to have magical powers. Also, the tower in the movie features a lightning rod at the top, a detail not present in the original fairy tale.

Special Events and Shows

While there aren’t any specific attractions or events at the tower itself, Rapunzel and other characters from “Tangled” make appearances in the Festival of Fantasy parade and at Princess Fairytale Hall. The Tangled-themed rest area is a great place to relax and enjoy the ambiance.

Tips and Recommendations

When visiting Rapunzel’s Tower, make sure to take plenty of photos. Although you can’t go inside the tower, the surrounding area is worth exploring. Look for hidden Pascals in the Tangled-themed rest area, and don’t forget to recharge your devices at the charging stations. If you want to meet Rapunzel, head over to Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland.


Rapunzel’s Tower in Magic Kingdom is more than just a restroom area—it’s a slice of the “Tangled” world brought to life. Whether you’re a fan of the movie or just love Disney’s attention to detail, the tower is a must-see during your visit to the park. Even though you can’t climb the tower or rescue Rapunzel, the charm and beauty of the area make it a memorable part of the Magic Kingdom experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours for Rapunzel’s Tower?

Rapunzel’s Tower is located in a public area of the Magic Kingdom and can be visited anytime during the park’s operating hours.

Are there any Tangled-themed merchandise available near Rapunzel’s Tower?

Yes, you can find Tangled-themed merchandise in various shops throughout the Magic Kingdom, particularly in Fantasyland.

Can guests with disabilities access Rapunzel’s Tower area?

Yes, the area around Rapunzel’s Tower, including the Tangled-themed restrooms, is accessible to guests with disabilities.

Is there a FastPass+ for meeting Rapunzel at the Fairytale Hall?

Yes, FastPass+ is typically available for the Princess Fairytale Hall, where you can meet Rapunzel. However, availability may vary, so it’s recommended to check the Disney World website or app for the most current information.

Are there any dining options near Rapunzel’s Tower?

Yes, there are several dining options available nearby. This includes the Columbia Harbour House, located directly across from the Tangled rest area.

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