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What Replaced Body Wars at Epcot?

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Epcot, a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, is known for its innovative attractions and experiences. One of the park’s highlights was Body Wars, a motion simulator ride that took guests on a thrilling journey through the human body. However, Body Wars closed its doors on January 1, 2007, and many fans have wondered what replaced this iconic attraction. This article will explore the history of Body Wars, the reasons behind its closure, and what has taken its place since then.


Body Wars, a popular attraction at Epcot’s Wonders of Life pavilion, was replaced by the Play! Pavilion. The Wonders of Life pavilion, including Body Wars, closed on January 1, 2007. More than a decade later, on February 21, 2019, it was announced that the Play! Pavilion would be constructed in its place. This new area offers various interactive experiences and attractions for guests to enjoy.

The History of Body Wars

Body Wars was a pioneering attraction that opened on October 19, 1989, as part of Epcot’s Wonders of Life pavilion. The ride was directed by Leonard Nimoy and featured actors Tim Matheson and Elisabeth Shue. It used the Advanced Technology Leisure Application Simulator (ATLAS) technology, previously seen at Disneyland’s Star Tours attraction.

The premise of Body Wars was innovative and educational. Guests were “miniaturized” and boarded a small vehicle known as a “Brave Little SimCo” to be injected into the bloodstream of a human volunteer named Dr. Cynthia Lair. The mission was to study the effects of white blood cells on a splinter lodged inside the left index finger of the volunteer.

Body Wars was the first thrill ride at Epcot and was a unique fusion of education and entertainment. Despite its popularity, the attraction met its demise when the sponsor, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. (MetLife), pulled out in 2001.

The Closure of Body Wars

Body Wars officially closed on January 1, 2007. The closure was due to several reasons. After MetLife’s sponsorship ended in June 2001, the popularity of Body Wars began to decline. In 2004, the park announced that the attraction would begin seasonal operation. Additionally, Body Wars faced competition from Star Tours, which opened at Disney-MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios) just a few months after Body Wars and became a resort favorite among all ages. Furthermore, Body Wars was known to cause motion sickness in some guests, which may have contributed to its decline in popularity.

What Replaced Body Wars?

Body Wars was replaced by the Play! Pavilion. The Wonders of Life pavilion, which housed Body Wars, closed on January 1, 2007, and on February 21, 2019, it was announced that a new pavilion named Play! Pavilion would be constructed in its place.

The Play! Pavilion is a new interactive area that focuses on various experiences and attractions for guests to enjoy at Epcot. Although it doesn’t offer a similar experience as Body Wars, the Play! Pavilion has brought a new kind of fun and excitement to Epcot.


While Body Wars will always hold a special place in the hearts of Epcot visitors, the Play! Pavilion has brought a new dimension to the park. Although it may not offer the same educational value as Body Wars, it provides interactive experiences that cater to a wide range of guests. Despite the changes, Epcot continues to be a place of innovation and wonder, always evolving and bringing new experiences to its visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other attractions were part of the Wonders of Life pavilion?

Besides Body Wars, the Wonders of Life pavilion also housed several other attractions such as Cranium Command, The Making of Me, Goofy About Health, Fitness Fairgrounds, and Wonder Cycles.

Who were the actors in Body Wars?

Body Wars featured actors Tim Matheson, who voiced the ship’s pilot, Captain Braddock, and Elisabeth Shue, who played Dr. Cynthia Lair, the volunteer into whose body guests were miniaturized.

What is the focus of the Play! Pavilion?

The Play! Pavilion is designed to be an interactive metropolis where guests can explore and engage with their favorite Disney characters. It is expected to feature games, activities, and experiences that connect guests with friends, family, and beloved Disney characters.

When did the Play! Pavilion open?

The Play! Pavilion was announced in February 2019, but as of now, the exact opening date has not been announced.

Why did MetLife stop sponsoring Body Wars?

The exact reasons for MetLife discontinuing its sponsorship of Body Wars are not publicly known. However, it’s common for sponsorships of theme park attractions to end due to changes in marketing strategies, financial considerations, or the expiration of contract terms.

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