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How To Do Ride Swap at Disney

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Ride Swap, also known as Rider Switch, is a convenient service offered at Disney theme parks designed for families or groups with members who cannot or do not want to ride a particular attraction. This article will guide you through how to use this service, its benefits, restrictions, and some practical tips to maximize its use.


To do Ride Swap at Disney, first, ensure the ride you want to experience offers the service. Then, approach the entrance with your entire group and inform a Cast Member that you’d like to use Ride Swap. The group will be split into two, with the first group riding while the second waits with the non-riding members. The waiting group will receive a Rider Switch pass to ride the attraction without waiting in line after the first group finishes. Swap roles, and the second group can then enjoy the ride.

What is Ride Swap?

Ride Swap, also known as Rider Switch or Child Swap, is a service designed for families with children who do not meet the height requirements for certain attractions or guests who do not want to ride certain attractions due to their intensity. This service allows one adult to wait with the non-riding child or guest while the rest of the party enjoys the attraction. After the first group finishes the ride, the waiting adult can then board the attraction without waiting in line again.

How to Use Ride Swap at Disney

Using Ride Swap at Disney is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Identify the attraction: Ensure the attraction you want to ride offers Rider Switch. This service is typically available at attractions with height requirements.
  2. Speak to a Cast Member: Approach the entrance of the attraction with your entire party and inform the Cast Member that you would like to use Rider Switch.
  3. Divide your group: The Cast Member will divide your group into two parties. Group 1 will ride the attraction first, while Group 2 waits with the non-riding child or children.
  4. Obtain a Rider Switch pass: The Cast Member will issue a Rider Switch pass to Group 2, which allows them to board the ride without waiting in the regular queue after Group 1 has finished riding.
  5. Group 1 rides the attraction: Group 1 will enter the queue and ride the attraction. If they have a FastPass for the ride, they will use the FastPass line; otherwise, they will wait in the regular queue.
  6. Swap roles: After Group 1 has finished riding, they will meet up with Group 2 and switch roles. Group 1 will now wait with the non-riding child or children, while Group 2 uses the Rider Switch pass to board the ride.
  7. Group 2 rides the attraction: Group 2 will present their Rider Switch pass to the Cast Member and enter the FastPass line to ride the attraction. The wait time should be reduced compared to the regular queue.

Remember to communicate with the Cast Members at each attraction to ensure a smooth experience.

Restrictions and Limitations

Rider Switch is not available for all attractions. It is typically only available at attractions with a height requirement. Additionally, you can only hold one Rider Switch pass at a time. The number of guests who may join the person in party 2 is limited. With a recent change, the rider is allowed only one guest on the second ride through.

Tips and Tricks

To maximize the benefits of the Ride Swap service, follow these practical tips:

  • Know which attractions offer Ride Swap: Before visiting the park, research which attractions offer the service so you can plan your day accordingly.
  • Plan activities for the waiting group: While the first group rides, plan activities for the waiting group, such as exploring nearby attractions, shopping, or grabbing food.
  • Use Rider Swap with Disney Genie: If you purchase Genie+ or individual attraction selections, you can use both Genie and Rider Switch together. Note that everyone who is riding must have a Genie+ reservation.
  • Be aware of the one-guest limit for the second ride: Keep in mind that the non-riding guest is allowed only one additional guest on the second ride through, for a total of two guests per Rider Switch pass.

Rider Switch is a great way to ensure everyone in your group gets to experience the attractions while minimizing wait times.


Rider Swap is a fantastic service offered by Disney to ensure all members of your group can enjoy the attractions, despite height requirements or personal preferences. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can make the most of your Disney trip and create magical memories for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I lose my Rider Switch pass?

If you lose your Rider Switch pass, you will need to return to the attraction where it was issued and speak with a Cast Member. They can issue a new pass, but remember to keep it safe as it’s your ticket to bypass the regular queue.

Can adults use Ride Swap if they don’t want to ride a certain attraction?

Yes, Ride Swap can be used by adults who do not want to ride a certain attraction due to its intensity. One adult can wait while the rest of the group rides, and then swap without having to wait in line again.

Can I use Rider Switch at Disney Water Parks?

Rider Switch is typically not available at Disney’s Water Parks, as most attractions there do not have height restrictions. It is primarily designed for attractions at Disney’s theme parks.

Can I use the Rider Switch pass at any time during the day?

The Rider Switch pass is typically valid until the end of the day it was issued. However, it’s best to use it as soon as possible after the first group has ridden to avoid any potential issues.

Can I use Rider Switch if I have more than one child who cannot ride?

Yes, you can use Rider Switch if you have more than one child who cannot ride. The same process applies – one adult stays with the non-riding children while the other adult(s) ride, and then they swap.

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