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What To Pack for Disney World in March

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One of the best times to visit Disney World would be the month of March. It has very nice weather compared to the previous months, and it’s also near the spring season. Unfortunately, this only means you’ll be able to participate in EPCOT’s International Flower & Garden Festival.

If you’re not fond of the winter days, then the prospect of visiting Disney World in warm and sunny weather will be pretty exciting. But of course, you need to pack the right stuff for your visit. Unlike the winter, when most of your clothing will keep you warm, you can go lightweight during March.

You still have to consider some variables, though, and if you’re unsure what you should pack for Disney World in March, worry not. We’ve got you covered in this list.


March is close to spring, so you can expect the weather to be mild and pleasant. There will be potential rains, though it’s not that common compared to the other months. In general, the weather in March is perfect for a trip to Disney World, so you can wear and pack light, warmer clothes in your bags.

Some of our recommendations for things to pack for a March vacation include the following:

  • Layers of clothing
  • Rain poncho/umbrella
  • Sunscreen
  • Shoes
  • Swimwear
  • Shorts, pants, or leggings
  • First aid
  • Water bottle
  • Lightweight backpack

This list will go through everything you need to pack for your adventure to Disney World in March.

9 Things To Pack for Disney World in March

On average, temperatures in Orlando range from 50 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during March. This makes the general weather throughout the month mild and pleasant. And since it’s almost spring season, you can expect warmer temperatures than in the previous months.

There’s still a bit of humidity in the air, so there will be occasional rainfall here and there. But overall, the weather is quite pleasant, so we highly advise bringing cooler and warmer clothes with you.

That said, here are the essential things you want to pack for Disney World in March:

1. Layers of Clothing

Studio Portrait Of Lovely Positive Young Woman Enjoying Layered Clothing Style

March still has a bit of cooler mornings and evenings, so instead of just packing shorts and T-shirts, it’s also a good idea to pack clothes that are fit for cooler weather. Some good examples include a long-sleeve shirts, jeans, cardigans, and sweaters.

It’s important to remember that the weather in March at Disney World can be a little unpredictable. One day, you might experience cooler weather; on the other, it might suddenly get hotter. Temperature changes can vary throughout the day, so pack layers of clothing are highly recommended.

Based on personal experience, it can be rather chilly in the morning at Disney World in March. However, as the sun rises, it will slowly get warmer and hotter to the point that you’ll need to remove your layer.

So, we recommend bringing clothing that you can wrap around your waist or place inside your backpack. This way, if ever temperature changes during your daily schedule, you can just put on or remove the layer anytime you want.

2. Rain Poncho/Umbrella

Young Happy Emotional Cheerful Girl Laughing And Jumping With Yellow Umbrella On Colored Red Background

As mentioned, the weather in Orlando during March can be somewhat unpredictable. For the most part, you will experience warm and sunny weather, but there can be instances when it will suddenly rain. So naturally, you don’t want to get soaked in the rain during your daily adventure throughout the park.

For this reason, we highly recommend packing a rain poncho in your travel bag as well. You can purchase cheap ponchos from Amazon to give to everyone in your family. While you can buy them at Disney World, we don’t suggest doing so as they’re pretty expensive.

With a rain poncho, you don’t need to take a waterproof jacket. Besides, it’s easy to fold up and store inside your backpack once the rain stops and the sun shows up.

Alternatively, you can also opt for a small travel umbrella. Just make sure it’s lightweight and windproof. It’s handy during light rainfalls, but you can also use it to add an extra layer of protection from the sun. Like your rain poncho, you’d do fine with a cheap umbrella instead of buying one inside Disney World.

3. Sunscreen

Top View Blank Label Facial Skincare White Tube Bottle With Lid Open Product Squeezed Lotion Or Cream Texture On Plain Solid Orange Background

Never forget to bring sunscreen with you. This is important as it protects you and your family from the sun’s harmful rays. After all, you’ll be spending most of your day walking around the park, and without proper sun protection, you’ll end up suffering from those painful sunburns or even potential skin cancer.

So, before you head to the park, do yourself a favor and include sunscreen in your bag. Make sure to choose one with at least SPF 50 to provide enough protection from the sun. And since March can be typically sunny, ensure you apply a lot of sunscreen throughout your daily adventure.

4. Shoes

White Sneaker On A Blue Gradient Background, Men's Fashion, Sport Shoe, Air, Sneakers, Lifestyle, Concept, Product Photo, Levitation Concept, Street Wear, Trainer

This shouldn’t just be any pair of shoes; instead, it has to be a pair of comfortable walking shoes. The reason is that you’ll spend most of your day in Disney World walking around the park. Without a pair of comfortable walking shoes, you’ll suffer from blisters by the end of the day.

Also, wearing other types of footwear, such as flip-flops, is not recommended as they will cause your feet to hurt after a day of walking. You can use them when chilling by the pool, but you should never use them for touring the park.

You have to ensure that your walking shoes provide as much comfort and support as possible. If you’re not a fan of shoes, some good alternatives would be closed-toed shoes or sandals.

We also highly recommend bringing shoes that you’ve already broken in. Don’t wear a pair of new shoes during your vacation, as it will leave you with blisters or even foot injuries.

5. Swimwear

Beautiful Sexy Asian Woman In Bikini And Smiling Standing On Yellow Background Isolated

Most people who visit Disney World during March also look forward to hanging out in the water parks and pools. If you’re one of these people, bringing some swimwear with you is a good idea. Besides, March is a perfect time to go swimming as water temperatures are warmer and more comfortable.

You’ll want to pack one piece of swimwear for each family member. This way, everyone who wants to take a dip won’t have to worry about wet bathing suits. Ideally, you’d like to bring extra swimwear as well.

6. Shorts, Pants, or Leggings

Smiling Energetic Asian Couple Tourists In Summer Beach Casual Clothes Jumping Isolated On Light Blue Studio Background

This would depend on which bottom wear you prefer, but generally, we recommend packing a combination of any of these bottoms. Most days will be warm enough during your visit to wear shorts. However, since Florida will still be cooler during the evening in March, some comfortable pants or leggings will be a godsend.

Packing a combination of these bottoms will let you change what you wear anytime, depending on the weather. But, of course, it would also help to look at the weather forecast on the day of your visit.

7. First Aid Kit

Hand Of Hispanic Man Holding First Aid Kit Over Isolated Yellow Background.

A first aid kit might not sound like something you should take during your vacation. But, after all, Disney World is a fun and exciting place, so what else could go wrong, right?

That’s where you’re mistaken. First, it’s important to remember that accidents might happen during your vacation. It can be as simple as a slight bruise or a mildly serious one like a mild cut. In times like these, you’ll need essentials like pain relievers, wipes, alcohol, bandages, and more.

While Disney has its supply of hand sanitizer and wipes, having immediate access to them via your first aid kit makes a huge difference.

8. Water Bottle

Top View Thermos Water Bottle. Blue Water Bottle Wet Isolated On Yellow Background

You can quickly get thirsty and dehydrated with all the walking you’ll have to do during your tour around the park. Besides, March generally has hot and sunny weather, so bringing a refillable water bottle with you will help prevent dehydration and keep you cool.

Even during cooler days, you’ll find yourself drinking water like there’s no tomorrow. Luckily, Disney has lots of water fountains throughout the park, so you can refill your bottle whenever necessary.

You can also buy Disney’s water bottles, but we don’t recommend them since they’re too expensive. Instead, you can buy a handful of refillable water bottles from Amazon before your trip and give one to each of your family members.

This way, you can keep everyone hydrated at all times.

9. Lightweight Backpack

Happy Lady Wearing A Backpack With Arms Raised On Air

Last but certainly not least is a lightweight backpack. You’ll need a bag to store all the essential items you’ll bring during your daily touring schedule. These include your change of clothes, sunscreen lotion, devices, and more.

Don’t bring a huge one, as it will only slow you down. Besides, Disney only has a specific limit to how big a backpack you can carry during your tour.

If you don’t have a lot of stuff to bring, a simple fanny pack will do just fine.


Regardless of which month you decide to visit Disney World, it would help if you always prioritize comfort. Nothing beats staying comfortable throughout your entire Disney World vacation.

And for a visit in March, this means packing cooler and warmer clothes that you can easily switch depending on the weather. Overall, you should remember that March has moderate temperatures with a mixture of both rainy and sunny weather on some occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Wear Jeans or Shorts When Visiting Disney World in March?

Both are good choices, and it will boil down to personal preference for the most part. However, we’d recommend bringing both shorts and jeans when you visit. This way, you can easily change your bottoms depending on the weather during your visit.

Since Florida can be warm and cool during March, it would be a good idea to match your bottom to the current weather.

Should I Bring a Backpack With Me?

Definitely! A small, lightweight backpack is necessary so you can have plenty of storage for all your essential items. However, make sure not to bring a huge one as it will only hinder your adventure.

It should be big enough to store the stuff you want to bring while touring the park but not big enough that it will be a burden to carry.

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