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What To Wear to Disney World in Summer

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Most people take vacations in the summer, so it’s no surprise that Disneyland is high on the list of places people want to visit during the summer. And if you are one of them, you’re probably on the hunt for chic summer outfit inspiration to rock on your trip.

It’s true that Disney World guests have impeccable style, but don’t worry; I’ll give you some tips on how to one-up them by discussing what to wear at Disney World in summer.


If you want to fit in at Disney World during the summer, you’ll need to pack some stylish clothes that won’t be too hot to wear.

  • Keep comfortable outfits to wear so you can feel light while wandering throughout the day. This should be something you keep in mind whether you are packing the outfits or shopping for them.
  • Light-colored clothes will keep you from becoming overheated and sweaty by reflecting heat away from your body. Therefore, ensure that your suitcase is packed with clothing in neutral tones.
  • Whether you are a parent or a child, it is a good idea to get into the Disney vacation spirit by donning Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse t-shirts or other Disney-themed apparel.

Here, I’ll give you all outfit suggestions for the summer, and if you stick to them, you’ll turn heads as you stroll through a park. The clothes are also incredibly stylish and comfortable, so you won’t feel the heat and can stay at ease all day.

Summer Outfit Ideas for Disneyland

These are some of the few summery outfits you can wear comfortably to Disney World if you plan on visiting during the hot season.

  • Jeans and any light color t-shirt
  • Shorts and a Minnie t-shirt
  • Mini patterned skirts
  • Shorts and tank tops
  • Leggings
  • Off-shoulders top with denim jeans or shorts
  • Bibs jeans
  • Short jumpsuit
  • Light color mini dress
  • Long patterned skirts

Jeans and Any Light Color T-Shirt

Full Length Body Size View Of Three Nice Attractive Slim Sporty Lovely Cheerful Cheery Person Having Fun Rejoicing Attainment Success Accomplishment Isolated Over Bright Vivid Shine Yellow Background

Everyone knows that white, off-white, lavender and other pastels are the way to go during summer because they reflect the sun and keep you cool despite the scorching heat.

A light-colored t-shirt and your choice of denim (mom jeans, slim fit, or wide legs) will make a stylish and super cool outfit for summer.

Shorts and a Minnie T-Shirt

A Woman Wearing A Mickey Mouse White T-Shirt

If you don’t wear something that goes with the park’s theme, your trip to Disneyland isn’t complete. You absolutely must add some of the park’s theme into your outfit.

What could be more adorable than Minnie Mouse? You can pull off the look by donning a Minnie Mouse tee and denim shorts.

Lastly, wear white sneakers and a Mickey Mouse headband; you’re good to go.

Patterned Mini Skirts

Mid Section Close Up Female Wearing A Floral Pattern Mini Skirt, Isolated On White Background.

Wear a patterned mini skirt, which is both a stylish and airy option for the warmer months; pair it with a tank top, t-shirt, or button-down shirt, and then tie the front of the shirt into a knot for an extra dose of style; and, of course, complete the look with Disney-themed jewelry.

Shorts & Tank Tops

Close Up Photo Of Amazing Lady Colorful Appearance Luxury Vogue Wear Specs Jeans Denim Shorts Red Body Tank-Top

Comfortable clothing combinations are hard to come by, but everyone knows that shorts and a tank top are right at the top. If you’re visiting Disney World in the summer, this is the outfit you can’t miss out on.

All you need is a pair of black shorts and a plain or Disney character-themed tank top, and you’ll be set for the day.


Woman Wearing Red Leggings And Yellow Shoes

Leggings are a great alternative if you don’t want to wear jeans in the heating season without sacrificing style.

The leggings go surprisingly well with a variety of tops, including long dresses, t-shirts, and ponchos. The best part is that it matches everything.

Off-Shoulders Top With Denim Jeans or Shorts

Profile Photo Of Sweet Young Blong Lady Wear Dotted Top Skirt Isolated On Blue Color Background

Since off-the-shoulder tops are trending, no one should forget to pack one for their Disneyland vacation. These tops look great with regular shorts, denim shorts, and slim-cut jeans.

Lastly, since you will be doing a lot of walking, a safe footwear option would be a pair of sneakers or vans. And don’t forget to accessorize with some Disney accessories!

Bib Jeans

Stylish Smiling African American Woman With Crossed Arms Wearing Casual Bib Jeans Overall Over A Brick Wall

Since Disney is all about cuteness, your outfit should be too, and what could be cuter than bib jeans? Whether on a child or an adult, this style is irresistibly adorable.

If you’re a mother, you can wear this outfit alongside your child because it’s readily accessible for all ages. Wear a white t-shirt underneath and white sneakers, and you’ll blend right into the theme of Disney World.

Short Jumpsuit

Happy African American Woman In Yellow Jumpsuit Pointing With Fingers

During the warmer months, going to a theme park in a short, sleeveless jumpsuit will make you look super cute and a very comfortable choice. So if you’re going to the park in the summer, I’d advise you to wear a white jumpsuit rather than a darker one because the latter will make you sweat all day.

You can also wear prints like light flowers or sunflowers. Adding flip-flops or other flat sandals will make the outfit even more relaxed.

Light Colored Mini-Dress

Photo Of Wavy Hairdo Gorgeous Young Lady Smile Look Camera Isolated On Pastel Violet Color Background

Mini dresses are a summertime staple because they are easy to wear and comfortable. You are likely to run into several other women dressed similarly.

Again, I recommend you go with pastel colors because they appear incredibly calming to the eyes even though the sun is shining over everyone’s heads.

Patterned Long Skirts

Boho Girl In Maxi Skirt Walking On The City Street.

Lastly, a long skirt with a summery print is a wardrobe must-have. Wearing a long skirt and sandals is a classic summertime look; try a button-down shirt with a knotted top, a loose-fitting tee, or even a tank top to complete the ensemble.

Wrap Up

Because strolling around Disney requires a lot of walking, the sun can get scorching during the middle of the day in the summer. So it is recommended to keep loose, light-colored clothing for your entire family, including the kids, so your little one does not get too cranky.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Buy a Mickey Mouse Dress From the Disney Stores?

Inside Disney World, the prices of everything are slightly higher than outside. Meanwhile, Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are popular characters for t-shirts sold on Amazon and other retail websites. So if you intend to save money, it’s best to buy everything you need ahead of time from Amazon at a discount or some other store outside of Disney World.

What Kinds of Clothing Are Not Permitted Inside Disney Parks?

Visitors cannot wear costumes inside Disney parks that drag on the ground or have anything pointed or sharp attached to them. You are not allowed to wear dresses with sharp objects because those objects could potentially touch other guests and cause them harm.

Since security has the right to look through everyone’s belongings, it’s best not to wear anything inappropriate or a costume with many layers.

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