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What You Can and Can’t Bring to Disneyland

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Like any establishment, Disneyland has rules and regulations outlining what you can and can’t bring inside.

So if you plan to visit Disneyland any time soon, you must know what these are to avoid getting caught in a sticky situation.

After all, you don’t want to be barred from entering the park just because you brought something that’s not permitted to take inside with you.

To prevent yourself from experiencing that scenario, we’ll review what you can and can’t bring in this article.


There’s an exhaustive list of things you can and can’t bring to Disneyland. We’ll do our best to summarize them to make it easier for you to follow through.

You cannot bring illegal substances, firearms, weapons, sports equipment, self-defense equipment, wrapped gifts, pets, small vehicles, or glass containers.

Meanwhile, you can bring anything that’s not included in their list. For good measure, you can check out their Park Rules and Regulations page for the complete list.

To get an idea of what you can bring to Disneyland, all you need to do is check out their page. If the stuff you want to bring isn’t included in the prohibited items list, it’s safe to bring it.

What You Can’t Bring to Disneyland

We will start with the prohibited items you can’t bring to Disneyland to make it easier. You don’t want to take any of this with you.

Otherwise, Disneyland’s staff will confiscate them and even prevent you from entering the park. Let’s get started:

1. Firearms, Ammunition, and Weapons

Firearms Are Arranged By Villains Such As Thieves Or Law Enforcement Officers

For obvious reasons, weapons of any kind are not permitted to bring with you to Disneyland. For example, even if your firearm is licensed, you still won’t be allowed entry to the park for safety purposes.

Also, any toy with the appearance of a weapon, such as toy guns, squirt guns, and the like, is not allowed.

2. Self-Defense Devices

Handcuffs Isolated In White

These include things like pepper spray, stun guns, and mace. You cannot bring restraining devices such as zip ties, handcuffs, duct tape, or wires.

3. Illegal Substances

Addictive Substances, Including Alcohol, Cigarettes And Drugs

Illegal substances like marijuana are not permitted. Even marijuana-enriched products are barred from entering Disneyland as well.

4. Explosive or Flammable Objects

Flammable Liquid Symbol On The Chemical Tank

These include fireworks, fog machines, smoke machines, and several related items that can lead to explosions or fires. Fire extinguishers aren’t allowed, either.

5. Glass Containers and Alcohol

Several Brown Glass Bottles Seen From A Low Angle

You can’t bring any glass container or alcoholic drink from the outside. However, you can purchase alcohol within the hotels of the resort.

You can also buy wine from the Downtown Disney District, though you’ll need to drink it within table-service restaurants only.

However, baby food containers and medicine bottles are an exception. You can also bring small perfume bottles, which should be under 4 oz.

6. Noise Makers

Party Red Foil Whistle Or Noise Maker Horn Rolled

These include megaphones, horns, whistles, and any artificial noise maker.

7. Drones and Selfie Sticks

Young Beautiful Woman Taking A Selfie Photo With Smartphone Flying Drone Sticking Tongue

Selfie sticks aren’t allowed to bring with you to Disneyland.

The same goes for drones, considering there has been some uproar back then for several reasons, such as guests losing them during the rides.

8. Large Strollers and Vehicles With Wheels

A Young Single Mother In A White Dress, In A Park With Her Daughter, A Girl, In A Carriage, Walking

You can bring a stroller to Disneyland, but only up to a certain size. Specifically, any stroller larger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long is prohibited. The same applies to wagons and even stroller wagons.

You also can’t bring a trailer-like objector wheeled mobility device with 3 wheels or fewer. Scooters, shoes with built-in wheels, skateboards, and inline skates are not allowed too.

If you have to bring a mobility device, it should only support one rider and not exceed 36 inches wide and 52 inches long.

9. Large Bags

Fabric Bag Isolated On White Background

Like strollers, you can only bring bags up to a certain size. Any bag, suitcase, backpack, or cooler that exceeds 15 inches wide, 24 inches long, and 18 inches high is prohibited.

If you bring a cooler within the size restrictions, use reusable ice packs since loose or dry ice isn’t allowed either.

10. Folding Chairs

View Of Tourist Camp With Red Folding Chairs, Camping Tent And Firewood Near The Bonfire In The Forest

Folding chairs aren’t allowed, regardless of the size. They’ll lead to massive traffic jams when everyone starts bringing their own.

Luckily, Disneyland has many benches and seating areas throughout the park if you want to sit down and relax for a few minutes.

However, an exception is applied to cane chairs and seat-walker mobility aids.

11. Tripods or Monopod Stands

Two Manual Tripod Monopods For A Phone Or A Small Camera On A Wooden Table

If you want a tripod or monopod stand, ensure it won’t exceed 6 feet long. Otherwise, it won’t be permitted inside the park.

You also have to make sure it can fit inside a standard backpack.

12. Pets

Cat And Dog Sleeping Together. Kitten And Puppy Taking Nap

You won’t be able to bring pets with you inside Disneyland. One exception, however, is applied to service animals.

13. Vapes and E-Cigarettes

Girl Soars On A Black Background Vape

Back then, Disneyland used to have designated smoking areas. However, those were no longer available. Moreover, you can no longer bring vapes and e-cigarettes with you.

You must do so in designated smoking areas outside the property if you want to smoke.

14. Adult Costumes and Masks

Cool Man Wearing 3D Origami Mask With Stylish Colored Clothes

You can’t bring a mask, even during special events like Halloween. Instead, you must get creative to cosplay as a Disney character.

A great alternative would be to use face paints and hats. Luckily, costumes are allowed for children regardless if there’s an event or not.

15. Lighters and Matches

A Top Down View Of Several Options To Starting A Fire, Featuring Lighters And Matches

You won’t be able to bring anything that can cause a fire inside the property. You’ll request a cast member if you plan to light up a candle for someone’s birthday cake.

If possible, celebrate the birthday in a dining set, as you can request a special treat for the celebrant.

16. Miscellaneous Items

Colorful Patterns, Miscellaneous Items In The Night Market

These are items that don’t belong in a specific item. These include tools, musical instruments, pans, pots, cremated remains, and items with spikes. Wrapped gifts aren’t allowed, either.

If you bring a wrapped gift, they must unwrap it for inspection.

What You Can Bring to Disneyland

Tourist Walk Across The Street Towards Disneyland Theme Park

Now, for the things you can bring to Disneyland, look at the above list and check if it’s included in the prohibited items. If it’s not, it’s safe to bring it.

As for food, there are no restrictions at all. This is good news if you have dietary restrictions or want to save a little money by not having to buy from the food stalls throughout the park.

You are also free to bring non-alcoholic drinks if you don’t store them in glass containers. We recommend bringing tumblers so you can conveniently store your non-alcoholic drinks.

Just inform the cast members if you bring food with you.


Learning about what you can and can’t bring to Disneyland in advance will make your trip smooth and stress-free.

It’s really important to inform yourself about this to avoid any headaches and inconveniences once you get there.

If you have any questions, consult Disney’s official page regarding their rules and regulations. It will also inform you about the resort’s rules and what activities you should avoid doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Restrictions When It Comes to What Clothes I Can Wear to Disneyland?

According to Disney’s rules and regulations, guests aren’t allowed to wear clothing that drags on the ground.

Moreover, their cast member will inspect any guest who wears clothing with multiple layers.

They have the right to deny entry to anyone who wears inappropriate attire or could affect the experience of the other guests.

Can I Bring Phones With Me Even During Rides?

Luckily, there are no restrictions when bringing phones with you. You can even bring them with you during the rides.

However, we recommend keeping them inside your pocket or bag to prevent losing them during a ride.

What Type of Bag Can I Bring to Disneyland?

There’s no restriction regarding the type of bag you want. Instead, the restriction applies to size only.

Specifically, your bag should not exceed 24 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 18 inches high. It also shouldn’t have wheels.

Just keep in mind that when you enter the park, your bag will be subject to an inspection.

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