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Where To Get Beer and Alcohol at Magic Kingdom

Where To Get Beer And Alcohol At Magic Kingdom

Disneyland has always been considered a family-friendly place, as envisioned by the founder, Walt Disney himself, so beer and alcohol was never allowed there.

However, things have changed, and now, to cater to the adult audience, you can get alcoholic beverages at specific locations.

But the question is, where can you get beer and alcohol at Magic Kingdom?


In 2012 the Walt Disney Company decided to officially start selling alcohol and beer exclusively at some restaurants and cafes.

Here are five restaurants where alcohol is served in Magic Kingdom:

  • Tony’s Town Square Restaurant,
  • Liberty Tree Tavern,
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table,
  • Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen,
  • Be Our Guest.

Remember that even though you can buy alcoholic beverages in Magic Kingdom, you have to stay responsible and abide by the rules and regulations of the theme park.

Even though Disneyland is a family place and has never served alcohol for 40 years, what changed? What type of alcohol can you find in Magic Kingdom?

When & Why Did Disneyland Start Offering Alcohol?

When &Amp; Why Did Disneyland Start Offering Alcohol?

When Disney World opened in 1971, the founder, Walt Disney, did not want his park to get famous because of alcohol and booze drinking. Instead, he wanted it to remain as a family theme park.

However, as time passed and management changed, in 2012, the first restaurant was allowed to sell alcohol and beer in Magic Kingdom.

In 2022 the number of restaurants and locations increased to sell speciality drinks and hard liquors like gin, bourbon, tequila, rum, and cocktails.

The reasons why alcohol is now served at Disney Parks are:

  1. Disneyland theme parks cater to families, which include adults as well.
  2. Not everyone likes to abuse drinking alcohol and being in a family park, and people drink responsibly.
  3. Times have changed, and maybe Walt would have agreed to sell alcohol and beer today.
  4. It’s just good business to sell wine and beer to adults to make good money.
  5. How can it be called ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ without a little alcohol?

Believe it or not but alcohol in Disney Theme Parks is a welcome and successful addition. This is because the management didn’t allow the beverages to be sold all over the place simultaneously.

It was a step-by-step process as the first places that got the go-ahead to sell alcohol have reported great success.

Alcohol Purchase Rules

To purchase alcoholic beverages in Disneyland, the requirements are as follows:

  • Guests should be 21 or older.
  • Have valid documents to verify their age.
  • US residents must present a valid identification card, US Armed Forces ID, or original passport.
  • Non-US residents will have to present their original passports.
  • No temporary ID of any kind will be accepted by both US or non-US residents.

5 Restaurants That Sell Beer & Alcohol at Magic Kingdom

To cater to guests of ALL ages, Disney Parks have introduced alcoholic beverages at the following locations inside of Magic Kingdom:

1. Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest

One of the best establishments in Fantasyland that sells a variety of beverages like:

  • Wines from Sonoma Coast and Napa,
  • Sparkling wines from California and France, including white and red wines,
  • Private-label wines and champagnes,
  • Cider, beer, and craft beer from Belgium.

2. Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella’s Royal Table

As you would expect from a royal setting, this restaurant serves all types of wines from different countries, such as:

  • Imported beer from Canada, Belgium, and France.
  • Exquisite Reserve Wines from Germany, Italy, France, and California.
  • Cinderella-themed cocktails, white/red wine, sparkling wine, and flights of champagne.
  • Sparkling wine for lunch and dinner.
  • Specialty cocktails like Bellini, Sangria, and Mimosa.

3. Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree Tavern

Located in Liberty Square, this popular tavern serves all kinds of drinks, such as:

  • Beer from Samuel Adams,
  • Hard ciders,
  • Specialty cocktails,
  • Wines from Oregon and California.

4. Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd Skipper Canteen

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd Skipper Canteen

Inspired by international cuisine, this establishment offers beverages influenced by Latin Europe, Asia, and Africa. The types of drinks include:

  • Speciality cocktails like Shandy and Sangria.
  • African ale.
  • Craft beer of the highest quality.
  • Wines from Argentina, Chile, and South Africa.
Magic Kingdom Alcohol Warning

Be warned that no alcoholic beverages from outside can be brought inside the Disney World Resorts and Theme Parks.

All alcoholic beverages will be purchased inside the theme parks from selected restaurants and consumed at the selected table only.

No alcoholic beverage is allowed outside of the respective restaurant from where it was bought. Therefore, enjoy the drinks in the restaurant.

5. Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Inspired by the wines and beers of Italy, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant serves a wide selection of:

  • Bellini, a one-wine cocktail,
  • Belgian pilsner,
  • Exquisite Italian wines like Prosecco and Moscato,
  • Exclusive wines from Tuscany,
  • Italian craft beer.

How Much Does Alcohol & Beer Cost at Magic Kingdom?

How Much Does Alcohol &Amp; Beer Cost At Magic Kingdom?

The prices of alcoholic beverages at Magic Kingdom are almost the same as at other Disney World resorts and parks.

  1. Cocktails and beer cost around $10 to $15 each.
  2. Glasses or bottles of wine can cost $11 to $25 per glass or $40 to $250.
  3. Champagne bottles can be priced as low as $120 and as high as $500.

Depending on your budget and taste, you can choose the appropriate drink for yourself, your partner, and your friends.


After a 40-year dry spell, Disneyland finally opened its doors to alcoholic beverages, including Magic Kingdom. Having a drink or two while exploring the magical world of the Disney Theme Parks can elevate the experience for adults.

When visiting Magic Kingdom, you must wonder where you get beer and alcohol.

Here are five restaurants where alcohol is served in Magic Kingdom:

  1. Tony’s Town Square Restaurant,
  2. Liberty Tree Tavern,
  3. Cinderella’s Royal Table,
  4. Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen,
  5. Be Our Guest.

As long as you drink responsibly and enjoy the beverage within the boundaries of the restaurant, you can expect to have a great time at Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Walk Around With a Beer in Your Hand in Disney World?

No! It is strictly prohibited to walk around with an alcoholic beverage in your hands.

It is also not allowed to bring your alcohol into Magic Kingdom or any other theme park operated by the Walt Disney Company.

Which Alcoholic Drink Is the Best in Magic Kingdom?

The most popular and the best alcoholic drink in Magic Kingdom has got to be the Mimosa. It is a drink containing champagne and orange juice, and it’s available at many locations inside Magic Kingdom.

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