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Which Disney All-Star Resort Is Best?

Which Disney All-Star Resort Is Best?

So, are you planning a Disney World trip and want to stay at an All-Star Resort?

Perfect! Now it is time for you to do some research.

Disney All-Star Resort combines three different resorts: All-Star Sports, Movies, and Music.

So, which one of them is the best? Which one should you choose? We are going to help you with that!


Disney All-Star Resort combines three different resorts: All-Star Sports, Movies, and Music. The themes of these resorts are dedicated to their respective domain. In each of these resorts:

  • The rooms provide all the basic facilities.
  • Recreational spots like pools, jogging tracks, and gaming arcades are provided too.
  • A lot of quick-service meal options are available in the food courts.

As for the question, which Disney All-Star Resort is best? Everyone has their own choices and priorities.

After reading this article, you can easily decide which resort would suit you best.

This article will discuss the layout, rooms, recreation, and dining options provided at the All-Star Resort to determine which All-Star Resort is the best.

Disney All-Star Resort

Disney All-Star Resort

Disney All-Star Resort came into being in stages. All-Star Sports Resort started its operations on April 29th, 1994. Whereas Music Resort first welcomed its guests on November 22nd, 1994. But All-Star Movies opened five years later, on January 15th, 1999.

Movies and Sports Resorts have about 1920 rooms each, whereas All-Star Music has 1604. However, the three of them collectively offer 5444 rooms. Each has its foodcourts where you can get various quick service options.

All three resorts have two pools and a kiddie pool to offer fun and relaxation to you and your little ones. Guests from any All-Star Resort can enjoy the pool of any other resort. There is no restriction.

Disney transportation (mainly buses) is provided to the guests who want to travel from their hotels to the parks.

The exterior of all three resorts is somehow the same. There are mostly 3-story buildings with exterior corridors. They have huge embellishments according to their themes. Each building has a facility of elevator too. Other amenities offered are:

  • Minivan service
  • Free wireless internet
  • ATM
  • Online check-in
  • Currency exchange
  • Designated smoking areas
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Gift shop
  • Mail Services

So, these were a few common features. Now, we are going to discuss each of these resorts in detail:

1. All-Star Sports Resort

All-Star Sports Resort

Are you a sports enthusiast and trying to find accommodation on a budget?

This place is for you! The theme and environment of this resort will be enough to cheer you up once you enter.

There you will find colorful sports symbols like a four-story football helmet, a huge tennis ball can, and stairwells designed like megaphones.

The theme of the entire resort is dedicated to five sports:

  1. Football
  2. Tennis
  3. Baseball
  4. Basketball
  5. Surfing

Two three-story Touchdown buildings face each other across a football ground. Besides that is The Center Court, where approximately 51 feet tall rackets and a few big balls cover the tennis-themed buildings.

Here you would also find an angry Donald Duck frowning at you from the opposite of the net, all set to win against you.

Homerun Hotel will give you the true essence of sports with big stadium lights and scoreboards.

Hoops Hotel has a basketball court with big baskets with balls shooting inside them embellished on the front of the buildings.

Colorful surfboards and snappers would be seen on the Surfs Up buildings.



All-Star Sports Resort has 1920 rooms. They are slightly smaller than the rooms of a typical resort, but they have all the necessities.

Every room has basic facilities like a king-size bed (or two double beds), a small table with two chairs, a television, a telephone, a dresser, a luggage rack, and a closet area with a small key-operated safe where you can keep your valuables.

The room’s light fixtures align with the resort’s theme, resembling megaphones or stars.

You can request a cot bed for your toddler for a small amount of $15 per night. More than two adults in a room would cost an extra $10 per night. Bed rails and play pens for kids are also available.

Irons, iron boards, and hair dryers can also be requested from the reception, but sometimes you would have to wait for them to get free because of the limited numbers available. Guests are also provided with free complimentary wifi.

Rooms dedicated to handicap personals are also available. They have wider entrances, and their washrooms have wheelchair-accessible shower areas.


Recreation (Grand Slam Pool )

All-Star Sports Resort has two pools that are surfing and baseball themed. Surfboard Bay which is the main pool, is in the Stadium Hall. This pool has the shape of a wave.

The other one is the Grand Slam pool which is a comparatively quieter one. This one is shaped like a baseball diamond.

These pools have no hot tubs or slides, but pool chairs are around them. Showers, restrooms, and locker facility is provided in themed indoor places near the pools.

A jogging path and a gaming arena are also in the Stadium Hall in all All-Star Sports Resort, which can be a great entertainment option for guests of all ages.

In the area between building no. 6 and 7, there are children’s playgrounds which are themed like a football field and a tennis court.


Food (Endzone Food Court)

While there is no table service option available, the food court of the Sports Resort, named Endzone Food Court, is full of quick-service meal options.

It can accommodate up to 550 individuals. A limited set of meal options can also be delivered to your hotel room with a small delivery fee from 5 PM to midnight.

2. All-Star Movies Resort

All-Star Movies Resort

Okay, it is time to talk about the All-Star Resort, my favorite. All-Star Movies Resort has five themed areas featuring the movies:

  1. 101 Dalmatians
  2. Toy Story
  3. Fantasia
  4. Mighty Ducks
  5. The Love Bug

A 40 feet tall Pongo and 35 feet tall Perdita are set to leave you in awe at the 101 Dalmatian buildings. Their cute little puppies are on the railing to grab your attention as you walk through the hallways.

Not only this, but the walkways have embedded structures resembling dog bones and paw prints.

Likewise 35 feet tall Buzz Lightyear and 25 feet tall Woody sits outside the Toystory buildings to welcome their fans.

Fantasia Buildings have a huge broom and bucket, a nutcracker soldier, a big hat, and a huge spellbook outside them.

For sports lovers, the Mighty Ducks-themed area has huge nets, pucks, and hockey sticks.

Whereas Herbie The Love Bug buildings feature a big and beautiful VW Beetle.



This resort also has 1920 rooms. Along with other necessities, each room has a big framed poster of the themed movie of the building.

Like other resorts, every room has basic facilities, including a king-size bed (or two double beds), a small table with two chairs, a television, a telephone, a dresser, a luggage rack, and a closet with a small key-operated safe. All rooms are centrally air-conditioned.

To further keep up with the movie theme, the light fixtures resemble the shape of a popcorn box, and together the tiles around the bathtub and shower area resemble a film reel.

A cot bed can be requested for $15 per night, whereas more than two adults in a room would cost an extra $10 per night. Guests are also provided with free complimentary wifi.

There are 96 rooms dedicated to disabled persons with wheelchair-accessible entrances and washrooms. Such individuals are always given priority.


Recreation (Fantasia)

Like all other All-Star Resorts, this resort has two pools ranging from 3 to 5 feet. The main pool, Fantasia, is between the Fantasia building and Cinema Hall, with a tall Mickey standing there and sprinkling water from his fingers. A small kiddie pool is located beside it.

The other one is a Hockey themed pool called Duck Pond pool. Neither of these two has hot tubs or slides. You can bring your towel from the room, or they may be provided. Free-of-cost life jackets are also available for those who are new to swimming.

Cinema Hall has a Reel Fun Arcade, where you can enjoy video games from 7 AM to 1 AM. All games require tickets, and you can get them from the arcade.

Some games reward tickets which can be further redeemed for the prizes. A children’s playground is also between Cinema Hall and Toy Story building.


Food (World Premiere Food Court)

All-Star Movies Resort has no sit-down restaurant, but the food court, named World Premiere Food Court, offers a wide variety of quick meal options.

You can have food in this spacious food court from 6 AM until 11 PM and order a few food items to your room from 5 PM to midnight.

3. All-Star Music Resort

All-Star Music Resort

Cool and fun All-Star Music Resort features sections having themes:

  1. Country
  2. Broadway
  3. Jazz
  4. Rock
  5. Calypso

Big and bold-colored pop icons can be found all around the resort. The country section has a pair of Cowboy boots of size 270 (Unbelievable, right?).

The Jazz section has a set of huge drums stating “Jazz Inn.” The adjoining buildings are covered with big saxophones and clarinets.

The colorful, vibrant, and eye-catching Calypso section has a big xylophone at the entrance. Here you can find a stairwell encapsulated inside a big conga drum.

Also, get ready to tap your feet as you see big hats on the buildings of the broadway section. And to rock, too, as the Rock Inn section is decorated with a big jukebox, guitars, and microphones.



Music Resort has 1604 rooms, a little less than the other two, but all the facilities provided in the rooms are the same.

The rooms have the necessities as other resorts’ rooms. Handicap-dedicated rooms are also present.

This resort’s only difference is that the family suites are slightly bigger. They have a main bedroom, a TV room, a kitchenette, and two full bathrooms.

As the TV room has a pullout sofa, bed, chair, and ottoman, this room can also be used as a bedroom. So, together these rooms would be enough to accommodate up to six people.

All rooms and suites are decorated to go with the music theme of the section.


Recreation (Calypso Pool)

The main pool of this resort is the Calypso pool. This is a guitar-shaped pool with Jose, Panchito, and of course, Donald Duck (Three Caballeros) standing tall in the pool’s center and sprinkling water.

The head part of the guitar is a kiddie pool, so overall, Calypso Pool is the biggest among all the Disney value resorts.

The second pool of this resort is a Piano pool with the shape of a piano.

Neither of these pools has slides or hot tubs. Both of the pools are 3 to 5 feet deep.

All the facilities provided are the same as the ones provided in the pools of other All-Star Resorts.

A jogging path, a video game arcade in Melody Hall, and a children’s playground are also present in this resort.


Food (Intermission Food Court)

The food court of this resort is slightly different than the other two as it recently got refurbished.

Also, they have made a few (good) changes to the menu.

The Intermission Food Court also has a very nice alcohol menu.

Rest, dining in, and room delivery services are just the same as the food courts of All-Star Movies and Sports Resort.


So, that’s all. We have provided you with a detailed description of the three All-Star Resorts.

Everyone has their own choices and priorities. So, we are leaving you to decide which resort would suit you best.

We hope this article will help you choose and make your stay at the All-Star Resort memorable!

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