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Why You Should Use a Disney Travel Agent

Why You Should Use A Disney Travel Agent

On most of our trips to Disney World, we come across people who don’t know the opening hours for Disney parks or are thinking about park hopping in the afternoon.

Sorry friends, but you don’t have the proper information to visit Disney parks.

If you are anxious about doing all the planning alone, you should consider taking help from a Disney travel agent to make your vacation as relaxing as possible.

  • Disney travel agents will help you plan your vacation within your budget and even help you save money.
  • Disney World is constantly changing its rules, which makes it difficult to keep up with the new changes. Travel agents will do that work for you.
  • Regardless of whether you use a travel agent, you must pay the same price because the commission is a part of the Disney package.

If you are not convinced about hiring the services of Disney travel agents, you will have changed your decision by the end of this post with our top reasons for hiring travel agents.

7 Reasons To Hire Disney Travel Agents

It can be a difficult task to plan a practically perfect vacation to Disney World. So, why not hire a professional to plan for you while you sit back and relax?

1. Disney Travel Agents Can Help Save Money

Disney Travel Agents Can Help Save Money

Disney travel agents are free to hire and help you save money because they fetch you the best deals after thorough research.

Sometimes, Disney offers deals and discounts to travel agents that they can snag for their customers. That way, you get a better deal on an already discounted offer.

Additionally, according to your interests, they will help you decide which costs are necessary and which are completely useless.

2. Disney Is a Complicated Place

Disney Is A Complicated Place

What started as a small theme park in the 1950s has expanded into a global business with multiple parks and cruises.

More importantly, these parks keep changing yearly, with new attractions, rides, and rules. For example, Disney usually changes the opening and closing times of rides and restaurants, which decides the park’s crowd levels.

If you enter a park at its peak time, you might not be able to enjoy the entire Disney experience.

Work with the best Disney travel agent. They follow Disney trends and patterns daily to create the ideal itinerary for your trip to Disney World.

3. Disney Travel Agents Offer Free Services

Disney Travel Agents Offer Free Services

Most Disney agents don’t charge any fees for their services because the agent receives a small commission from Disney to book your reservations.

This expense is deducted from Disney’s overall profits. Therefore, using a travel agent is no more expensive than booking yourself.

While some Disney travel agencies charge extra for planning the best itinerary per your preferences, most won’t charge a single penny for their services. Therefore, finding a reliable Disney travel agency near your locality shouldn’t be difficult.

A good travel agent will understand your needs and budgetary restrictions to create your ideal Disney experience. Interestingly, some customers even find employing travel agents’ services cheaper than they had imagined paying.

4. Travel Agents Take Out Stress

Travel Agents Take Out Stress

Planning a Disney vacation can be difficult because there are over 20 hotels to choose from, Fastpasses to reserve, and dining reservations to make.

Certified Disney vacation planners will provide a customized itinerary according to your needs. You won’t have to worry about reading hundreds of reviews for hotels and restaurants.

Travel agents will eliminate the stress of planning a perfect Disney vacation for you and your family.

5. They Will Help Choose the Best Time To Visit Disney

They Will Help Choose The Best Time To Visit Disney

We recently went to the EPCOT wine festival, which tends to be the busiest time to visit Disney World. But with a travel agent, we could beat the crowd most of the time and enjoy the festival without feeling trapped.

If you choose a good Disney travel agent, they will suggest the best times to visit Disney World that fit your schedule. Even if you are going at the busiest times, the agent will try to make your trip as relaxing as possible.

6. They Exclusively Focus on Disney

They Exclusively Focus On Disney

You can book your Disney vacation with almost any travel agent, whether they are a well-renowned brand or a mom-and-pop shop down the street. But it will be truly memorable if they are exclusively focused on planning Disney vacations all year.

Disney is an ever-changing place, and having a good travel agent that keeps up with all the information will ensure you don’t miss out on important experiences.

7. Disney Agents Will Make the Reservations for You

Disney Agents Will Makes The Reservations For You

Your Disney travel agent will know when to book which hotel, restaurant, and Disney tickets. They will also book transportation to and from your hotel.

They will also complete it immediately at the start of the booking window. If you wait too long to make these bookings, another guest may take your place.

Additionally, some booking windows start at 6 AM EST. If you live on the west coast, you probably wouldn’t want to get up at three in the morning for a popular dining reservation.

Rather, let a Disney travel agent handle everything.


There’s much to see and experience at Disney World, and you cannot do it all in a few days.

A Disney travel agent will help you prioritize your activities and maximize your time at Disney World. So sit back and relax while the professionals create the best itinerary for your next trip to Disney.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Disney Travel Agents Experts at Planning Vacations?

Disney travel agents are as close as you’ll get to experts for planning your Disney vacation because these agents have to pass the Disney College of Knowledge examinations while maintaining the certification every year.

Should I Book My Disney Cruise Through a Travel Agent?

While Disney travel agents will cost you the same as booking the cruise, they can get you some benefits, like shipboard credits, ticket discounts, and more.

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