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How To Get Disney Gift Cards

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Disney Gift Cards are a fantastic way to save money on your next Disney vacation or to give the gift of magic to a loved one. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or as a gift, there are several ways to get Disney Gift Cards. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore where to buy them, how to use them, and how to get the best deals.


To get Disney Gift Cards, you can purchase them online from Disney’s official website, shopDisney.com, or from online retailers like Target and Sam’s Club. They can also be bought at physical locations including Disney Store locations, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and various retail stores like Target and Best Buy. For discounts on Disney Gift Cards, consider using a Target RedCard for a 5% discount, or check Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale for occasional deals.

What are Disney Gift Cards?

Disney Gift Cards are stored payment cards that can be loaded with money and used as a means of paying for goods or services at various Disney locations. They are available in denominations ranging from $25 to $500 and can be used for a wide range of Disney-related purchases, such as admission tickets, annual passes, hotel rooms, spa experiences, merchandise, dining, and recreation at Disney owned-and-operated locations.

Where to Buy Disney Gift Cards?

Disney Gift Cards can be purchased both online and in physical stores. Some of the places where you can buy Disney Gift Cards include:

  1. Disney’s official website and shopDisney.com: These platforms offer an easy and convenient way to purchase Disney Gift Cards online. You can choose from various designs and denominations, and have the card shipped to you or directly to the recipient.
  2. Disney Store locations in the U.S.: Visit any Disney Store location to purchase a Disney Gift Card. They offer a variety of designs and denominations to suit your needs.
  3. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort: Disney Gift Cards are available throughout these resorts, at various shops and guest services locations.
  4. Retail stores: Various retailers, such as Target, Sam’s Club, and Best Buy, offer Disney Gift Cards. You can often find them in the gift card section of these stores.
  5. Online retailers: Websites like Kroger Gift Cards, Sam’s Club, and Target also sell Disney Gift Cards online.

How to Use Disney Gift Cards?

Disney Gift Cards can be used at a wide range of Disney locations, including Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Disney’s Aulani Resort, Disney Vacation Club properties, Disney Store locations, shopDisney.com, and more.

How to Get Discounts on Disney Gift Cards?

One of the best ways to stretch your Disney vacation budget is to buy discounted Disney Gift Cards. Here are a few places where you can find deals:

  1. Target: If you have a Target RedCard, you can get 5% off Disney Gift Cards.
  2. Sam’s Club: Members can occasionally find discounted Disney Gift Cards.
  3. BJ’s Wholesale: You can purchase Disney gift cards at a 4% discount.

Remember to check these retailers regularly for the latest offers on Disney Gift Cards.

Checking the Balance of Disney Gift Cards

To check the balance of a Disney Gift Card, visit the Disney Gift Card website, enter your card’s account number and EAN, and click “Check Balance”. You can also check the balance by calling the toll-free number on the back of your card.

Disney Gift Cards: A Flexible and Convenient Option

Disney Gift Cards do not expire or lose value over time, providing a flexible and convenient option for saving and spending on Disney vacations. However, remember that there are some restrictions and limitations associated with their use, such as maximum balance and reload limits, limited acceptance at certain locations, and country restrictions.

In conclusion, Disney Gift Cards are a fantastic way to pre-save for a Disney vacation, gift someone a magical experience, or even get a discount on your Disney purchases. With a variety of purchasing options and wide acceptance at Disney locations, they offer flexibility and convenience for Disney lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Disney Gift Cards be used at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney?

Yes, Disney Gift Cards are accepted at many locations in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort and Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort.

Can I use Disney Gift Cards to purchase theme park tickets?

Yes, you can use Disney Gift Cards to purchase theme park tickets at the ticket booths or online on the Disney website.

Can I combine the balances of multiple Disney Gift Cards onto one card?

Yes, you can combine the balances of up to five Disney Gift Cards onto a single card at the Disney Gift Card website.

Can I reload my Disney Gift Card after I’ve used all the funds?

Yes, you can reload your Disney Gift Card at any Disney location that sells them, as well as online at shopDisney.com.

Are Disney Gift Cards refundable?

No, Disney Gift Cards are non-refundable.

Do I need to activate my Disney Gift Card after purchase?

No, Disney Gift Cards are activated at the time of purchase and are ready to use immediately.

Can I use Disney Gift Cards to make purchases on the Disney Cruise Line?

Yes, you can use Disney Gift Cards for a variety of purchases on the Disney Cruise Line, including onboard activities, excursions, and merchandise.

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