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How Does Disney Vacation Club Waitlist Work?

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Every article you have read on the internet about visiting Disney World suggests planning your trip early and booking in advance to save money and stay hassle-free.

But what if you are not that organized and always plan your trips last minute? Would you have to pay more? Or would you miss on some good stuff?

The answer is no. This is where Disney Vacation Club Waitlist comes to the rescue.


Disney Vacation Club Waitlist is a blessing for all those “not so good” vacation planners.

This feature allows you to be on a waitlist if your desired accommodation is unavailable on your desired dates. If you get the reservation, you will be informed.

In this article, we have discussed how the DVC waitlist works and how you can avail of it. Also, we have mentioned the rules and some points that should be considered while using this feature.

This article will discuss everything you need about Disney Vacation Club Waitlist.

How Does Disney Vacation Club Waitlist Work?

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DVC Waitlist is a very cool feature of DVC ownership. It allows owners to be on a waitlist to stay at their chosen location on specific dates.

This feature helps you find good options when booking on short notice.

You can use this feature when any of your specifications are not available. For example, you want to stay at a Disney Resort for three days, but it is only available for the first two days.

So you can be on the waitlist for the third day, and you will be informed in case the room gets available.

Notice that being on a waitlist doesn’t always assure you will get the room. This is where Split Stay comes in. Book another hotel for the specific dates you are on the waitlist.

So that if the waitlist doesn’t work, you will have the option to stay. Split Stay might seem like extra work, but Disney Resorts are very welcoming for guests choosing this option.

Let the receptionist know, and the bell boy will pick up and leave your luggage at the next booked resort.

When Should You Use Disney Vacation Club Waitlist Option?

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DVC Waitlist can be a thing for you if:

  • You are planning your trip a few months out.
  • You want to travel in a busy season.
  • You can book a very popular accommodation that runs out quickly.

How To Be on Disney Vacation Club Waitlist?

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Waitlisting your stay is very easy. Just log in to your DVC dashboard, search, and start making a reservation by specifying your desired location, dates, and the number of people.

If there is no availability, choose “Waitlist This Entire Stay” and follow the simple instructions on the screen.

Rules for Being on Disney Vacation Club Waitlist

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Here are the rules that must be followed to use DVC’s Waitlist feature:

  • Disney Vacation Club Waitlists follow the same booking rules as the regular ones. You can waitlist a room at your home resort within 11 months and any other DVC Resort within 7 months.
  • Waitlisted days would have separated reservation numbers.
  • While making a reservation, you can select either of the options to stay on the waitlist until 7 days or 31 days before check-in. But you can do that online to extend beyond this limit.
  • Each user can have only two active waitlists per membership per Use Year.
  • The status of waitlists can be checked anytime online. They can also be deactivated from the dashboard.
  • Cancellation rules for a waitlist would be the same as cancellation rules for any other normal reservation.
  • A waitlist for consecutive nights cannot be divided into multiple single-night waitlists.
  • A set limit of points should be reached to cover any waitlist request.
  • A waitlist can only be canceled. It cannot be changed or modified.

Points To Note

Here are a few points which you should keep in mind before using the DVC Waitlist feature:

  • Short reservations have more chances to get filled from the waitlists than longer ones. For example, you are on the waitlist for a reservation of seven nights, and three nights become available, but you won’t match it. But if your reservation is divided into two sets or three and four nights, you will get the three nights window. So try to make multiple but shorter reservations. You can further call the DVC representatives to combine your reservation. But remember that two reservations can only be combined for the same accommodation type.
  • While on the waitlist, weekends are harder to get than weekdays. The same is the case with the busy seasons such as Christmas.
  • Waitlists work more in the bigger resorts as compared to the smaller ones.
  • Earlier in the seven months reservation window, the more chances you have that the waitlists will work for you.


So, that’s all, folks!

We hope this article has helped you discover more about Disney Vacation Club Waitlist.

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